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  1. No, I was not planing to pay 5000 for it, but what ould be co considered a good price? Thank you for taking your time to reply /Lukas
  2. Hi, Hope everyone is having a great summer. I am in need of expert advice on a possible wakisahi purchase. The seller is asking for 5000 usd Much appreciated Lukas
  3. Okay, great. Thanks a lot for the advice, Brian.
  4. Hello everyone, I apologize for my absence in the thread. Regarding the waki: the seller and I went back and forth, as I presented the new information I had gathered. Negotiations kinda stopped, but yesterday he contacted me with a new offer. 1500 usd. Might take it, we live close so shipping will be very cheap. Should o grab it? I'm thinking about it. I was gonna wait and try to purchase it for 1200 and also tell him that he can keep the kozuka/kogatana that he keep speaking of. Perhaps a tad too much. I hope everyone hade a great and long weekend. All the best, Lukas
  5. Lukas

    Help Deciphering

    Thank you for the quick response. No didn't pay anything, was just curious. Thanks you for clearing that up. Best regards.
  6. Lukas

    Help Deciphering

    Maybe a better pic?
  7. Lukas

    Help Deciphering

    Hello everyone, Hope all is well. I'm writing regarding a signed nihonto. I noticed that most people here a very knowledgeable and helpful. Basically, I'm looking for any information the mei. I know that is very very hard to give credible information just by looking at a picture, but I though I'd give it a try (received a lot help on my last post). The tang has A mitsu-momi, which I read is rather rare. Thank you very much! Happy easter or/and have a great weekend
  8. Hey there, As I'm quite new in the nihonto world I require som advice regarding a wakizashi. Certificate: NTHK (Nihon Token Hozon Kai) Certificate date: 16/7-2017 Signed by: Chief Executive Officer Teiji Miyano Forge: TOMOYUKI Province: Bungo School: Takada Era: Muromachi Year: Bunei 1469-1486 Leaf style: Shinogi Zukuri Iorimune Kitae Itame Hamon: Suguha komaru gaeri Mekugi ana: 1 Full Length: 65.5cm Wakizashi: 63.5cm (sword) Nagasa: 43.5cm (cutting section on the blade) Sori: 1.1cm (curvature) Tsuka: 18cm (handle) It is offered at 1600 usd. I would be very grateful If there was anyone who could give there input. Thank very much. Lukas Gerdin
  9. Thank you for all the great wisdom and help. Wonderful. Now I'm really thinking weary, as I obviously should be. well I do like the blade but not 1800-like. I was thinking about taking the advice and low ball him see what happens. Thanks again, hope everyone has a great weekend. Lukas.
  10. Great thanks for your input! Ok, so most likely a Shinto blade. I had one guy say that the signature looked very deep, which was obviously not a good thing. But he, as well, confirmed that it was a newer nihonto. What should I be paying if I were to purchase it? Any and all Info appreciate. Thanks guys!
  11. Thanks for the reply! Sorry English is my 3rd. Meant that It has no papers, but the sellers has several others with papers. so I view him as a genuine person. I wrote to a supposed expert, and he believed it was a forgery (signature). Kinda got me a little bit weary. Thanks for replying.
  12. Hello everyone! This is my first post, so please forgive me if I make any newbie mistakes. Well, I'm basically in need of some information regarding a wakizashi I might be purchasing. But I'm quite the new when it comes to nihonto and in desperate need of advice and knowledge. The wakizashi is 20 inches long and is in great condition. It is sign KANETSUNE from Mino and it's a Unokubi Zukuri (I believe). The seller has a good reputation and has several with papers as well. According to the seller : "What I know about it is what I've learned from other (knowledgeable) forums that it's Mino-Seki Kanetsune and the signature is genuine, it's going to be around the Oei period (1394-1428). No paper but is in a very nice condition with the attachment belonging to the blade and also has kogatana / kozuka (small knife)" Is the signature real? Would it be a good investment and what should I pay? (Seller is asking for 1800 usd). Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Lukas G.
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