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  1. One of the higher rated Yasukuni Tosho, worth having restored if you have the resources and desire. More so if it's a piece of family history.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up Matt, originality is definitely key with good Gunto.
  3. Yes, although it may prove difficult to get one that is a correct match in size and patina. I would carefully measure and photograph it first, then check around on the forum.
  4. The seller is known to amateur polish and mess around with the mounts, please don't spread false hope when this is almost certainly a post war bubba job. Just note the seller as a charlatan and move on.
  5. It appears to be older than Edo period, the short Nakago indicates Muromachi Bizen. Likely not a treasure sword, but rather a good honest sword made for fighting.
  6. This would be incredible with fresh Sashikomi polish.
  7. While looking for further examples & information on this smith the same sword in this thread is now on ebay but with completely different Gunto mounts. This should be clarified in the listing, prospective buyers would appreciate being aware the special Gunto mounts aren't original to this sword, and the original traditional mounts aren't included either. https://www.ebay.com/itm/363828443081?hash=item54b5dd77c9%3Ag%3AII0AAOSwAMFidCw9&fbclid=IwAR2ubY2THjEIpKhHaSCYuDpfyxdm9lmxsKqkrQLXkVtzwlVda-NryR4HyEo
  8. To add more, these were often quite low quality pieces.
  9. If the buffing is severe it will seriously impact the geometry of the blade, meaning more metal will need to be removed to restore it.
  10. This doesn't look like a wise purchase unless it's one or two hundred dollars.
  11. Interesting Kai Gunto with the special Sakura release button and extended ishikuze. Can't recall a Kai Gunto with the Sakura release before: https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/w1051566304
  12. Very nice, it is quite difficult to find good quality Horimono on swords made during the war era.
  13. Yes, they have proven themselves to be the most consistent bunch of idiotic ar*seholes in living memory.
  14. Ha! I know just enough to be dangerous..... That paper is the original hishigami, most Gunto will have it. Some types of silk used on Gunto Tsuka were made from weighted silk (silk treated with metallic salts to increase their weight and luster), the problem is those salts act like little razor blades and over the decades it can make the silk fall apart if not handled with care.
  15. All original fittings, nothing to be worried about there. The Mei does not inspire confidence at all and looks very poorly done.
  16. Microfibre could cause scratches if not cleaned regularly, but to call it abrasive to steel is a little confusing.
  17. The Nakago-Jiri is a dead giveaway for Muromachi Bizen.
  18. As for the smith, this entry will tell you quite a bit, here are two great smiths from the same school, left is Yoshū Ju Yoshihiro and on the right is Yoshū Ju Hiromasa (a friends sword).
  19. Lucky man Colin, this is the sort of sword collectors are always hoping to come across. It is the very rare patented Iida latch style of mounting. The blade is also by a very good smith from a highly rated school, so you have a double winner. The Iida latch was designed by a sword shop still in business, the aim was to produce a better seal to protect quality swords from the rigors of combat. They are very highly sought after by collectors, here is an early Shin Gunto version:
  20. Great blade, quite an anomlay with the Seki stamp AND RJT stamp. Of note are the mounts which usually contain rather low quality Showato and many of us wouldn't bother having a second look just from the mounts.
  21. "Musuem quality" sounds like pure dealer speak, such a broad concept has little place in any sane discussion.
  22. According to the ABS the current average income is reported at just over 90,000AUD a year, or 1800ish a week: https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/labour/earnings-and-working-conditions/average-weekly-earnings-australia/nov-2021 It is also far more depressing when taxes are going to a government this incompetent.
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