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  1. Thank you very much Thomas for this information! Tom
  2. Here’s some pictures of a Murata that I picked up several years ago. I know bad polish! Tom
  3. Yes, John, there is a nice star stamped gendaito by Kaneshige. 1944 Tom
  4. Here you go Bruce, mon on a Rinji-seishiki. Tom
  5. Here’s pictures of my two. Tom
  6. It actually looks like one of the Chinese reproduction swords to me. I would walk away! Tom
  7. Thank you both for your help. The pictured dirk by Ohmura looks to me to have the same backstrap/pommel as the forestry dirk. The dirk that Jareth posted is definitely different. The post by Nick is excellent! Thanks again, Tom
  8. Hi Bruce, Yes, the forestry dirks you pictured look just like the Cadet dirk that Ohmura has pictured. Is it possible that Ohmura is mistaken or are they extremely similar? Inquiring minds would like to know! Thank you all very much, Tom
  9. Hi All, I was looking at Ohmura’s website and he has this listed as a naval cadet’s dirk. I always thought this was a forestry dirk. Can someone please help explain what is correct? Thank you very much for any clarification. Tom
  10. Hi Ray I will take this. Thanks Tom
  11. Here are the pictures as requested Neil. Tom
  12. Here’s one with the mon integral with the backstrap. Tom
  13. I'm wondering reproduction? Tom
  14. Thanks Stegel, Yes, it does look like the same sword you pictured, and I noticed the famous grey blanket. Tom
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