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  1. Hi Bryce, the Type 94 has a large Mumei Gendai. The Iida latch has an old Hizen blade.
  2. Well Francis you must admit it is confusing that you would buy the sword this afternoon and immediately list it here for twice the auction amount as a brand new member? There is likely a perfectly reasonably explanation for this so I don't understand your extreme reaction to relevant questions. This is a public forum and sales section, listing items here opens them up for scrutiny.
  3. It is unknown how long they were made but from at least 1934. The tricky thing is they are almost invariably found in early 1934 style mounts. So either a large amount were made from 1934-1938/9 or they continued using the early style of mount into the 1940's. Can only recall seeing a couple original examples with solid Tsuba out of dozens noted. Not sure how much I trust the Tsuka to be original to this sword, the Tsuba and only 2 Seppa are matched but that Tsuka doesn't seem right.
  4. Hi Adam, yes it does appear that way, it also looks like it has been assembled post war from various parts. Unless it is extraordinarily cheap I would avoid this.
  5. These are both a touch over 42 inches long, the Zohei-To is 38 inches - typical Gunto size.
  6. The Mei is xxxx Mitsu, it looks Shin-Shinto/Meiji era.
  7. There was an Admiral Genjiro Katsuki: http://admiral31.world.coocan.jp/e/px21.htm#r005 Or it could've belonged to any number of Navy officers at the time with that last name. In any case a very nice and unique sword for those interested in Navy Kyu Gunto.
  8. The other thought is a fundraiser drive to secure a basic needed amount to establish a concrete venue, date and confirmation from the NTHK. If mail in submissions are an option that would drastically increase interest and funding.
  9. Hamon reminds me abit of the 2nd Gen Kanemoto's early relaxed Sanbonsugi.
  10. Seems to be an old auction, the yahoo.jp ID isn't active.
  11. Hi all, looking for a 2nd Haikan to match a sword, please PM me on the off chance you have a good match to the one below. Can trade for another 2nd Ashi if required.
  12. The hills of Manchuria, those good ol' boys held out until the 2000's making these......
  13. There are plenty of references for these, the ones with questions should be viewed with extreme caution.
  14. The mountings are Type 94 IMO, may help with date ranges.
  15. Hi Bruno, my memory was half right-the suede has been lacquered...
  16. Outside smiths used the Kikusui that were unrelated to the shrine smiths: https://www.aoijapan.net/katana-minamoto-yoshichika-saku-kore/
  17. The best quality examples were lacquered or had suede Ito.
  18. A very interesting piece that is rarely encountered. http://ohmura-study.net/207.html
  19. Hi Robert, welcome to the forums. Well you were close, it isn't a Type 94 but a Type 98 in "combat" mountings typical of the later war period. It is genuine but the blade has certainly seen better days. If you remove that small pin in the handle with a appropriately sized punch you will be able to carefully remove the handle and see if the sword was signed. For reference: Type 94: http://ohmura-study.net/931.html Type 98: http://ohmura-study.net/934.html
  20. Unfortunately not Chris! My largest are at 42".

    Tsuguhira Katana

    Looks very much like a classic Type 94 mount minus 2nd Haikan, big pierced Tsuba, centered release button and gloss Saya. Very nice sword & mounts.
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