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  1. Never seen this stamp on a Koiguchi before: https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/n476880539
  2. Yes it is authentic, the handle was very poorly re-wrapped at some point. You'll want to factor in a professional re-wrap into the price.
  3. Thanks for sharing, can't recall ever seeing so many together like that. There are so many variations of this type it is mind boggling, the best type seem to be this variant.
  4. Having seen Colonel Aikyo's sword in the Australian War Memorial many times this is quite interesting, thank you for sharing. https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C380347
  5. Hi Steve, you're all over the place with these questions. If you do some of your own research about the sword judging competitions and forging methods first it's easier for us to answer your more complex and difficult questions. There is a wealth of information at your fingertips using the search function on the forum and google.
  6. Nagasa is just over 28 Inches, large Sori with Fumbari. Overall length of mounts is 41.5 Inches.
  7. Yes, the crocodile skin is quite thick and adds a fair amount of bulk compared to a normal leather cover.
  8. The more Kirikomi the better in my books!
  9. Whatever floats your boat, the idea makes me cringe a little!
  10. Hi David, you are right, he would be a commander in the IJN, however all reference material (and the Australian officers account) lists him as Colonel.
  11. Kai Gunto, Bizen Kozori school Tachi. Owned by a IJN special landing forces Colonel with full provenance on Japanese & Australian sides. Note the saltwater crocodile leather cover, made in the field on Balikpapan.
  12. Hasebe Kunishige, Nanboku-chō.
  13. Not quite the same design but very similar shape: https://www.ebay.com/itm/164897726329?hash=item2664ab9f79:g:-u0AAOSwzthguduE
  14. It is also setup for a very rare dust seal seppa but sadly the original seppa is missing. I am searching for one if anybody happens to have a spare, even a spare one from a Type 3/Rinji model may work for me.
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