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  1. G'day Guys, Here is an early type 98 with an unusually long tsuka and dome head hanger. The beautiful shinshinto blade is by the Nidai Bizen Yokoyama Sukenaga and has a nagasa of 68.3cm. Cheers, Bryce
  2. Don't want to hijack this thread, but Blackadder is the funniest TV show ever! Cheers, Bryce
  3. G'day Piers, Thankyou for your explanation. Cheers, Bryce
  4. G'day Guys, Am I right in thinking this is a Daki Myoga mon? You often see mon used within a circle, but also without one. What is the significance of the circle? Does a mon within a circle represent a different family to a mon without a circle? Cheers, Bryce
  5. G'day John, What are the blades? Cheers, Bryce
  6. G'day Mal, I have had most success with DHL lately. The only downside is, it is very expensive. Items that have been sent via USPS sit around for a month or so, before being returned to sender. Cheers, Bryce
  7. G'day Guys, For completeness I am including some photos of the boxed tanto made in 1942 using steel smelted by the Japan Iron Sand Steel Industry Company here. I found these images in the sold section of a Japanese site. It was discussed over in the translation thread. Cheers, Bryce
  8. Thanks for sharing this Stegel. I had read about these advertisements on Darcy's Yuhindo site, but it is good to see this firsthand. Has anyone translated Mr Venizelos' letter? Cheers, Bryce
  9. Thanks Steve, The boxed swords/tanto Gassan Sadakatsu made to commemorate the birth of Prince Akihito in 1933 are packaged the same way. They obviously weren't commissioned by an individual, but were marketed by Sadakatsu as a clever sales gimic. I am beginning to think that these Japan Iron Sand Steel Industry Company swords were marketed by Sadakatsu in the same way, rather than being commissioned by the company. Cheers, Bryce
  10. On closer inspection, the date is definitely 1942. Cheers, Bryce
  11. G'day Guys, Unfortunately this isn't mine. I found the images on the net. Cheers, Bryce
  12. G'day Guys, I have come across this tanto, made by Gassan Sadakatsu using steel smelted by the Japan Iron Sand Steel Industry company. It is dated on the box either 1941 or possibly 1942. What I am trying to find out is if there is anything in the writing on the box, which gives some clue as to whether these was commissioned by the company as gifts, or were they just made by Gassan Sadakatsu using this new special steel. Cheers, Bryce
  13. G'day Guys, Just realised I had doubled up one of the kao's in the above photo. Here is an updated collage comparing kao's from five other blades forged between 1940 and 1943 with the suspect one. Cheers, Bryce
  14. G'day John, The kao is close, but it isn't right. If you look at the blade as a whole, the only thing that looks remotely Gassan is the kao. I think the Gassan signed blades that don't have a kao are the ones made by his students. They look different from all the others with his kao. Here is a collage of Gassan Sadakatsu's kao's from around the same time, with the suspect one in the bottom right.
  15. Here is a side by side comparison with my blade. Both blades were supposedly made in 1940, so there is no chance that the differences can be attributed to Gassan Sadakatsu changing his style over time. Cheers, Bryce
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