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  1. That makes 2 of us...and I'm very glad we can both admit it
  2. Thanks for the comments ....I was never thinking to purchase. Just wanted to know about the double XX and it gave me a chance to make a cheesy joke with the old beer commercial. Cheers
  3. I recently seen similar fittings in the movie Zombieland 2
  4. I'm questioning the fittings for sure ...I hardly know anything about WW2 swords or the fittings except for a few smiths. I wanted to know if anyone has seen the XX before because from what I have read so far the markings on WW2 swords can be a mix of numbers ...symbols ...dashes....ect.
  5. I don't buy swords often ...but when I do ...I buy Dos XX's Sorry I didn't have time or brains to shop the whole thing into a split meme but you get the idea Any thought on these XX's ?
  6. Hello I just put up a gunto now for sale A fair price too for a traditional made blade. Cheers and wishing you a great find
  7. beautiful sword and fittings..
  8. All in good fun image from the movie Deadpool
  9. Makes me think of the movie Deadpool and of dead bodies spelling Francis 😂
  10. That's weird ...I thought I messaged you here and PM'd your account before a lot of other people saying I'd take it but you never replied. I thought you would want to deal with someone close to you in Canada ? kinda fishy ???
  11. Did I read right ? $2000 ? I'll take it
  12. On ebay Identical to the set you are looking for. GUNTO Saber seppa copper WW2 Japanese army Sword samurai yoroi tsuba katana #JN Just so you know before buying.... Seller has multiple listings though to price fix and is an asshole when it comes to communication skills. He didn't have global shipping to Canada even though I was able to click buy and gave me 2 strikes because I couldn't pay.
  13. Thanks for the tip on the petal count as well as the additional photos Bruce.
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