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Found 114 results

  1. Hello I am very new to nihonto. Your forum has been very informative for direction of Nihonto study. Will anyone please help with this wakizashi mei. Thank you
  2. Wakizashi blade. Signed: "Kaga no Kami Kiyoshige." Surface scratches and oxidation. Guaranteed against hagire. Nagasa: 41.9 cm. Sori: 0.9 cm. Moto-haba: 2.9 cm. Saki-haba: 2.2 cm. Moto-gasane: 0.6 cm. Saki-gasane: 0.5 cm. Hada: mokume. Hamon: mixed gunome. mune : iori mune. kitae kizu. Bare blade weight: 430 gr. Dressed blade weight: 828 gr. Copper tsuba dressed in round Kebori ear patterns. Weight: 130 grs. price : 830 $.
  3. 0Takeda0

    Mumei Wakizashi

    I bought this recently. It has an antique tsuka. The saya and fuchi are missing, and the original tsuba and seppa had been replaced with some modern ones. The hamon is hard to see at most angles but I can see almost all of it. It looks to me like it had a proper polish at one point, but it is not in great shape given the sheath is missing. I have done nothing to the blade except oil it, and use a little uchiko powder. I'm wanting to know what it could be, (nihonto, showato, etc), and how old it is. Thanks
  4. Hi Gents Pls, help with identification
  5. I recently bough this sword, and i dont know nothing about the maker can you help me translate please.
  6. Bizen Sukemitsu III Wakizashi Nagasa: 48.6 cm NBTHK Tokubetsu Kicho papers attributing to Sukemitsu. Mumei: sword has been polished - suriage. Era: Muromachi period - from Eikyo (1429 AD) to Mei-o (1492 AD). Jitetsu: Ko-itame/mokume mix with utsuri. Deep koshi sori with Saki sori and bohi Boshi: Midare Komi Hamon: Choji/Midare mix with ashi, yo, sunagashi and Kinsuji. Koshirai: Black saya with kogatana - excellent condition no flaws. Remarks: 3rd Gen - He was called Rokurozaemonnojo. Very same style as Yasumitsu and Norimitsu. His father is Toshimitsu His style and workmanship is superior and he flourished in the Oei period. He is rated ChuJo-Saku and ryo-wazimono (very sharp blades) Source Rating Reference/Page Hawley: SUK720 (80pts) Toko Taikan: ¥5M P. 339 Fujishiro ChuJo saku K614 From Nihon Toko Jiten (Fujishiro): Page 614 SUKEMITSU ROKURÔZAEMONNOJÔ [bUN'AN 1444 BIZEN] CHÛKOTÔ CHÛJÔSAKU He is the son of Toshimitsu, the father Ukyônosuke Katsumitsu and Sakyôshin Munemitsu, he takes Osafune as a place name and was in Oku-gôri Miyuki Mura. He has works from Eikyô to around Bunmei, his style and mei kanji resemble that of Gorôzaemon Norimitsu, and even though he was neither his older or younger brother, is thought to have been in the same family. As for his style, many of his works are superior in comparison to Norimitsu, and they are mostly tantô and wakizashi. (Ryôwazamono) This beautiful Wakizashi has been appraised by Fred Fimio (President, Japanese Sword Society of Canada) at a value of $8500 USD ($11,409 CAD). My asking price is $10,000 CAD plus shipping & insurance, but that is open to negotiation. Ian Johnston ianjohnston01@gmail.com
  7. A very uncommonly encountered Daisho set of Nanban tsuba in very good condition. Matched pair in design with deep sculpting and under-cutting. Extensive gold nunome on both and some silver nunome on the seppadai of the dai tsuba. Additionally, both have matching shakudo frames in the kogai and kozuka hitsuana. The set is unpapered, but worthy of submission to shinsa as a daisho set. Measurements are: Dai 8.05 cm x 7.4 cm x .6 cm Sho 7.55 cm x 6.95 cm x .6 cm Offered here on NMB at a special price of $750.00 USD plus shipping A quite reasonable price and a donation will be made to NMB upon sale. The pair will remain offered here until June 19th, afterwhich, if unsold they will be listed on my website. International buyers; please be aware of your taxes, duties, and fees. The items will be documented to customs with full, accurate, and appropriate declaration, so please know this in advance and resist the urge to request otherwise. **Admins** Please rotate each of the images 90 clockwise. I can almost hear necks cracking the world around. :-)
  8. 58 Tsuba available from a collection I purchased. Note that some tsuba that appear in the photos have sold. Price sheet is attached. Take 20% off the listed price. --Matt Brice St. Croix Blades MB TH tsuba group list -- valuations descriptions 5-22-20.docx
  9. I currently have a Wakizashi that I am in the need of translating. I believe I has able to translate the date to " a day in the 2nd Month of the 6th year of 1854 (Ansei)" which would be February of 1859. However I am unable to to translate the other side. The side that does not have a date appears to have a stamp at the bottom. I have tried to google this but have had no luck. This is my first time trying to translate and am new to this whole process so any corrections or help would be much obliged.
  10. Hey everyone, Its been bright and sunny today, so I decided to go out and try my hand at photographing a new blade of mine with the limited camera and skills I have. I was able to capture its hamon very faintly, but of course the picture quality is low. However, I think I got enough to maybe see what you all think of it. The blade is a wakizashi coming in at a nagasa of 14 3/4" with 1/2" sori which seems pretty standard. However, what isn't standard is the rather wild hamon that goes all over the place. It is in a poor state of polish and fairly faint, but visible for most of the nagasa. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Opinions? Anyone have an idea of school, age, etc.? Again, my apologies for the poor camera quality!
  11. Hi, I recently bought this Wakizashi, the mei can be seen to say "Rai Kuni" but unfortunately due to suriage, only the first characters can be seen, I'd love to know which smith made this, so far I've ruled out Rai Kunitsugu and Rai Kunimitsu due to the styles of characters being different. But now I've hit a dead end, so wondered if anyone had any ideas of who it could be or how to find out? Any information would be much appreciated!
  12. Per title, looking for a decent wakizashi or katana from the Muromachi period (1300s-1500s). Papered, signed, etc would be a plus but not necessary. Budget of $1k-$2k. Below is a great example that I just missed out on. http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/31395-koto-wakizashi-signed-uda-kunimune/ Thanks, Mike
  13. 65 Tsuba from a Collection I Bought available For Sale. These tsuba run the gamut from super nice to oh, kind of 'blah'. On the nice side there are Soten or Hiragiya school, Namban, Heianjo, Akasaka, etc. On the 'blah' side--there are some that were cleaned, rusty, or otherwise not interesting. But, here's the list and here are the photos. Pick out a tsuba or several, whatever you can use for your collection or for mounting. Thank you! --Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com TH MB -- tsuba group list -- descriptions valuations.docx
  14. Contacted by a friend as to what his military wakizashi, (which was given to him was worth). He supplied photos, and I requested more from him. And this is what I got. Have not read the Mei! Over to you for your thoughts, I have already formed my own opinions.
  15. Hello again, Would it be possible to have the mei of this little wakizashi translated please? Any idea on the period it's from? Not a great sword, just curious. Cheers
  16. Hello all, I finally got around to asking for assistance translating my wakizashi mei. Thanks to Ray and Peter, I know it was signed by Yoshisuke. Peter also provided some additional information, but because I'm on my 6 monthly care routine, I thought I'd get some additional pictures and see what everyone thinks now I have decent pictures of the activity. Extract of what Peter provided: "I thought that this would be a chance for us to introduce the difference between ON and KUN pronunciations. I though that these very (very) late Shoshu guys signed with these characters that we all think of a "Yoshisuke", but went with the name "GISUKE". This is also when the Soshu-den was dissolving in the Muromachi era. There certainly seems to have been a demand for these solid hirazukuri "otanto" at that time. They are quite worthy - by one name or another!"
  17. Good morning all, Would someone kindly be able to read the mei? I've lightened the second photo if that helps. I can't seem to get the orientation correct... fingers crossed. Thank you.
  18. Hello everyone, This is my first post in the forum. I have been interested in Japanese culture for a long time, also encouraged by my 10 years of martial arts studies in Iaido. I have been collecting Tsuba for some time now and would like to get my first Nihonto. My budget is limited and it is absolutely clear to me that you get what you pay for, not the less I would like to buy a Wakizashi and would like to ask you for your honest opinion about this offer on Ebay. Thank you very much for your help. Hannes
  19. Hey there, I've recently received a wakizashi from my grandfather, which was previously "restored" in to a terrible state of being. I'm looking to try and restore at least the tsuka and saya myself, but a bunch of parts are simply missing. The kashira is not present, but the fuchi is, now I'm not sure I'd even be able to find a kashira to match the fuchi, but even so, I'd like to know what kind of design this even is, because while I like how it looks, I just can't figure out what it's supposed to be. The fuchi is slightly bent on the inside on one side as well, dunno how safe it would be to attempt to bend it back. It was quite a hassle removing it from the sword, as the guy who "restored" it had superglued all of it together. A few bonus images while I'm at it, it's where I got so far taking all of it apart: And what the sword looked like after that guy restored it some 30 odd years ago.
  20. I came into possession of this sword about a year ago. I was told my grandfather came to possess it either during or just after WWII. He worked on a minesweeper, so he probably didn't acquire it from the source. It has no serial numbers, so I don't believe it is a military sword. The blade is about 22 inches with the overall length being about 28 inches. There are no markings on the tang that I can see. The tsuka has markings around the "rim" and both sides of the tsuba have markings. All markings are hidden when the sword is fully assembled. As a complete novice I'm having a hard time finding a direction to look for information on the sword. Hopefully I attached detailed enough pictures. I know I didn't include a pic of the tang. I can do that, but there were no markings I could see. Thank you in advance. Wes R.
  21. Hi All. What do you think about this one? Photos of only this quality, unfortunately. Thanks in advance. Vladimir.
  22. Hello all, I'm searching for my first nihonto and I've been offered two wakizashi of great quality. First one is not signed, from Kanbun period (around 1660). Mumei of 57 cm, nagasa of 44,5 cm. Hamon type is Suguha. Hada is Mokume. Shinogizukuri, chukisaki, ubu nakago and one mekugiana. Second one is from around 1716 to 1736, fourth generation KANEWAKA, real name Tsujimura Jindai. Hako-midare, suguha, gunome-midare. Shinogizukuri, chukisaki, ubu nakago and one mekugiana. Each one is around 2700 € (2975 $) and they have no papers, although they are sold by a very respectable seller with really good reputation (not eBay or any other online site). Opinions on both? Thank you very much.
  23. Just bought my first sword. I know what the seller listed the signature as. Just thought I’d get a second opinion.
  24. Hello all. I am brand new to this and had recently posted this right before the board went down and deleted the last post and info. I am an antique auction and estate/property auction buyer in the SE US and have recently acquired a Japanese Wakazashi in a bulk property sale with other unrelated items. I am somewhat familiar with war time European blades but am a novice with Japanese blades. I know very little. Can anyone tell me anything about the blade and markings I have? It is a Wakazashi I’m told and it’ has 17.5” of cutting edge. Klay C.
  25. Got this off EBay, it’s my first, and I like it. This could be my new hobby.
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