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  1. Thank you so much for the reference. I will check it out more when I’m home next week
  2. I would definitely appreciate that direction information. Regards
  3. This came with a Wakizashi I inherited. Wondering about theme and materials. Era maybe. Regards to all
  4. Kogatana Nakago pic
  5. Hello again, I appreciate every single ounce of help that this board gives. I have this kogatana and I heard that most are “tributes” and made and signed to show appreciation toward another maker. Any input would be helpful. The Nakago on this does seem to be different than others I have as it’s a common jiri style seen on swords. (My knowledge is clearly inadequate here) Thank you to all as always
  6. Hello all, thank you for thoughts on my previous post. This kozuka seems a puzzle. The metal looks like maybe silver (been a rough road for it) and signed with either MitsuHiro something, or it’s a pseudonym for an artist name. I can find a MitsuHiro making silver kozuka but almost always with gold inlays only. I will make another post for the blade that came with this. Thank you!
  7. Hi to all, I am asking for any information, thoughts, period or school, description of design. Anything. Thank you
  8. Looking for help understanding this tsuba mei and direction to look up history
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