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  1. Kyle this is potentially a very old sword, worth further investigation by a professional. Not sure where you are in Australia but we have a professional Togishi (Japanese trained sword polisher) in Melbourne: https://touken-togishi.com/ For the moment you will need to get as much of that red rust off the tang by gently wiping it down with a Tshirt or old towel. Do not use any abrasives or cleaning materials, just a soft cloth and some gun oil to halt some of the active rust.
  2. Paying import duties and fees is always the responsibility of the buyer. As a seller supplying the relevant documentation declaring/proving it as an antique etc is about the most you can do.
  3. Gordan this polish is not good at all, in fact it has been polished by a total amateur that has done alot of damage to the Kissaki and other critical geometry.
  4. Agree with Barry, looks like a promising blade circa 1500's. The Saya/scabbard would've originally been covered with leather, the handle is in pretty poor condition as well. An exciting find, from the looks of the gunk on the blade it has been used for keeping the garden neat!
  5. Have never seen one before, it is the same with Zohei-To. Perhaps as these were mounted by the factory there was no option available for adding Mon.
  6. An Onkashi-To or Imperial Gift Habaki, mostly seen on Sadakatsu or Yasukuni-To.
  7. It is certainly a Tanto, for the moment only Tanto & Katana were known to be made from Mikasa steel.
  8. This style is usually the one associated with Gassan works:
  9. Later generation Kanemoto if genuine, Shin Shinto.
  10. Yes, this looks like these fellows are only curating total crap.
  11. The tsuka appears to be cracked, perhaps it could be repaired when going for a professional wrap for display.
  12. Hi Todd, to be quite frank....this is a big project piece, what price is she asking? Straight away you would looking at buying a replacement original Tsuka (about 100-200usd for a nice one), finding one that will fit could be tricky as well. As for the blade....it looks pretty rough but that may just be old cosmoline. If the price is right and the blade is old or signed it could be a fun little project. Do not, under and circumstances, use any sort of abrasive material or cleaning solution to clean the blade!
  13. Seeking a sword by Minamoto Yoshichika in early Shin Gunto mounts, ideally with cutting test. Budget very flexible for right example, can also offer trades of other good quality Shin Gunto. For reference a piece like this is ideal: https://elliott-tan.squarespace.com/archived-pages/2017/8/5/gendaito-by-yoshichika-with-cutting-test Please PM me.
  14. Rough Jigane, usually quite a few fukure & flaws and often signed with "Sukesada". They are an interesting historical piece but not particularly exciting for most collectors.
  15. Depends what provenance and documentation it has. Without any of that we would go off the type of blade and mounts along with the condition, which isn't great. Without provenance: <1000usd With provenance: >1000usd
  16. There isn't anything suspcious about this sword except the outrageous price.
  17. Considering how far gone this Tanto is rejoning the Nakago is of little concern for a display piece.
  18. Same sword Neil, offered by nihonto.com.au.
  19. Unfortunately the whole sword is of modern chinese origin. Best to seek a refund is possible.
  20. These high end fakes are not made by amateurs, they have complex attributions and signatures along with well made blades. Considering how valuable any registered Mantetsu blade is in Japan (6-7Kusd for a regular one) there is big money in making these unique and special examples.
  21. It is a very elegant and enjoyable Koshirae & Tanto, one any collector would be quite happy with to have in their hands!
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