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  1. Looking for a good example of an original Type 94 Shin Gunto with twin Ashi, or missing the 2nd Ashi. Blade is not specifically important, ideally it has Mon and original tassel. Price flexible for the right sword. Please PM if you are looking to move on anything like this.
  2. Thinking more on this it may be from a Jitte or Edo period truncheon used by police, they often had lanyards/tassels attached.
  3. Unfortunately I haven't come across anything that matches this on an original sword so far, but it looks the part and does appear to have been tied to a Sarute for some time. My best guess is a colonial tassel or something repurposed from a sword bag/armour. The small ball slider is very similar to the rare retaining cord used on Kai Gunto.
  4. Blue is for Lt. - Cpt. ranks, red was used by both Field & General officers.
  5. That's unfortunate to hear as I have had nothing but good dealings with him over the years.
  6. This looks very much like Gimei, however the sword itself looks to be of potential quality.
  7. Mounts are recent chinese junk IMO, would stay far away from this one.
  8. Another Naval counterpart to one of my Army swords with Mon!
  9. I wonder if a few of us buy some a US member could send on a few for a fee (or free cloth)?
  10. From the photos it appears there is Utsuri as well, always a good sign.
  11. My vote goes for Meiji, obviously the blade is a wash but those mounts are quite pleasing to the eye.
  12. I would be leaning more towards Shinto Hizen To, it is a very nice sword though, if there was a Mon I may have nabbed it myself!
  13. It is a style of Yasurime, have seen it before from a few smiths. Your example looks like Noshu Ju____Masa something, still have a ways to go reading Kanji myself.
  14. Sometimes if you're lucky they are marked with roman numerals to denote the order, I wonder if it was done at the factory or by the officer? I would also recommend ikea chopsticks, the bamboo is of decent quality, already lightly stained and very cheap.
  15. If anyone is looking for another one there is a good one on yahoo.jp auctions ATM: https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/f464277072
  16. Well I'm sure someone here would be able to resend it off for you, in fact there's an even cheaper option here but they won't ship to Australia/Austria either: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Microdear-Microfiber-Deluxe-Cleaning-Cloth-PRO-CP-MDC-L/332112043203?hash=item4d536b9cc3:g:Bm0AAOSw-3NfdbC-
  17. The flash seems to help, see if you can get more photos with the flash on different sections of the blade.
  18. Knew someone had to have one! Is there a nice blade inside?
  19. Kiri Mon from the looks of it, some kind of Imperial connection, if memory serves me right the number of leaves above hold some significance. I bet it was owned by a higher rank officer, did it come with an original tassel by any chance? As for the blade maybe one of us could give you some details if we can see the Nakago.
  20. Very strange why someone would be getting so many "undesirable" PM's....very strange indeed.
  21. Correct price is now $2200usd and picture of F&G example:
  22. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Microdear-Microfiber-Deluxe-Cleaning-Cloth-Large-37cm-x-45cm-Free-Shipping/114211201064?epid=1143231633&hash=item1a9784a028:g:R3YAAOSwul1erxpk $48USD
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