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  1. Looks like someone found Komonjo's eBay page.
  2. Looking at the machi, someone has butchered them so they no longer line up correctly by grinding up the blade. However, misaligned machi is also a HUGE red flag for a Chinese fake. So.. this definitely muddies the waters more. My gut says its still real.. just horribly abused and thrown into lousy modern mounts.
  3. ChrisW

    What have I got ?

    I would say, take any opinions given online here with a grain of salt, and in the mean time seek an in-hand opinion from a proper togishi. They'd know best as to whether or not this blade is worth the polish. I think it cannot hurt to find out at least. The nakago scares me a bit, but that could literally mean nothing as it doesn't affect if the polish will come out nicely or not.
  4. ChrisW

    What have I got ?

    Sheesh! They dipped the nakago too? That's absolutely brutal if so.
  5. Thankfully I've only ever had positive transaction experiences with members here. The way I see it: if you're going to make money by it, ought to treat it as any honest professional would: timely and transparently.
  6. Sad news indeed. Being relatively new to the hobby, I never had the chance to meet him. It would have been nice.
  7. Could be. A lot of times, modern replacements are inferior to the originals. No idea.
  8. I think they mean the lock itself.
  9. That possible hagire has me worried, it looks pretty bad. The nakago looks pretty dog-eared as well.
  10. Well, I mean.. if they come here, at least they're taking a SMALL step in the right direction.
  11. Sheesh, Chris. That blade is hard to even look at, its so hideous!
  12. Oof. That is rough that you were not informed of such a cosmetic defect. Perhaps if you're not in too much love with the blade, you can seek to return it and find one without?
  13. ChrisW

    WTS Wakizashi

    Agreed, that is indeed something spend hours staring at!
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