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  1. At very best it is a so called "Island sword" made during the war for indigenous troops under Japanese control, at worst an outright chinese fake.
  2. Ouch.....skip it IMO, looks more like a pot metal blade used to keep the mounts together.
  3. Brian has it, a Tachi. The issue is can't see jacksh*t about the blade so worth it to ask for more pictures.
  4. These can be found on Efu Tachi mounts as well.
  5. One of these popped up on a regular Type 98: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e1055488433
  6. This is a public forum of opinions, I encourage you to challenge every single member and their opinions if they offend you or differ from your reality. It is quite remarkable the things not disclosed in listings that are then clarified here later, to the benefit of everyone involved.
  7. Umegane are considered flaws and should be disclosed to buyers. If something looks like a flaw but isn't shouldn't that be prudent information in a listing?
  8. Definitely some nature of Umegane, if they are microwelds and not traditional Umegane it is very poor form to not mention this.
  9. Hi Malcolm, it is reported that after combat experience in China the fragility of inferior quality Tsuka and Mekugi materials became immediately apparent. Among the recommendations to improve strength included use of brass Mekugi, so there is a precedent for this. Whether this is the case with yours will literally remain to be seen!
  10. Commiserations to the "winner" of the auction.
  11. Unfortunately this is a chinese made fake or reproduction, the signature is probably gibberish. Best to get your money back if you were after a real Japanese sword.
  12. I would be concerned it would poison the ground water if buried....
  13. Kyu Gunto alterations aren't usually as catastrophic as this!
  14. The Nakago on this one does have a somewhat reminiscent shape for the later generation Kanemoto, but the quality of the Mei and workmanship look radically different.
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