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  1. Basswood is a great suggestion! Thanks!
  2. The drawers didn’t come with racks and that is what I need to add. The chest and drawers are made with paulownia, so it is very light in weight. I need to find a source of paulownia here in Ontario to make the racks.
  3. Currently, there is just a tsunagi fitted in both sets of koshirae. I suppose I should remove the kogatana from the wakizashi koshirae and the saya might fit that way.
  4. We have had one very small one that I felt in the last 25 years or so. Apparently we had one hell of a storm the other day. My wife and I missed it as we were in Kentucky at the time.
  5. Just drove this home from Louisville, KY. I was able to borrow my father-in-law’s SUV. It fit in the back perfectly. I need to do some slight modifications of the drawers, but I think it looks nice. It’s a perfect fit for my living room.
  6. Does anyone else wish that the OP would answer the question about the lineup of the Mekugi Ana?
  7. Hi Will. Welcome to NMB. Sorry that you got stung with this replica. I hope this doesn't put you off finding a real Nihonto in the future. I would venture to guess that there are probably more fakes than real swords in the wild outside of Japan. Your best bet is to buy from a dealer listed on this site or buy from the For Sale or Trade section. You can be sure that you will be getting the real deal if it is listed on this board.
  8. Should a tsuba from a tachi be displayed as if it were on the tachi edge down, or the same as any other tsuba as if the edge were up?
  9. Everyone knows that's where Hattori Hanzō lives
  10. I am not a fan of paperback books, so I spent a bit of cash to have this hardbound with the covers done as overlays on the hard binding. It turned out pretty well.
  11. Welcome to Colin and to ! Jean-Sébastien, I am located in Aurora, Ontario Canada. Fairly close to Toronto, so if you are ever in the area drop me a message. My collection is tiny, but growing.
  12. Welcome Tony! I hope you enjoy your time on this board.
  13. Welcome Jack! I am fairly new to this hobby too, and I have found this group to be helpful in the extreme!
  14. In this case, I think that Showato refers to a sword that was made during the Showa Era. It does not always mean that the sword was not traditionally made. The description is simply stating that this sword has an amazingly good polish for a sword made during this period. Also note that this sword does not currently have Hozon papers. It is only guaranteed to receive Hozon if submitted to shinsa.
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