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  1. Hi Adam, thanks for sharing your post. I am younger collector and new to the hobby, with limited knowledge. Started having interest as a child and for whatever reason only got around to start collecting this year. That said, I really like this blade and think it has an attractive hamon and hopefully the price is OK. Good luck on the house and everything. Best, Brian
  2. It's probably always a good idea to try to learn more. I really like this blade and the saya. If you decide to sell down-the-road, please let me know. I am just a new collector and find it interesting and appealing; I am not a reseller; or really know a heck of a lot about it. It just talks to me, warts and all.
  3. Geraint and everyone else, thanks for your comments/feedback. I am buying it.
  4. Photos are of actual sword I am considering purchase on.
  5. ^^^^^Thanks for the advice. I am wondering if this defect is repairable.....no question on seller or authenticity....just trying to learn. To be clear, this item and others are not for sale...just to enjoy.
  6. Would it make sense to pursue higher status to get the TH for about $500.00 USD?
  7. Additional photos with the area of concern, all else is in order. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Out of respect to my friend, I'd like to give him an answer as soon as possible.
  8. Friends, I wish I knew more and am being hard on myself. I am reading a lot and very thankful for the shared knowledge here. I have a friend who I really trust and respect, who is offering to sell me a nihonto. This is the maker: https://nihontoclub.com/smiths/IYE381 It has "Kitae" or ware, which I will post in a picture. Otherwise in good condition. What would be a ballpark or approximate price? It is a thick blade, papers, later end of 1400's, signed by a fairly well known person.
  9. Thank you in advance. I hope this post not only helps me as a new collector but many others. -What type of condition issues would be a deal breaker? (Please post photos as an example) -Is there more leniency on condition if the blade is 1600s, 1500s, 1400s, et cetera? -What is an example of structural damage or damage that could not be fixed? (Please share photos if possible) -Obviously, better condition relates to higher price, but on the older blades, is some cosmetic issue expected (other then battle damage?)
  10. Just wanted to give a sincere thank you for translation.
  11. Friends, Hope all is well wherever this message may find you. I have an opportunity to buy a nihonto from around the tear 1500. One interesting item of note is that the signature is filled in with gold. What is the story behind this? Thank you
  12. Sorry my post was a bit confusing. The scabbard is bad and to replace I'm probably sending good money after bad. The wiring on the handle is loose. Is there a way to fix or replace? This deal just left a bad taste in my mouth unfortunately.
  13. Here you go...scabbard is rusty but I cleaned it...blade is like 90%.
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