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  1. They are quite nice, blade & mounts look to be Showa era.
  2. The NCO swords are fairly popular so shouldn't have too many troubles moving it on. Of the 4 swords the Kai Gunto is the most attractive and interesting.
  3. Dan this is by far the nicest of the swords so far, and most interesting. Showa era Wakizashi are rare, a stainless example is even more unusual.
  4. Hi Dan, well lets hope they are less odd and more normal....like a good old fashioned, regulation, run of the mill....Gassan Sadakatsu
  5. Again, that looks like an oil quenched sword than handmade. Together with the nakago and mounts it is likely Showato made in the last stages of the war.
  6. That's a tough one, I would lean to Showato. The sharkskin wrapping is commonly found on swords from the later stage of the war.
  7. The seller of this one on ebay is a good guy, pretty sure he accepts returns. Not quite sure about the information from the sample pages of that book, seems outdated or plain wrong in some cases. Much of it appears to draw from the first Fuller & Gregory books, which has a good deal of outdated information as Grey says. Nevertheless, I look forward to getting a copy for the excellent photos and reference pieces.
  8. Hi Jake, that seller deals in large volumes of low end swords from Japan. Swords that won't sell on the Japanese market so they offload them onto us poor oblivious westerners. You will usually get a real Japanese sword, but there won't be any hidden treasures as you are suggesting.
  9. Hi David, this is from the same collection and a good example of what they should look like: https://www.ebay.com/itm/234381128137?hash=item36923431c9:g:2R0AAOSwtKhh5Yq3 They are smart looking pieces, despite their post war assembly.
  10. Supposedly it was an expensive upgrade, yet I do not know where that information originated. Poor quality Tsuka on Gunto were a big problem, with many combat reports from China stating Tsuka were broken after just a single sword stroke. The advice was to use thin metal sheets to reinforce the Tsuka, lacquered Ito and full Samegawa wraps instead of panels.
  11. Just because it's published doesn't stop it being total crap!
  12. Another one here: https://www.nipponto.co.jp/swords7/KT334638.htm
  13. Nothing wrong with the Mon, many had gold plating. Most of the time it has worn away.
  14. Hi Piers, worth the wait for the reveal. Those are good quality mounts, probably pre 1941. Good result, any Gunto collector would be happy to have a sword like it!
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