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  1. This appears to be a Chinese fake/reproduction. Though it has the appearance of age, it is unlikely that the fittings are real either.
  2. Agreed, the straight blade looks interesting!
  3. There are a few members here who sell them. In particular, there is a member who makes the pillows himself so it might be worth searching it up.
  4. Can never be too sure! Sarcasm and jesting doesn't always translate well online. But you'll also hear to not lay your swords on the floor. Have you invested in some sword pillows yet? If not, I highly suggest!
  5. Rule 1 of nihonto: Absolutely do not, ever, do any work to improve them yourself beyond what some gentle soap and water, high-purity isopropyl alcohol, and fresh oil can do. You will hear everyone tell you to not touch them with a buffing wheel of any kind. A polishing/buffing wheel can and will destroy nihonto.
  6. The blade looks to have been hit with an acid bath. It has that characteristic waxy grey look to it.
  7. Appears the habaki is correct! But goodness, it certainly is an eyesore. The overall package looks fine but perhaps the casting quality is low because they were unable to finish them properly and had to rush. I am excited to see the Plimpton collection book. Good luck with the sales Grey!
  8. This is very true. I am sure that everyone has pieces in their collection they're not the proudest of. Didn't we have a thread dedicated to the 'total dogs' of our collections? Might be fun to start that back up.
  9. That habaki is truly an aberration and the casting quality on that fuchi sticks out like a sore thumb. Did he really get this from the Plimpton collection sale?
  10. I think its tastefully done. Very nice!
  11. Japanese steel is more sensitive than regular monosteel and requires better quality items to care for it. I wouldn't trust the quality of any 'care kits' sold on Amazon. You'd likely just end up ruining the polish using that stuff.
  12. Nothing about this piece is Japanese. Probably a Chinese made imitation.
  13. I feel like we have some firm believers of "Its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission" here.
  14. Word to the wise: inventory tagging with a VERY conspicuously kept and portable item manifest is best!
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