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  1. Jon MB

    Koto on Monday

    Ok, thanks Ray.
  2. Jon MB

    Koto on Monday

    Thank you for input Ray, appreciated.
  3. Jon MB

    Koto on Monday

    As you see, o-suriage.
  4. Jon MB

    Koto on Monday

    Hello All, Any comments appreciated on this piece. Nagasa 61 cm. It has sumi-hada, like Aoe pieces, hard to photograph though. This piece was in Gunto mounts. Thanks in advance, Warm regards, Jon B
  5. Thank you adam and Ken. I will look to clean it up a bit and take better pictures. The yokote issue is more to do with photography I think. Comments appreciated. It was in bone export mounts, but is real nihonto as opposed to the metal bar that is usually present in those bone fittings. Was evaluating to see it I would fix it up for Iai.
  6. It was in non-traditional koshirae and has some sort of residue on the nakago.
  7. Any opionions much appreciated. Thinking later than Koto, based on shape ...Has Masame hada....but not in good polish. Shin Shinto? But has been shortened... Any and all comments appreciated. Warm regards, Jon B
  8. Jon MB

    Back from polish

    Another good post from Chris.
  9. As this is a gentlemanly/ gentlewomanly forum, unashamedly abrasive posts, disguised as analysis, are not great. Surely we want informed but free expression, in order to explore ideas. Apologies if this is an obvious point. And I am partisan, Paul, thank you for all your work.
  10. I agree with Chris's verdict.
  11. If you are serious about nihonto, I think one needs to recognise the spiritual aspects of Japanese sword culture that have evolved over time, even if you don't subscribe. After all, many pieces from the start are created as amulets or a form of spiritual as well as possibly physical protection. Look at the state of mind expected of smiths, and as noted elsewhere, the moment of yakiire is when the 'spirit' of the sword is born.
  12. Looks like a quotation, letter or declaration...Carefully mounted, I'm guessing 19th C. Black ink on silk. Aesthetically pleasing overall. Any comments much appreciated, O Japanese language scholars... If turns out to be Chinese, pardon par avance... Many thanks for any help Warm regards, Jon B
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