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  1. I try to do reasonable swords for good prices for guys still getting their feet wet in there collection ..apparently people don't want that if I can't dance to their tune when ever they message it or sing it or demand it. Please Delete Thanks to everyone who has been supportive and friendly with me.
  2. Thanks Stephen ... Thought it was a every fair price. I'm losing money on it. I waited 2 months for the sword. There's something else I want to buy ...so I'm fair. I'm jus put off how he asked for my PayPal to pay . I gave it to him... and then he said right after ...can I have all your banking info to send the money. I don't want to use PayPal anymore. What's even worse ,..the swords I have taken down for the very same thing....memebers have gone to my ebay auctions ...bid super high so no one gets it ...to then take the strike just ruin 2 of my auctions at once. You guys don't like me ....take my sword else where ...ok done ... Still not good enough .... Un believable
  3. Back peddle all you want ..why didn't you just bring up the listing to begin with ? Don't even bother man
  4. If I was hiding I bought that sword why would I cut and paste the whole listing instead of writing it myself like I do with all my other swords ? Yeah you wish me luck ???? right .....why did you say you were buying and ask for my payment info and banking as well. If anything you are the creep.
  5. Once again ..please delete ...not for sale anymore ...at least on here anyways.
  6. You ask for a break on the price ...I say no .... You say ok what's your pay pal I give it to you ... The you start asking about the hada and ask for all my personal banking info I say I only want to use pay pal ..I don't know you The you show me this link I say yes ..I know the guy ....he gave it to me for 2K US .the sword was rough shape ....he got it polished before he sent it. I paid ....shipping ....duty ...taxes ...polishing ....I waited 2 months for it ...and I'm asking $2500 US to ship for free Yeah ...Im really out to rip someone off .....like all the other swords I've sold on here for more than fair prices. Un believable ...but I'm glad you spoke up so people knows it was you with out me calling you out about this behaviour. Pretty sure you were the one that down voted it after I asked about your behaviour and then you ghosted me all day till I cancelled the sale and then you came out to what ???? Say I'm hiding something and show an old link to the sword I bought ??? I mentioned there is a discolouration in the blade right where that rust was taken out. What am I hiding ? I'm charging less than what I paid for it when it finally came to me ? Very childish and this shows exactly where your at..
  7. Right ...so I get a vote down because ??? I make it clear I don't want to give a lower price ? I don't want people with no interest of buying PM'ing me just to chat about the sword ? No longer for sale please delete
  8. funny guy ...but ... I know you mean well so I am not offended ....I suggest wait a bit on those cards. You're smart to keep the box. i used to know some great magicians and do some sleight of hand myself long ago. Someone could make a really cool trick with that box and the four smaller card holders. The fact that it's all black to which is why I first thought to it. Magicians in Vedas pay top dollar for stuff like that to incorporate into their collection or act. look through this website to get and idea or contact them with photos. They should know for sure.... https://gamesetal.shop/playing-card-boxes-from-the-early-18th-century/
  9. Unfortunately I have to make things more clear No ... I don’t want to trade swords No.... you can’t have a cheaper price on this sword than what I listed it for. Please don’t message me saying that you’re buying it ...say you want to use pay pal ...and then ask me for all my personal info and banking info to then give me a long questionnaire about this sword and then say thanks for your time but I’m not buying. its priced to sell without a hassle. I’ll be taking it down soon. Cheers
  10. Score man ....the 2 decks of cards alone are worth a pretty coin. If you're going to sell I would reach out to the $known$ magic preforming arts crowd first ..they would use the chest in there close hand act for private shows with celebs...and then if your stumped go for Gaming and high end gambling aficionado hipster collectors Thanks for sharing.
  11. Sword Size Cutting Edge Length 46.4cm(18.27in) Sword Full length 62.2cm(24.49in) Saki-haba 3.16cm(1.24in) Saki-gasane 0.62cm(0.24in) Moto-haba 3.95cm(1.56in) Moto-gasane 0.79cm(0.31in) Shirasaya full length 69.5cm(27.36in) Sori curve 2.4cm(0.94in) Swordsmith Takai Echizen no kami Minamoto Rai Nobuyoshi (高井越前守源来信吉) Takai Echizen no kami Minamoto Rai Nobuyoshi is the third son of the first Shinano no kami Nobuyoshi. He cuts the inscriptions such as "Echizen no kami Minamoto Rai Nobuyoshi", "Nyudo Minamoto Rai Nobuyoshi" and "Takai Echizen no kami Minamoto Rai Nobuyoshi". In his later years he moved to Osaka and trained his sword. He made Hamon's excellent swords from Suguha, Notare, Gunome midare. He carved Kikumon in mei like this sword. He is a swordsmith with excellent skills in Nobuyoshi school Small half of a full moon shaped discolouration line in hamons edge on both sides in the exact center of blade on both sides that is identical. Blade is thick , wide and very massive for a wakizashi comes with NBTHK and sword bag $2500US pm for payment only
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