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  1. Wagashi artist Junichi Mohori https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhMrcE3_O4Y
  2. Ed, So glad to see you back up and running! For anyone who doesn’t know Yakiba/Ed, I had a great experience purchasing from him and would recommend him without hesitation.
  3. That’s one of those situations when you can say “yeah, but you should see the other guy”
  4. Sue-Bizen? maybe Sukesada?
  5. Have also heard of wrapping firearm in a ton of paper towels or other absorbent material and placing in a black plastic bag and placing on the dashboard of a car out in full sun in the middle of summer. Never tried it…
  6. I remembered that too and it took me a while to find it. It was at the Usagiya website under Information/flaws of blades at bottom. http://www.ksky.ne.jp/~sumie99/flaws.html
  7. Oh well… this thread died a horrible death. Maybe I’ll try again when it comes back from polish or next year after Shinsa.
  8. And a good polisher will know how much material will need to be removed to get rid of the kirikomi and advise you accordingly… let their trained advice be your guide.
  9. I appreciate that Roger (and no... you are not a nobody... no one is a nobody, that’s ridiculous)... and normally I would gratefully accept advice and I’m not normally ‘riled’. It’s just that our ‘friend’ has been doing this a bit lately and my patience (as well as others I think) is a bit limited with it. I almost expected his response and in the manner it was given. He enjoys it. In fact, a couple comments in my first post were tailored for this individual knowing what would happen. I was right. I won’t waste any more time with him. And I do apologize for coming across as angry or argumentative. But I still appreciate anyone who wants to look, have a bit of fun, and SPECULATE.
  10. So from my first post where I said: . “I know there were MANY Mino smiths, so picking one is probably just a guess, but Ithought the exercise was fun.” Did you miss that on purpose? Of course it’s just speculation. As has been said before... could you give it a rest FFS.
  11. Yes... next year’s NTHK-NPO Shinsa in Chicago.
  12. At the recent Chicago show, I picked up a very inexpensive mumei wakizashi. It has been sent for a polish. While waiting, I figured I would entertain myself and try to do a little research. When I started looking at Mino blades, I came across a blade at AOI Art that is attributed to Kanekage. I know there were MANY Mino smiths, so picking one is probably just a guess, but I thought the exercise was fun. I’ll be interested to see how it matches up after polish. And yes, I already know Mino are not high on everyone’s list and that some may not think it worth the money. Can we just agree to that up front and not have that argument? I’ll start with pics of my out of polish blade. I forgot to take overall shape picture. Shape is very close to AOI example.
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