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  1. Would you be willing to hold for me until these photos are provided and I can review?
  2. Can we get more pictures please? I am interested. Overall photos, tsuba by itself, more focused pictures? Thanks in advance.
  3. I am a new collector, but I really like it. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Good luck David in your future endeavors, sending good thoughts your way. The market is really soft right now, but what goes down also goes back up.
  5. My mistake, sorry it has been a busy week. I will send you a private message momentarily.
  6. Has the nakago been polished? Feel free to PM me. Thanks in advance. Edit: Sorry please disregard due to item location. Being new to the hobby, I am presently only buying within US.
  7. When I am feeling better, I will try to get more high-resolution photos. I really tried to do different angles and such without a light box and additional lighting, but see now that I will need to. I just plain like it so it is more an intellectual pursuit, as usual, versus trying to make money or something. To me, it is beautiful, not a reproduction and I am honored to own it.
  8. Jean, can you click on the above image and magnify? This is the clearest I have been able to get.
  9. Here are a couple more pictures of the signature; should this not allow for an answer, I will put in a photo box and add additional lighting. Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it and will make a donation to the forum for identification. I am trying to catch the light, just right, so I don't have to bring out the light box and specialized lighting.
  10. Would it help if I tried to get better close up pictures of the signature?
  11. Jumonji Yari is really nice. I didn't pick it up and handle, but was 'tire kicking' a purchase a few times through. Glad you got it!
  12. I think it is really cool or nice. Thank you for sharing
  13. Should it be worth considerable more then I paid, I have his business card and will give him a few more dollars and this forum to say thanks.
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