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  1. Marco, That's quite a unique custom rig! Ohmura has some really unique colored saya, but it's rare to actually see one. For collectors of rare items, this would be a great one to have. Any stamps on the nakago mune (back edge of tang)?
  2. Inherited mine when my dad passed on, so yes. 1941 Mantetsu Koa Isshin. It will stay in the family if I get my wishes about it.
  3. I've cropped and enhanced your shots a little. Still would be great to see some clear photos when you get a chance, especially the serial number. You can read about these on the following sites: http://ohmura-study.net/957.html https://www.warrelics.eu/forum/Japanese-militaria/short-development-history-type-95-gunto-676112/ https://www.warrelics.eu/forum/Japanese-militaria/ija-type-95-nco-sword-info-228172/
  4. There's a similar one on post #95, but yours is a way better photo, thanks! Your second one is interesting with the blackened background and gold on top. A little blurry, do you think it's clouds?
  5. Interesting variation on the rain-pattern, found HERE.
  6. David, glad to see it's arrived! Quite a beauty. I just noticed the Army company-grade tassel. Odd to be on a kaigunto. Maybe added by the G.I. who brought it home, or a post-war owner?
  7. They were certainly rushed. My late-95 doesn't have a bohi (takes time to make) and you can feel, as you slide an oiling cloth or paper towel along the blade, 3 stages of tapering in the blade body- widest, middle, and thinnest. There is a noticeable "line" for lack of words, where the tapering shifts. You can't see it, but I can feel it. Yet it's a solid weapon, heavier than the early 95s and a good looking blade.
  8. Got a burr under your bonnet Peter? Your whole post is odd. I get cranky sometimes when things are getting to me at home. Need to talk?
  9. Oops! I mean nagasa- Sori is useful too, though.
  10. If the sori is less than 24" it's a waki. Here's how to measure the sori: Also, the Nihonto guys will want to see a photo of the bare blade like the image above.
  11. Someone will have to translate the smith name for you, but I can say the Type 97 kaigunto was assembled by the Toyokawa Navy Arsenal (small stamp on the seppa), and the large Seki stamp on the top of the mei indicates this blade was a showato inspected and approved by the Seki Cutlery Manufacturers Assoc. I personally feel that the blades with the large Seki are high quality showato, with good workmanship in the blade.
  12. Thanks Peter, great one! I can't draw things like that on paper, and these guys can sculpt this stuff in steel. Amazing.
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