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  1. Thank you Steve for your thoughts. Yes, I'm going to take it to someone with a lot more knowledge than I hopefully next weekend. I'll let you know his thoughts. Tom
  2. Sorry, it took me a while to get the pictures. Here’s an overall view and some closeups. Nagasa is 29.25 inches and sori is .5 inch. Thank you all very much. Tom
  3. Does anyone have any thoughts-gimei? Thanks for any opinions. Tom
  4. Sorry, I can only load limited pictures because of the size. Here’s the rest of the mei. Tom
  5. Here’s clearer pictures of the tang. Thank you all very much for any additional information. Tom
  6. I was also wondering about the signature on the tsuba if that might be a clue as to what this may be. Tom
  7. Thank you both very much for your information. I’ll post clearer pictures tomorrow when I can get access to the sword. Tom
  8. No sir, there’s no horimono. Thank you very much for your information. Tom
  9. Here’s an unusual one. Can anyone help shed some wisdom as to what this is? I was thinking a police sword but I don’t recognize this one. Thank you for any insight. Tom
  10. Hi all, I’m hoping for a translation of this tang. I’m lost. Thank you all very much for your expertise and knowledge. Tom
  11. To me it looks like someone just “customized” the tsuba post war by cutting it down. Just my guess. Tom
  12. Another great score Mike! Tom
  13. Thank you very much for posting this Volker. You do take great photos of an amazing sword! Tom
  14. Thanks Thomas for posting the regulations diagrams. The sonin level swords show a different scabbard fitting pattern i.e. Not a boars eye cutout. The sword pictured also has the correct sonin level colonial knot although it's damaged. In my humble opinion I believe the scabbard is correct. Tom
  15. This is a rare Tsingtao sonin level colonial sword! Tom
  16. I was just visiting the UDT/SEAL museum in Fort Pierce FL. Here is another one of his swords! Sorry for the poor pictures. They were taken with my phone camera in poor lighting and behind a glass case. Tom
  17. Charlie, how can you resist with the tigers all over it! Tom
  18. I believe this was one of those special order items for winter/artic excursions!😉 Tom
  19. I missed out on this one due to the time difference. I also would have bought it immediately! Tom
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