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  1. So can anyone expound on the Tamba-ball in the kissaki of Osaka blades? I’m guessing it is a clue but not a rule? Started with which smith? Osaka only? If sidetracking thread I apologize.
  2. Well... remember the old saying... "a pessimist is never disappointed"
  3. I’m in for Chicago meet up! Live 15 minutes from O’Hare airport. I can only offer my less than desirable blades... but they are what they are.
  4. There are a couple interesting features (to me) in the attached pic. Overlapping hamon, and haven't seen the large square hamon pattern indicated by the ??? in the pic. Wonder if it is supposed to symbolize something like the flowers or Mt Fuji in more artistic hamons?
  5. Thanks Brian. Doesn’t show up on my I-phone but works on my desktop. Not a big deal.
  6. Just wondering if someday a 'quick link' to a currency converter could be added to the main NMB page or in the Sales section (top or bottom of all pages)? Or am I just clueless and there is one? What would be really nice is some type of 'pop up' where you could quickly click on it and it would lay right on top of the post you are looking at without having to jump back and forth to a different site or location here on NMB... especially when using phone. Not sure if possible? Thanks, Mark S.
  7. I think it's ok but wouldn't be hurt one way or the other on the final decision.
  8. So I have reached out to a couple very knowledgeable resources who agree that the smith is Meikan-more. One thing I have seen, at least as far as on-line references go, is that most Sengo smith mei's include the term "Seishu" in the the mei and few documented mei's are in the "gojimei" (would this be the correct term for a 5 kanji mei?) form as found on this blade. The only documented mei's I could find in this gojimei form that begin with "Kuwana-ju" are Fujimasa - Bunki era (1501-1504), Masamori - Bunki era, and Muramasa - Bunki era. I found another gojimei example on Reddit signed Kuninaga but no other reference to that smith either. Not sure I can make anything of this information yet, but just documenting the on-going research. If anyone has any other examples of Sengo smiths who signed in this way that I missed, I would be interested in your comments.
  9. I would keep the green papers as a part of the blades history. And even if the green papers are invalidated by a follow-up Shinsa, it would be interesting to see what they tried to pass the blade off as vs. what it is now thought to be... and to have a historical copy of green papers showing your blade was a part of the 'great controversy'.
  10. If you haven’t already read it, Darcy had an article about green papers in his August 2017 blog. Look up “Green Papers = No Papers”. Interesting read no matter what your view on these papers are. https://blog.yuhindo.com/2017/08/
  11. My guess is Brian is too much of a gentleman to bring up a very nice, appreciated, gift that was privately given and I would assume meant to be kept private... until now when it is publicly thrown in his face. Well done. I guess elitism doesn’t always = class... some things money just can’t buy. I guess he was speaking for all those who share in his current financial situation, yet still try to enjoy the hobby of nihonto.
  12. I was just shocked I got it right! I think this was my first translation!
  13. Please don't... same end result as the vinegar and sandpaper. I highly encourage you to hang out here at the NMB and READ and ABSORB as much as you possibly can. Over time, you will most definitely learn and come to hold a deep appreciation that polishing blades is not a 'hobby'...
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