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  1. Malcolm does amazing and in depth articles that are highly recommended. Along with George and our guys in the Military section, we have a ton of info that I don't think has been compiled anywhere else ever. Japanese military swords are booming currently and the market is very much alive.
  2. No posts were removed, haven't seen any other replies either.
  3. I can hear 1000 Nihonto collectors' thoughts in my head... "You military Japanese sword collectors!....Stick with the wartime stuff and leave the good older swords to us!!"
  4. Search the forum for Komonjo. Should tell you all you need to know.
  5. There is no major issue at all with fake modern papers.
  6. @Peter Bleed One for your records.
  7. Was the payment from RM via 12 month Gold membership? Just trying to link it. Thanks greatly to buyer and seller!
  8. I think he means muneyaki. And I guess it's a good question. Losing that "flex" in the back that we are told is the Nihonto advantage.
  9. You can delete pm's anytime. Any attachments added to them will delete too.
  10. Jonas, As far as I know, they are illegal there. But like most things, that doesn't stop anyone and there are large and decent collections there. There is/was a large Chinese forum on Japanese swords at http://www.hfsword.com/bbs/forumdisplay.php?fid=4 but it doesn't seem to be loading right now. Perhaps try a VPN or the Wayback machine to take a look. @Guido will also be able to advise you more, as will @Lee Bray
  11. Thank you Curran and the buyer, greatly appreciated. Will update when received.
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