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  1. Most likely it would be the Koa Isshin Mantetsu as they were scientifically designed to match this requirement. Use in combat is somewhat contentious, unfortunately it is more likely the majority of 'combat' use was far more macabre.
  2. These tend to command a premium compared to Kyu Gunto, especially if they are in as such fine condition as Tim shared.
  3. A "Warrior" stamp on a Kai Gunto signed Yoshisuke: https://www.samuraishokai.jp/sword/21156.html
  4. Ok, that looks to be the pick of the bunch, see if you can get better photos of the two hangers, handle and tsuba. Should be able to give you more info with those. It's possible some of the handles have been mixed up as well.
  5. It's too hard to keep track of what tsuka, blade and handle belong to which from these photos. Whatever the blade on top in the most recent pictures belongs to is authentic to my eyes.
  6. Mr Bowen has done a considerable amount of work for the research of Gendaito over the years, there is no need to call him petty names. This is a really great sword, why there is so much discussion on the condition of the Nakago as opposed to the blade is baffling.
  7. Unfortunately this does not look like an original tassel to me. The material it is made from looks far too crude and flimsy.
  8. A worn General tassel, the areas missing on the crowns is where the tassel rubbed against the Tsuba.
  9. It is interesting that only the General knot was changed/simplified from the wire cord to fabric straps. The only other tassel to have these fabric straps was the black field knot for all ranks. The other rank tassels for Kyu Gunto retained the wire cord.
  10. They also appear to be the same pattern, beyond coincidence.....
  11. It has been mentioned many times before but seeing really good quality swords in hand will certainly make you think twice about what you buy afterwards. On the otherhand sometimes impulse buying a sword is better as they usually hold their value, all too easy to piss the money away on other smaller things.
  12. Very unique, the other fittings/finish are of the better quality standard. Looks like it would make short work of the officers nice gloves!
  13. There won't be 'rebuttal' videos as we are interested in preserving old Japanese swords, not playing around with them like manchildren. Good luck buying/selling on here in the future.
  14. Very sad and always disturbing to find members here with unsavory motivations.
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