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  1. Polisher Les said based on pictures he felt the 'crazing' appears superficial and would polish out easily.
  2. Reference to the regulations will of course be interesting, but not conclusive, if regulations were not seriously enforced and manufacturers / retailers offered variations. As was the case with Kyu and Shin Gunto.
  3. Colonial officials' swords were probably not stored and refurbished in arsenals like other ranks' cavalry sabres, so swopping scabbards seems less likely.
  4. It seems that if the 'heart' design on the fittings is not an exact match to Dawson's illustrations on these swords, some feel it must be incorrect. My own feeling is that like Gunto, there were minor variations in decorative features over time, (based on seeing a few examples in person).
  5. Charmingly put, minus the punctuation. So let's hear your assumptions regarding the mismatch.
  6. Respectfully, I had a Nan'yo example and people said the same thing. Not sure I agree.
  7. Nice to add to the list of known swords from the North China Transportation Company, or as we like to call it, the North China Railway / NCR. Good gateway to resources on the general NCR topic here: https://digitalorientalist.com/2020/11/27/visualizing-north-china-under-Japanese-occupation-digitized-photos-of-the-north-china-railway-archive/
  8. Nagasa: 39.5 cm Sori: 1.3 cm Motohaba: 2.3 cm Motokasane: 1.8 cm Hi Folks, Do you think this wakizashi is made as such, or is it a cut down earlier piece that is thin from many polishes? Or something else.. I don't see fumbari, and the nakago patination looks not too old, so I am assuming it has been shortened. I know it's not a treasure, just want to understand it a little better. Many thanks in advance, Warm regards, Jon B
  9. Hi Bruce, pics added to the railroad swords thread.
  10. There is patch on the scabbard where there has been a bad repaint over corrosion from where the sword was carried. Overall, the fittings and saya are of fairly good quality. With regard to the partial removal of the railroad company logo: Maybe the NCR / Kwantung army officer was sent south and removed the NCR logo at that point. Thanks for looking. Jon MB
  11. Peter Bleed very helpfully suggested that the smith is Kanekado.
  12. The NCR logo was also erased from the kabuto-gane.
  13. Here is what appears to be a decomissioned North China Railway Sword. The wings have been carefully filed away to make the logo less obvious.
  14. Thank you Peter. It's from a North China Railway sword.
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