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  1. Next is the display shelves full of fine sipping bourbons, scotch, tequila, cognac, etc. What a wonderful space to spend a few hours.
  2. Oh dear No disrespect, and I’m not a trained togishi… but my initial reaction is this one is pretty far gone and probably beyond saving. I’m sorry.
  3. I initially thought 307 might be interesting simply due to the more unique style of blade but rest of that individual package is nothing to speak of. Taking a chance would only be at a very low bid and appears to now be at $500. Also noticed that the tip of kissaki is broken off(?) and the shape/sugata seems ‘off’??? So hard to tell from those pics and probably not worth the gamble. The lack of more detailed photos leads me in a certain direction. If they were interested in selling, they would provide more and better info/pics… unless they REALLY want these gone and don’t want ‘details’ muddying up the sale
  4. In my opinion (for the 1 penny it’s worth) the seller’s prices are at the top end of the range of what the blades are worth in many cases. Not saying it’s a bad thing, it is what it is. They are experienced and know what they have and what the blades are worth… so not a lot of room to recoup any polishing or Shinsa expenses should you someday sell and probably not an opportunity for treasure hunting. But I also understand that this isn’t always important if you really like it and will be happy no matter what. There was a tanto that sold a while back I wish I would have bought but waited too long because I wasn’t sure. There was a yari that just sold I thought was interesting but did not know enough about and thought was priced on the high side for that type of yari. There is a wakizashi there now that I find the unique shape interesting, but once again do not know enough about and think is priced on the high side for the package as presented.
  5. Thank you… as I don’t want to muddy up Jon’s thread with NBTHK questions, I’ll leave it that your response has educated me that I need to reframe my understanding of the hozon and tok hozon grading criteria.
  6. I am in no position to cast aspersions (and I mean absolutely no disrespect to the organization) and I am thinking like a novice looking for the easy way out to learn, but I do find it interesting that NBTHK can think highly enough of a blade to grade it Tokubetsu Hozon, but not be comfortable enough to give a date/period attribution?
  7. Mark S.


    I know I am going to demonstrate my complete ignorance and I don’t mean to take the thread sideways… I really do want to learn the terms being used. When the Enju (Higo province) bid was given tori yoku (wrong province but correct kaido - main road and period), I started looking at Sanindo examples and attributes. Other than completely wrong school/smith, where did I go wrong on the main road assumption? I’ll assume I misunderstood tori yoku? Thank you.
  8. Mark S.


    Chikuzen Sa
  9. One suggestion with FedEx. NEVER have it delivered to your home or place of business. ALWAYS have it redirected and delivered to one of the affiliated businesses that will hold your package until you pick it up. No “we delivered it but no one was home” or ‘somebody’ signed for it “we think” type situations. I used a local 24 hour pharmacy so no excuses that it was closed and couldn’t be delivered, etc. Just my opinion.
  10. Stephen… not sure if I’m glad or sad you didn’t post this around tax refund time. Ok… sad. Other than buying the moon/goose tanto tsuba from you, not sure I can make the cut. Does being a retired E-9 (albeit Air Force) help? Anyway, I’ll be sad when someone else gets this but it really needs a good home. Hope this is a case when it is just time for blade to move on and no other circumstances require it’s sale. Good luck with this one.
  11. If you have an experienced dry cleaner you trust and have a good relationship with, you might want to talk to them. I had a sports jersey that was signed, but needed cleaning and was worried the signature would get ruined, but after a discussion with the owner, he assured me he could handle it. Same for an expensive silk fukusa that was stained with matcha. An experienced cleaner should be able to evaluate material and give you a pretty good idea if they are comfortable cleaning it.
  12. Recent experience with FedEx (on the receiving end) was no better. 3 expected delivery dates broken. Long periods of time where the on-line tracking made no sense or went dark. It finally arrived, but not without me worrying it was lost… filing missing item report that never got answered except after I got item and a “your item was delivered” response. Not a good feeling waiting for a Tokubetsu Hozon item and sweating the whole time. From what I understand all delivery services are short handed and items sit in main collection hubs for excessive amounts of time until someone finally gets to them. Expecting them to honor paid for delivery dates is a fools errand. Only hope is to keep on them and as soon as tracking looks weird, start filing reports so they know someone is serious about their item. Sorry for the cynical outlook…
  13. Having a hard time getting through the rust. I can only get the last two… YOSHI SAKU
  14. Been 4 months now… I’ve been told ‘soon’ but I have convinced myself to sit back and wait. He will get to them when he gets there.
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