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  1. I have this small Shin-Shinto tanto I was planning to have a koshirae assembled for it. Here are some photos of the tanto in shirasaya and the handle (tsuka). I picked up this handle today as a birthday gift. I took these photos with my iPhone. I am looking for a tanto sized tsuba that will keep with or be appropriate for the theme of the handle. The menuki are of a tiger in bamboo. I think it would take me some time to find a good matching tanto tsuba. I am not in a big hurry anyways as I just purchased the tsuka.. Feel free to ask questions and discuss politely.
  2. Hi all. New to the forum and to collecting Japanese Swords. A few months ago I bought a Wakishabi which is in a reasonable state of polish but could do with some attention. This weekend I added to my collection a Tanto which was terribly rusty and had been badly scratched with what I assume to have been sandpaper but the guy just wanted to be rid of it as he seemed afraid of it for some reason. I thought the Tanto would be an opportunity to try to learn polishing. I wondered if anyone could read the Mei on either of them.
  3. So, this caught my eye on eBay, I bid and won it for around £200. Obviously, the photos don't reveal too much - as long as it's Japanese I'd be happy with what I paid. The blade was supposed to be late Momoyama / early Edo, but no other details (not sure what will be visible out of polish). Tsuba looks off to me - but 🤷 what do I know. I liked the fuchi kashira and kozuka. Just really intended as a study / conversation piece.
  4. St. Croix Blades currently has 50 Japanese swords, tosogu, etc. in its eBay Store listed. You don't have to have an eBay account to purchase. I will pull any item that you wish to buy. Prices are often negotiable. Trades can even be an option (I'll be converting your trade items into cash by reselling them, so the value of your trade items needs to be higher than the negotiated purchase price--I need to take time to photograph and list any trade items, wait for their sale, then ship, etc.). Contact me here to let me know what you would like to negotiate on. https://www.ebay.com...&LH_SpecificSeller=1 Thank you! --Matthew Brice St. Croix Blades
  5. Looking for blade kanji translation help on a dirk owned by Admiral Nishizo Tsukahara. I can see the kanji for 'gift' as the third character. Asking for help with the first two kanji. Thank you! --Matt
  6. I have listed for sale 5 rare Military Dirks in St. Croix Blades' eBay Store...you don't have to be an eBay member, or even like the eBay format (if there are those of you that don't). If you have interest, just reach out to me here. I can negotiate and pull any dirk you have interest in. I think most will agree that I am not overstating the difficulty in locating examples like these when I describe them as rare. Also, let me know if you have any questions. Thank you! https://www.ebay.com...des&_oac=1&_nkw=dirk --Matthew Brice St. Croix Blades
  7. Selling a Uda Kunitsugu Tanto with a beautiful Hamon. (blade tip slightly damaged). If you want more pictures please send me a message, I can't add a lot due to file size limit. (We take professional pictures in our studio on Tokyo) Signature: Obverse (Omote): Uda Kunitsugu, Reverse (Ura): - Type: Tanto Blade Length: 25.6 cm Period : Muromachi (around 1429) Measurements: Base width (Moto-haba): Approx. 2.2 cm Base thickness (Moto-kasane): Approx. 0.65 cm Tip width (Saki-haba): Approx. 1.8 cm Tip thickness (Saki-kasane): Approx. 0.5 cm Weight: Approx. 172.7 g (excluding Habaki and handle) Habaki Weight: Approx. 11.8 g Saya (Scabbard) Length: Approx. 41.5 cm Mekugi-ana (peg hole): 1 price : $1130 + $50 Shipping (from Japan)
  8. Hi all, A question about this tanto I picked up a few years ago that is unsigned. What novice study I undertook on the blade it appears to be a Soshu-den creation, but would like input if it's actually Shinto blade made in an older style. Thanks in advance.
  9. I received a tanto with this white paper, but I need help with the translation, please. Kindest regards
  10. Hello Everyone I would just like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this forum. I appreciate the professionalism that has been continuously displayed. As a newbie, I truly respect that. Today, I am offering a mumei Aikuchi in high polish with a nice, dragon horimono, signed mounts (unresearched) and possible baleen wrapped handle. Based on the shape of the tang, it is more than likely Kaga School and has spectacular Edo dress and tracing papers. The length of the blade is 27.5cm. This is a truly spectacular piece with historical documentation. Available for sale here first. A great research project! Priced at $5,500.00 USD (willing to some negotiation). Please feel free to let me know if something is missing. I am a first timer. Thanks everyone! Bob
  11. Hi folks, Got here a tanto for your expert comments. Blade is approximately 8.5.inches and 11.3/4 inches overall. Please let me know if this is authentic and antique. A possible lead as to its origin and school would be great, too.Thank you so very much. Vince
  12. Looking for a beautiful tanto, ideally with a nice mei or horimono. Shinsakuto tanto have also caught my eye but I would also be fine with a papered one. Budget is around $1500 usd
  13. I apologize in advance for submitting yet another newbie question related to shipping. In my very limited experience with EMS shipments of Nihonto, there is only a little time separating "presented to US Customs" and "accepted by US Customs." There may be a problem with my most recent shipment. According to EMS tracking, the packaged status has been "presented to US Customs" since May 27. There is no EMS update showing accepted or rejected by US Customs. So I emailed the shipper, and he said he would ask EMS to resolve. Since then, one week has passed, no update from EMS and the shipper has not responded to my follow-up email. EMS still shows status as "presented to US Customs on May 27." Is this normal, and if not, is there a course of action any of you more experienced folks recommend? Thanks for any insight. Mike
  14. Hello all, I’m a new member and this shall be my inaugural post. After some saving and as a university graduation present to myself, I have acquired a tantō signed “保則 (Yasunori)” and attributed to gendai smith Motomura Yasuhiro by Mr. Tsuruta of Aoi Art. The blade is in decent condition and original polish, I had a shirasaya and tsunagi made for it while I awaited the export permit. Currently, I have the koshirae in a sword bag in a wooden drawer of my china cabinet and the tantō in shirasaya in a sword bag, cutting edge facing up, in a watertight box with foam internal structuring. Are these acceptable storage practices? Additionally how frequently should I oil the blade to keep it preserved? I have been removing the old oil with alcohol and applying new oil once to twice a week (once weekly and when I unsheathe it) for the three weeks that I’ve had it, since I live in a very humid environment. Is this acceptable? I have attached images both for storage reference and to show the tantō. Thank you in advance ,James O.
  15. MJS

    Naoe Shizu tanto

    Hi guys, I have an opportunity to buy a naoe shizu tanto, mumei, with NBTHK TH papers from March 2018. I consider myself pretty much a beginner in this field, and would greatly appreciate any opinions on this blade. One question that I have: there is some damage on the ha near the hamachi, which to me looks like "scuff marks" from sheathing/drawing the blade. I imagine that this would not be a very big deal. Is that indeed the case or is it a real problem? Another is is this: the vast majority of Naoe Shizu tanto are unsigned. Is there any approach through which I could pinpoint better a particular smith, period or other detail? Finally, the nakago seems to have a "bare" area where there is significantly less rust. This is also visible on the photograph that comes with the paper. What could such a focal change be caused by? Could it be related to mounting during a longer period? A sticker/marker that was later removed? The current owner tells me he also has no idea. Thanks, Mark
  16. Hello gentleman and ladies. Wonder if I could get some help with the date on this tanto? Would appreciate any assistance. Thank you. --Matt
  17. Hello. I recently showcased what I thought was a Ken, due to one appraisal, however this may be incorrect as was pointed out by several members of this forum, and as such I am going to say that it is an odd kaiken, and assume that it is most likely Edo Period, due to the design of the habaki which is copper, wrapped in silver. This piece is very small, with the entire length being 8.2cm, though does look quite nice for its size, at least in my opinion. It is in shirasaya, and has a suguha hamon. It is mumei. It also appears to have had some material removed in the past, most likely to mitigate rust pitting. The blade is tired, though has no active rust, from what I can tell. It is not papered. It is quite an interesting piece, though I do not expect to get much for it. I do not have a set price for it, so please feel free to send me offers of what you think it would be worth. I would prefer a trade over a sale, however. I hope to get at least $200 for it. Images: https://imgur.io/a/PeNGViN Will ship to anywhere. Payment can be done through PayPal. Currency is USD.
  18. Hello. This is my first post here, so I thought I would start by showing off my most recent acquisition. This is a small ken. It is double edged with a suguha hamon, and is unfortunately mumei. The blade is quite tired, as you will see in the following images, though does still retain quite a nice polish. The habaki is copper, wrapped in silver, and may not be original. The entire piece is in shirasaya, which does appear to be rather old as well. Judging by the appearance of the blade and nakago, as well as some consultation with an expert, this small ken may be from the Nanboku-chō to early Muromachi Period, though I am not certain. What are your thoughts? I may end up putting it up for trade eventually. Imgur link, due to the files being too large: https://imgur.io/a/PeNGViN
  19. Stephen

    Bird n Moon

    Trolling Buyee for another tsuba w/ blossom on stream or air. Hard to find any more. Ran across this little guy, sucker for moons and branches, the bird was a plus. For S&G i threw a low sniper bid and forgot about it. Woke to notice id won. Not super stoked over it but I've never had a rectangle tsuba so what the hey. Ive won worse before lol
  20. I am looking at possibly purchasing this nice looking tanto that is signed Fujiwara Nobutaka and in shirasaya from a seller that is somewhat local to me, and the estimate is that it's a later generation of this smith, and likely 2-300 years of age (A friend that collects and knows this smith thinks that it's 7th gen). The blade length is approximately 11" which I know is on the longer side for these tanto blades. I was hoping to get a few opinions on the mei, which so far I am told looks to be legitimate, but likely a more recent, possibly lesser known generation of this smith. What do you guys think of the mei, and if I should pick it up, would it be worth a shinsa? The pictures are from the seller, not mine.
  21. Forumites, I have just gotten a decent size curio cabinet and set it up in my office. Here are a few pictures as it is now. I am waiting for some tsuba and sword stands that I purchased from members of the NMB in order to fill the cabinet up with more of my 'stuff'. Warm Regards, Jesse Office 6.jfif
  22. Hello all, I picked up this bare Tanto blade and looking for a little information about it, especially timeframe when it may have been made (is it 1860s-1940s?) or is it a WW2 blade? It has a lamination which can be seen in the images and the hada patterning looks strong. The thickness is roughly 4mm and increases to about 5mm around the front section. Also, why would the hole be at the bottom of the tang? Any help is appreciated! thanks, ND
  23. 1 antique Japanese Meiji Period cloisonne tanto sword available. This very fine antique cloissonne mount Japanese tanto sword would make an important addition to any collection. This tanto is unsigned. It has a genuine Japanese blade. Cloisonne koshirae/mounts are difficult to find without damage, most have significant damage—and this one has no damage at all! The fittings on this cloisonne tanto are all intricately hand-carved brass. The blade measures 8 5/8" (21.9 cm) from blade tip to the bottom of the notch in the habaki. $3500 plus postage (and PayPal or cc fee)
  24. 14 New swords, tassels, etc. just listed. …plus, it’s another ‘Make An Offer Weekend’ on the site! Contact us to make an offer. https://stcroixblades.com/shop/Japanese-swords/ —Matthew Brice www.StCroixBlades.com
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