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  1. To get you started, the left side of nakago I believe reads: Sakuyo Bakka Shi Hosokawa Masayoshi Tsukuru and then the Kao (stamped seal) in lower right.
  2. The rest of the horimono looks pretty polished down so this is definitely a possibility. Could it also be remnants of an old flaw in the blade that the horimono was engraved over to cover up… or just an area of core steel that is starting to show through from numerous polishes?
  3. I can’t figure out why you guys try? Discussion is not part of the formula. Charlie Brown… Lucy… Football. All these threads end the same. You’re wrong.
  4. Elitism There is a huge difference between saying “I only LIKE the best 10 smiths” (and by default “so should you”) and “I KNOW jack about those 10 smiths”… or anything else for that matter. I’ve met many people who have money and claim to like the best (of whatever… cars, wine, etc.) only because they could afford it, not because they knew or appreciated anything about it. And I’ve met people who ‘claim’ to like the best of everything because they think that is what they should say to impress people. You can never be wrong with that claim and you can even pretend to ‘hang with’ the ‘right crowd’ based only on your words. I’ve also met many people who can enjoy the best of everything, graciously share some of that experience with others, are grateful for their ability to have all that, and still treat others who don’t have all that with respect and dignity. Rare maybe?
  5. And there you have the perfect definition of an elitist… they become an island unto themselves because everyone, sooner or later, gets tired of their attention whoring and making everything about them instead of the subject. When they start to realize everyone isn’t enamored with ‘them’, they start to crap on everything to still get the attention they need. How can you find the elitist in a crowded room?… wait 5 minutes and they will be the first one (only one) to make sure they tell you they are an elitist… they can’t help themselves. Chirac??? Nobody cares what he said.
  6. I guess the other bit of information you need to let everyone know (to manage everyones expectations) is, are you looking for a tanto in shirasaya or expect a fully mounted blade in koshirae? The latter will be a much bigger stretch.
  7. If it had been around tax refund time, I wouldn’t have thought twice… of course an engagement ring later this year is also in the cards…. I’m guessing it will be Tokubetsu Hozon level… if I don’t get Juyo, neither does she.
  8. Just email them and ask about your specific blade. I just bought a yari from them. When I asked about shipping, they said it was included in the price they quoted on line for that item. They do respond.
  9. Love the tiger and moon as well as the mountain scene with hut and farmers. ‘Saving’ items from a thrift store is always so much fun, but usually not as grand as this story. Well done!
  10. I will add, if you can go to some shows, or join a club to see blades in hand, it is the best way to learn. Study enough to know WHAT you like and WHY.
  11. Do YOU like it and why? Can YOU afford it and think it is a good deal? Can YOU own it and not care what anyone else thinks of your collection? Are YOU ok if you find out later you might not get your money back or it will be difficult to sell? Does it make YOU happy no matter what anyone else thinks?
  12. Check the Dealer section here at NMB
  13. With all the things that could potentially go wrong during a cut and the chance to devalue or ruin something that can’t be replaced… what’s the upside?
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