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  1. According to ChatGPT it says Mitsunaga saku on the left and Goshu on the right but I’ve had bad translations in the past. Can anyone please assist?
  2. Hello together, I recently received a katana which seems to be "shuffled" together. None of the parts seem to match each other. The tsuba has a signature, but I can hardly imagine that this is Japanese at all. Does anybody have an idea what this could mean or be? Best regards Roland
  3. Hi everyone, I could do with some assistance with this one particular piece. A few months ago I received a wakizashi in shirasaya as a gift, but I've had much trouble trying to figure it out with my available resources. Blade seems to be an O-suriage with possible Machi-Okuri, no visible hamon and a bad polishing attempt to boot. First Kanji seems to be "Kane" While Second Kanji is cut by half, so it could be either "taka" or "Yoshi" to my speculation Does anybody have any idea which one this may be? Any assistance or thoughts would be much appreciated.
  4. Here is an iron plate with mei showing Tadamitsu (from Yamashiro Province??). Would be wonderful if one of our members can provide the full translation. "Tadamitsu" appears on left side of seppa dai flanked by two characters. Yamashiro appears on right side. Tadamitsu seems to be variously associated with the Akasaka and Higo schools, but this is not a sukashi tsuba so it seems doubtful to me. I can't otherwise identify this specific smith from Yamashiro Province. The hand written label was added by prior owner presumably. This tsuba has somehow ended up in my small and somewhat scattered collection from a distant past (25 years ago??) while I was living in Singapore and before I started collecting sukashi tsuba at the beginning of this year. I am looking to sell this piece. There is a scene of two figures at 4:00 with landscape elements beneath clouds on omote. The tree and rocks wrap around to the ura. There are two kogai hitsu-ana of differing sizes. 74 mm (perfectly round), 4.7 mm, 4.0 at mimi.
  5. I was wondering how old this Wakizashi is and if possible who the smith is? Google translate hasn’t helped me with the certificate.
  6. I would appreciate insight on the specific translation and meaning of the NBTHK (Hozon) for an unsigned katana I purchased a few years ago. I believe the the attribution (below) is to "Tango no kami Kanemichi." Can anyone please confirm this translation? Second question, if translation is "Tango no kami Kanemichi" does that mean the attribution is to that specific individual, or is it more likely just a general attribution to the Mishina school? (I understand that it is difficult to distinguish 1st and 2nd generation even when signed). Thank you!
  7. Maybe someone here on the forum can help me with identifying this Kao mark or the maker on this particular Tsuba that I have recently added to my collection. YES its a little rough and it could do with being restored as the silver has some major wear to it is some places. The Tsuba looks like it was previously mounted at one point or another in its life. more so i am just curious to see what some of the members here say about its origins. The theme is of Uba and one of the Twin Pines but that is just my interpretation of it. Possible Kao Mark could be Kazunori (139 Joly's) but I have my doubts as I cant find any other Kao similar to or matching this one to verify it
  8. Can anyone help tell me what the name of this sword maker was? I tried to enhance the image as much as possible to make it clear. Also I have a question for those who are more seasoned with purchasing swords... How do you find a person to appraise the swords value and verify it's legitimacy? Help would be very appreciated.
  9. Hey guys, Posting this for a friend who is not tech savvy. He wants to know who this smith is. He believes it to be a gendai smith by the name of Okano Mitsuhiro. I attempted to look them up and found nothing. Anyone got a lead on this smith or has he discovered one that's fallen out of the meikan? Also, what kamon is that? It appears to be cast into the piece, rather than attached like a usual one. 27" nagasa with an attractive sanbonsugi hamon. Very minty Type 98 mounts. Thanks!
  10. Hello. I would appreciate anyone's help with the translation of this katana. Thank you in advance. --Matt
  11. I have a friend and fellow ITK member here by the name of Jim Tobin. He is not very tech savvy and has asked me to post this here on his behalf for a translation. Any opinions/translations are welcome. I believe the blade is a WWII blade judging by how chippy and rushed the signature looks. This is unfortunately the only picture he was able to get me. Thanks guys! ~Chris
  12. I just purchased a katana with a sayagaki and a very old origami. I want to have them translated into a document with the kanji, transliteration, and translation. I know this is more than a simple mei translation, so I am seeking someone to do this for a reasonable fee. Is anyone on the forum offering this service, or can anyone recommend someone to do this for me? The sayagaki covers both sides of the saya, and the origami is quite old with very stylized calligraphy. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.
  13. Looking for blade kanji translation help on a dirk owned by Admiral Nishizo Tsukahara. I can see the kanji for 'gift' as the third character. Asking for help with the first two kanji. Thank you! --Matt
  14. Could someone please help me with more info on this sword
  15. Just acquired a new nihonto, but can not identify what the kanji says. Its located on the other side from Mei, might be the date Could someone assist? Any help is appreciated!
  16. Dear all, if you can help me on this one, I will appreciate a lot. It is a sword made by KANENORI. I will need the full translation of that page. Thanks a lot for your active help
  17. I am having trouble completing the translation of a new sword, help would be appreciated. I have the first two kanji as Mutsu province, then the next two appears to be the Nengo date 1521, the next being za or the number 3 San, and then I get lost with the rest. Or maybe I am lost from the beginning? Thanks, Paul T.
  18. Hello hello, So happy to find this forum - So much knowlege in one place. I have inherited what appears to be a relitively old Wakizashi. I have tried my best to mess about in photoshop to try bring out the detail but it is very difficult. Would anyone be willing and able to help me out. This is my atempt so far; Side A: 年 ..... [Toshi (Chika)?] Side B: 日本 ....... [Nihon] I will update if I find out more of its history into the family. I will be looking into getting someone UK (Scotland) baced to "clean/restore" it if anyone has some suggestions that would be super helpful. Many thanks in advance, Dave.
  19. Hello, I recently uploaded a photo of my kozuka blade that I bought from a flea market, but obviously no one could give information with only one photo. So now I’m uploading better photos. There is a writing on the blade which I can’t read as well. My questions are: when was it made? By whom? And should I restore the gold that has worn off from the handle? Thank you.
  20. Hello gentleman and ladies. Wonder if I could get some help with the date on this tanto? Would appreciate any assistance. Thank you. --Matt
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