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  1. I think sometimes we forget here... what percent of the population REALLY has “an iota of experience” with nihonto? Not everyone is as crazy... err ummm... ‘enlightened’ as we are.
  2. For those who know $$$ better than I... would be interested to see range of current price estimates based on presented blade: If it was a... Muramasa no flaw: $??? Muramasa with flaw: $??? Masashige no flaw: $??? Masashige.with flaw: $???
  3. Don’t think blade was switched... NBTHK just gave a more conservative attribution, albeit along the same lines, than Dr Kanzan. The flaw and conservative NBTHK attribution may be why the previous owner did not try beyond the Hozon certificate.
  4. So at first I thought it was a single crack that starts at the mune (notice the small v-shaped ding in the edge of mune) but as I look at it more, there is a second ding a little to the right and the whole area looks like it is defined by a u-shaped line connecting the two dings. Really hard to tell from the photo.
  5. Can't tell how polished down the blade is and I was going to point out the 'flaw' as previously mentioned. They obviously felt the need to highlight it.
  6. Kinda looks like... Nobu or Nori Shiro Saku But not sure it makes sense? Also, the first character seems 'differently cut' than the second and third, but it could just be lighting or trick of photography.
  7. Mark S.

    Christmas Quiz

    Will be looking for the £10 in the mail!
  8. Mark S.

    Christmas Quiz

    Now that the quiz has been out a while...the citation from LEGEND IN Japanese ART. Page 126 319. HOMMA MAGOSHIRO SHIGEUJI Archer in the army of Nitta Yoshisada. While the army was awaiting the attack of Takauji’s fleet at Wada no Misaki (Minatogawa) he espied a sea-fowl with a fish in his claws. He then cried to Takauji : “You must be wearied doing nothing for so long, I will give you some fish,’’ and with an arrow he shot the bird so that the fish fell on deck and the bird in the sea. There are several variants of this story. Sometimes the bird carries a letter, as it is also said that Magoshiro shot the bird with an arrow through the head, fastened to it a strip of paper bearing his name, and sent it on another arrow right into the boat of Ashikaga Takauji.
  9. Mark S.

    Christmas Quiz

    Found the story in Joly's "Legend in Japanese Art". Will give others a chance to investigate/answer before I give answers I found on theme.
  10. Peter, Not sure if you are aware, but there is usually a Chicago Sword Show each year near the end of April (next to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg). It's a good time to have items looked at, get advice and questions answered, check out people who do restoration work, and see LOTS of other blades. Of course last year's show was cancelled due to COVID. Maintaining good thoughts for a possible show this year. Mark
  11. 1. I really enjoy looking at the hada (especially when it has that wet, 3D appearance), but honestly I also really like looking at the 'hamon within the hamon'. All the 'other activities' that make up a basic hamon that you really have to look for and study, and how they interact, play off each other, and move within each other, especially in suguha where they can be very minute and reserved and difficult to see at first. 2. The 'color' of steel that is mentioned and I just don't have a clue yet. Blues and blacks, etc. I have read that you need excellent examples of each type all laid out at the same time to really compare and contrast to learn, and I just have not had that opportunity. To pick up an individual blade and say "the steel has a blueish hue' is currently beyond me. 3. Well... to be boring (maybe?)... the gimei/mumei issues we all deal with and whether or not all the reasons we believe swords are gimei/mumei are accurate.
  12. What is nagasa measurement please?
  13. Brian, I did not wish to bring this up in Mr. Davidson's thread and appear as insensitive... and I do ask this question with the most honorable of intent. Have you ever considered an "In Memoriam" section?... maybe in the members only area like the Izakaya? It would be a wonderful way to remember/memorialize those who have 'gone before'. Details of what it would look like can be discussed later if you and others think it is a good idea. Mark
  14. Almost asked a question about the rankings and award names... but then realized the SEARCH function is our friend... if anyone is interested, here is a link to the .pdf that explains them and a little bit about the processs:
  15. Now there is a company name I haven’t heard since my high school Dungeons & Dragons days... ahem... cough... cough... just a few years ago...
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