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  1. Hi Luis, I tried contacting you a couple times on private message / direct message and have not heard back. Per our agreement I have the second and final payment all set to go. Please confirm where you wish me to send it to via wire transfer. Hope all is well with you and yours. Respectfully, Brian
  2. @ the OP, thanks for the reply. I would have interest in seeing the blade closer (hada???). If you do decide to sell, I am interested. I am not an expert, just a novice, but buy what I personally find interesting. You can PM or direct message me should you wish to sell with your number; otherwise, I do have an item or two I can trade if you'd rather that.
  3. I think it is really cool. Thanks for sharing. Any close up photos of the blade?
  4. It is interesting to me that the hamon on the reverse side of the blade appears to be more in the 'crab claw' appearance. In the spring, I will send to Woody for polish. Where do I send for paperwork and how much does this cost? Thank you
  5. Thank you, Jussi. I wish I knew which one it was. The person I bought it from said it was unusual to be dated, as 1580. Perhaps that would allow someone to narrow it down? I like it and it is just for my personal enjoyment, no resell. Just want to learn more is all. I am planning to have it lettered or paperwork done some time in 2022. Again, just for my interest.
  6. Very sorry to hear this, praying for you and your family for comfort and peace during this time. Brian
  7. Did I buy a Bizen province blade and not realize it? Just happened to look up the signature but not sure which one it is and the actual Hawley rating???? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Do you accept paypal or venmo? Thanks in advance. Best, Brian
  9. NihontoCollector, Luis, is 100% a class act and very upstanding man. He sent me the item in the mail before I even paid. BUY WITH ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE FROM THIS SELLER. I cannot say enough good things about him. When I went to make payment through a money order, the post office took my money and did not print a money order(s) due to a technical issue with their computer system. I was completely embarrassed and felt really bad and communicated to him the entire time and he understood and was very kind. A+ Seller.
  10. Hi Chris, Thanks for your email and the update. Hope things worked out with his internet or computer. I am excited and looking forward to a smooth transaction. Best to you and yours, Brian
  11. As per our correspondence and agreement, I am purchasing at $2,600.00 USD plus shipping. I will buy it. This is sold. Thank you for the opportunity and I am looking forward to it. Kind regards, Brian
  12. How much is shipping to US? Is this an option, please private message me.
  13. Thanks everyone for your replies so far; it is appreciated. Even as a very early collector, I know the subject and question has multiple considerations; however, I also intentionally left it open ended. Sometimes you don't know what questions you should be asking and may be surprised of things you never thought to ask about. I collect for my own interest and not for resale. I have been reading, studying, watching auctions in other countries and domestically...almost on a daily basis since April this year. Which, is no time at all in the larger picture! I am looking forward to a lifetime of learning. Best to you and yours, Brian
  14. I am very new to this hobby. I have been reading a lot daily and try to do the best I can. Bought QTY 4 nihonto blades so far this year and it is truly a love and appreciation of the beauty and craft. I hope my inquiry may--in general terms--help others. Other then having a lot of luck, what is a collector to expect at the following price points (Nihonto): $1,500.00 USD $3,000.00 USD $5,000.00 USD $7,500.00 USD $10,000.00 USD $15,000.00 USD $25,000.00 USD $30,000.00 USD $50,000.00 USD and above. I understand it is a lot in a small message; perhaps pick one price point and provide commentary? I also understand it is a very difficult question to ask, given the complexities. So, let us assume all is good on condition, no koshirae, just the blade. Thanks and I hope this helps and is of interest to others. Best, Brian
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