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  1. Thank you very much Vajo for responding. Tom
  2. So is the consensus that this is a "fake" Minatogawa sword? I'm sorry but I'm not fully understanding this thread. Tom
  3. Thanks guys for the confirmation! Tom
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for help on the date on this tang. I think it's January 44 but I'm still not proficient at this. Thank you all in advance, Tom
  5. Thank you both Ray and Stephen. Yes Ray, I agree that the mei is not a match. I sincerely appreciate your input. Tom
  6. Thank you very much Ray and Neil. I was able to get the Masa, but could not figure out the second character. I'm a neophyte to this study, but I did realize the unusual placement of the mei. In your opinion does this placement signify anything? Thank you again, Tom
  7. Hi all, here's another sword I picked up in WWII army gunto mounts. Can someone here please help me with the translation? Thank you very much, Tom
  8. Hi Bruce, Thank you very much for compiling all the various stamps into one document! I just removed the tsuka from a kyu gunto and found these two stamps. One is Tokyo arsenal but I could not find the other one. Have you seen this one before or is it just a numbering stamp? Thank you for any information you might be able to share. Tom
  9. Hi all, can the great members of this forum please help me translate this document. I will take pictures of the sword when I receive it in hand. Thank you all very much, Tom
  10. Mr. Morita, I really appreciate your efforts on finding out any information on Kazutsugu. Do you think this is a special order naval sword? Tom
  11. Thank you very much Mr. Morita, I have not been able to find any information on Kazutsugu. If you are able to help me with any information I will be much obliged. Tom
  12. Thank you very much Mywei, I sincerely appreciate your help. Tom
  13. Here is another sword that I have had for several years. It appears to be an unusual kaigunto as it has only one ashi and a purple tsuka wrapping with crane menuki. Special order maybe? Thank you for any information and comments. Tom
  14. Thank you both for your expertise. I know it is very difficult if not impossible to read what is not there, but I sincerely appreciate any information even if it's just an educated guess. Tom
  15. The old blade is mounted in a kaigunto setup.
  16. Here are another two swords that I would really appreciate any help with the translations. One is very difficult to see as I believe it is very old. Thank you all very much. Tom
  17. Thank you very much Klaus, I really appreciate the information! Tom
  18. It does look like a very interesting sword though. Tom
  19. I was also wondering why it's back up for sale. Shill bidding or no pay from the first buyer? Tom
  20. Thank you very much Grey, I really appreciate your expertise. Tom
  21. Hi All, can the forum members please help me out again with a mei translation and a signature on a fuchi? Thank you all very much in advance, Tom
  22. Hi All, I definitely plan on having the sword restored by a professional, and yes, I will report back when progress is being made. Again, thank you all very much, Tom
  23. Brian, I am going to make inquiries and plan on having it restored. Thank you all very much for your comments and advice. It is greatly appreciated! Tom
  24. It's 25.5" and yes it could definitely use a polish. I have to ask if the Mr. Numata that is mentioned on the mei would be the soldier who "ordered" this blade? To everyone who has sent me a pm, I just bought it so I want to keep it for now. If I decide to sell it I will contact you. Thank you everyone for your comments and expertise, I sincerely appreciate it all. Tom
  25. Here are some pictures, sorry for the quality. There is some combat damage to the saya but it missed the blade! Thanks for any comments, Tom
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