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  1. We see so many army blades that are unmarked and instamped because there are so many more of them. Current theory is that unmarked blades were sold to private shops, going around the military, because the smith made more money that way. Maybe these navy blades fall into that category. Maybe they were sold directly to a civilian sword shop, bypassing the Navy Arsenal, and making more money for the sword smith.
  2. OK, I thought maybe the error was some thing I did. No worries, Brian, don’t want you to go to a bunch of trouble and expense. You have your hands pretty full already.
  3. That would be true if that were the case, however I copied this kanji straight off this NMB post: The other times it was the same case. Kanji search got 0 results, but using the english name I get lots of results, and lo and behold, the Japanese translation with kanji is right there in the thread.
  4. Brian, I have tried a few times, to find a name using kanji in the Search function with no success. I'm pasting the name, like "義包" in the search window and I get "0 Results". Am I doing something wrong?
  5. Thomas, I have not found, yet, where I got this. Will keep searching, but as an update, the mei is listed in Sesko's reference and he was from Fukuoka: "NAGAMITSU (永光), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Fukuoka – “Chikugo Beifu-jū Nagamitsu kore o saku”
  6. Oops, sorry. Forgot all about David McDonald mentioned earlier.
  7. Wow, so both Fred and Chris are gone? Is David another family member or someone that is part of the company?
  8. Looks like Machii-san was sneaking around our neighborhood last night!!! Saw this walking the dogs: OOPS, I take that back! I'm claiming that I split this rock with my Mantetsu!!! Didn't even scratch the blade, either!
  9. Sorry Tim, but I don't recognize that mark. Reminds me of the dots we see sometimes on the nakago jiri. A mystery.
  10. Oh, didn't see this post. So that makes sense then. Kanemoto didn't make this blade. Someone else made one in his style "in tribute" to him.
  11. I don't see the similarity: Yantolee, Could we see the whole nakago and blade?
  12. Well, I thought Fred was the elder and had died and Chris was the son and taken over. But I am not sure of that and I am certainly not up-to-date.
  13. Tim, Is there at Tan stamp above the mei? Also, can we get a close-up of that stamp at the bottom?
  14. Thanks Brian. No pressure. I came to notice this during searches for stamps and thought I was missing out on something. But now that I know these are from Japaneseswordindex it's not that big of a deal.
  15. I see now. I just scanned 6 of the 24 pages showing earthlink.net posts and the massive majority of them are Stein links. There are a couple more guys ~jggilbert and ~rsblade, so earthlink.net has either stopped allowing personal site creation (don't know the terminology) or these guys have simply stopped their sites, like Rich.
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