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  1. paulb

    What have I got ?

    I think Mino is a reasonable call although also possibly one of the many rural schools that were trained in Mino techniques. At the end of the day it is an unsigned sword from, I am guessing, mid 17th century and has some features worth studying.
  2. paulb

    What have I got ?

    Gwyn, Despite the blades past I think the blade is recoverable and worth keeping so please don't "trash it". While not a great work with the right polish I think it could be perfectly acceptable and something that can be learned from. cheers Paul
  3. paulb

    What have I got ?

    Poor acid polishes are not unique to the UK Brian, I have seen equally poor work done in the USA and Europe. These were particularly common here in the 80s and 90s and hopefully we have moved on and they are a thing of the past.
  4. Very sad news. I enjoyed several enjoyable discussions with him at the DTI about our shared mutual interest in Yamashiro work. He will be greatly missed RIP
  5. unfortunately it is not original. It looks to be a low cost Chinese copy
  6. Geoff, I am sorry to throw a negative in but to try and assess school period or anything else from a sword in this state of polish is not realistic. Also the chance of identifying utsuri on this blade is nil. It is hard enough to identify it on some blades in excellent polish. The only thing you can determine is the sugata and that might give you an idea of age but to try and identify anything else is guesswork and wishful thinking.
  7. Thank you Malcolm, I have sent the link to my friend who can spend a few fruitful hours running through the examples!!! take care Paul
  8. Many thanks for your thoughts to date Gentlemen. without knowing the meaning of the text I would personally question this was a saidan mei. It is after all a tanto and whilst I am sure it is very efficient logically using it in this manner would be impractical if not impossible. I cant remember seeing a cutting test on a tanto before. As said I really appreciate your help and thoughts it has certainly foxed me and the person who sent me the images
  9. Dear All A friend asked for help translating the characters on the nakago shown below. The mei itself is fairly straightforward Nobukuni saku but the remainder are rather unusual. Any assistance would be much appreciated as I am struggling.
  10. paulb

    Kantei of Tanto

    Hi John, If you also look closely at the hamon Dan's is much more contrived gunome which I think points to a later Mino influence.
  11. paulb

    Kantei of Tanto

    Dan, I think you are going to struggle to obtain as precise attribution as you are looking for. The shape suggests it is koto personally I would place it mid to late Muromachi but without greet conviction. The hamon is what I think is leading people to Mino which is certainly a possibility. As John suggests the hada is rather a-typical for Mino but not out of the question. However during this period and later Mino smiths travelled throughout the country teaching their techniques. As a result numerous rural schools starting making Mino lookalike blades (some extremely good ones others less so) I think this is likely to be one such blade.
  12. Hi Steve, I don't think your sword is a cut down naginata from the Kamakura period. in the later Muromachi and well in to the shinto period smiths made swords in this form to resemble naginata or nagamaki naoshi blades. Things that suggest this is the case here (to me) is the presence of a yokote which I would not expect to see on a modified naginata and the lack of a naginata-hi. As Geraint says it is an interesting sword and some very good blades were produced in this form. It deserves further investigation.
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