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  1. Charlie, how can you resist with the tigers all over it! Tom
  2. I believe this was one of those special order items for winter/artic excursions!😉 Tom
  3. I missed out on this one due to the time difference. I also would have bought it immediately! Tom
  4. Hi Neil, it's Tom Foster in New Jersey, USA. Would you consider $1600 for the parade sword?

     Thank you,


  5. Thank you very much Kirill, for now I’m just trying to get an approximate age and not interested in selling. Thank you again for your expertise. Tom
  6. Thank you very much Dwayne and Steve. Would you guys have an approximate time period for this? Tom
  7. I’m hoping for help in determining the approximate age of this tanto. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all very much, Tom
  8. I agree with Chris, the tang definitely looks like it was welded from another sword. Tom
  9. I bought a copy also. Tom
  10. Thank you very much Thomas for this information! Tom
  11. Here’s some pictures of a Murata that I picked up several years ago. I know bad polish! Tom
  12. Yes, John, there is a nice star stamped gendaito by Kaneshige. 1944 Tom
  13. Here you go Bruce, mon on a Rinji-seishiki. Tom
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