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  1. In Nihonto collecting, I think there is nothing as valuable and encouraging as a true mentor. Lucky guy.
  2. Looks like a good find. I like that koshirae.
  3. Interesting. Hmmm. I hope someone can make out enough to translate.
  4. Most swords have core steel and then outer harder steel. Some schools like Hizen and Bungo has thinner outer steel and the core steel started to show sooner than others. When core steel starts to show through, it is a sign of a tired blade. But not a poorly forged one.
  5. Saw the one that Eric has on FB. But that is way worse. No chance of that one getting a window. It is all rust now.
  6. Try and upload the pics here. Your links don't allow for them to be shown here.
  7. The tag will be the details of the person who surrendered it. Sword is a civilian mounted one, and looks quite nice indeed. Give the blade some oil, and nothing abrasive. I think you have a nice looking sword there.
  8. Full payment in advance would be standard. A payment plan should only be considered if the member has a long history with lots of references.
  9. Brian


    Mauro, those are great finds! Thanks.
  10. IMHO, RIA gets very good prices from general militaria collectors. The sort of guys that will own that sword for 10 years and never take off the tsuka to see who made it. They are the US version of Bonhams or Sothebys....catering to people who demand the best and have deep pockets. I'd love to sell my stuff through them oneday.
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