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  1. Believed to be Yamoto school signed Kanenaga Has micro pitting in a few parts and one small nic. Believed to be original polish. Was taken from government official in Japan occupied part of Poland when Japan fled with name Sueoka with family name mon as on tsuka. Was sitting in Poland until bought privately recently. The sword's measurement: - the whole length: 92,5 cm - the length without scabbard: 84,5 cm - the length of blade/ brand: 57 cm - the breadth of blade/brand at bottom: 2,7 cm - the width at Yokote: 17 mm. - the mune Thickness: 5 mm. - the curvature - Sori 17 mm. Hada - MASAME Hamon – NOTARE / ITO-SUGUHA Nakago – HA AGARI KURIJIRI Blade in SHINOGI ZUKURI type Habaka - SILVER Asking $2500 CAN shipped with tracking. DM for purchase
  2. Asking $400 Canadian shipped with tracking comes with display box DM for or purchase
  3. some of the best advice people give is the advice they should take themselves
  4. that’s a great job I’ve restored shakudo and 18k gold on this piece please don’t be harsh this was my first ever restoration of fittings for Japanese swords
  5. This coming from a guy who tells me to message people privately when a week before criticizes someone out in the open. It truly shows your lack of character and the faith you have in your own words. Yet another attempt to stand out and sound clever.
  6. People in Japan use family antique swords for Tameshigiri everyday so please .....have something intelligent to type .....and by all means ....you are a band wagon jumper
  7. They're meant to be used I never new you spoke for everyone one here. You're a troll too they way you message people
  8. This is how predictably pathetic your life is. You looked at this old conversation. Looked up everything on pirate Japanese swords and the name Ujiyoshi. Found the video on YouTube and read what I said and put the two together and decided to sound clever on here and the youtube post section. Like how lonely and pathetic are you to attack me for cutting a pool noodle with a sword that I own. What sword have I ruined and how did it effect your life soooooo much that you come to slander another member on here ? I suggest you really take a look at yourself. Half your comments are passive aggressive......that usually means there's a lot that you don't like about yourself so you act out.
  9. Oh really? please go into Detail about how terrible I am can you please reference and post them all up so I get more views ?
  10. Really ??? How did I damage this blade ? did you check out the one where I split the candle ? you outta love that one too.
  11. I used the pool noodle so there would be no mark on the blade the knife hit the foam I’ve actually had training If your such an expert let’s see your video or moves ?
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