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  1. So recently I been exposed to the thoughts that Thier are other Nagamitsu besides the osafune main one has anyone seen the works or know about the others
  2. Wish I had the funds I would so buy this for my wakizashi
  3. Curious on the school you guys think my kashira is from and any links to the school would be helpful to read
  4. Hi all I’m searching for high quality or generally nice quaility samurai armor themed fittings for sale I have a decent kashira that is carved in iron to look like a kabuto and the Fuchi will be made by a great artisan when money comes in. So in the mean time I’m looking for what’s out there for menuki kojiri kurikata kozuka with a nice polished kogatana and kogai. I am so looking for a suitable tsuba that would pair very well with this theme. Below is a picture of such Of The kashira. I also don’t mind themes for the Kozuka and Kogai to be weapons or accessories themes that involves them. This project is to mount to a wakizashi. I was given the best advice to take my time with it and I plan to and why I’m creating this thread. Happy thanksgiving
  5. Thank you so much S and I surely hope so and thanks for the proper selling always a tricky one.
  6. Good morning and hello gents. How is everyone today so I’m wanting to start a thread for fittings inspired by samurai armor and or accessory’s they would of had. As I found my self a unique kashira in the shape and the style of kabuto and I’m curious what else is out there in the high end of things. As I’m brain storming a pontential Mount up on what I can find. The kashira is iron with excuse the spelling Noume zonga gold inlay yes I know I spelt it wrong not sure the correct way. I’m guessing Early to mid Edo. Photo is taken from the sellers listing as I am not home to take better Not for resale.
  7. I have a set of kyu gunto fittings I’m thinking of letting go of since I Having the blade papered and polish originally I planed to keep them but I’m having thoughts of letting them go the blade is not for sale but they come with Tsunagi Interested in hearing offers or trades. I won’t let go easy
  8. Picked up this guy a few days ago and was wandering if I could get opinions on the mei
  9. Hey Bruce I do completely agree with you with the reputation. But my focus is just seeing how much showato vary as many pass on them because they are not made traditionally. So I’m mainly looking st no name smiths whose blades are uncommon we all seen a few big examples of big name smiths but you don’t really hear about the little guys. With that being said I loved to see showato made by gendaito smiths aswell to see how they compare
  10. Good afternoon gents I have a question for the fellows that collect showato. We all know that gendaito are the preferred blades to collect for in this time period and can measure there quality throughly. But my question is a different take I have seen people classify showato as high quaility medium quaility and low quality... my question like any good blade how dose one spot one that belongs to each of the following category I know their a records of what smiths made but besides that to the eye canany if you for certain just by looking at a blade if it is indeed low quaility. I know for some that can do it an older swords and it’s alot easier but for something like this I’m pretty curious. Also if anyone of you guys want fill free to post pictures of your showato you would like to share.
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/KOTO-WWII-Japanese-Samurai-Sword-Officer-KYU-GUNTO-Original-Shin-Gunto-KATANA/222907285662?hash=item33e64f409e:g:l50AAOSwZshavvEF
  12. of course the one time im broke i would have loved this tsuba
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