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  1. Brian

    An unusual tanto

    Didn't upload for some reason. Just edit the original one and re-upload it?
  2. No. Everyone needs to carry a knife. I use mine multiple times a day. Everyone I know carries one. None of them stab anyone. 60's/70's USA...every kid in the USA carried one. There was no knife crime. Look elsewhere.
  3. Guys, PLEASE stop quoting when you are the next reply. It clutters everything. Just reply. Not quote.
  4. Can't really get a better location that the millionaire mile in Capetown. $350K will get you a nice house there. In one of the best tourist spots in the world with CT beaches not too far your doorstep. And it's safe with luxury food and living. Not trying to sell the place, but those with low average retirement income should consider it.
  5. Good grief. You guys do know that those prices will get you a seriously luxury house near the sea in Cape Town, right? About $750K - https://www.privateproperty.co.za/for-sale/western-cape/cape-town/atlantic-seaboard/camps-bay/T1919926 Granted, it's not Japan. But you get serious luxury here for even half that price in an upmarket area.
  6. Forget the papers, the price was ok for a sword without papers or signature. You did ok, a nice package.
  7. Gotta know what you are holding there and the story.
  8. Welcome! Sounds like you have some lovely swords. We have many German collectors. Enjoy your time here
  9. Hmmm...close up pics always make things look worse. That pic looks good. I love those menuki...really do.
  10. Mark, looks like you pulled off a great and successful show under the most difficult of circumstances. Well done, and congrats! Oneday I'll make it over.
  11. It's what you avoid when holidaying in Tokyo and want to see as much as possible. Been there, done that Most things close, and the crowds are a bit crazy.
  12. dis. Not dish. Dis. short for disrespect. And this whole conversation is so convoluted, I cannot even follow it anymore. Seems to have gone off on a tangent. Bundle (kazu uchimono) swords are not crap. Just generally made at a time where quantity was more important than quality. Tht's assuming this IS one. But it could be made by any number of Sukesadas.
  13. You did great! Well done. There is something about yari fully mounted that is just Doubt I'll ever get one due to the difficulty in shipping. And if Fred wanted that one, you know it has to be decent. Congrats!
  14. Hate to be a downer. But based on the nanako and the millet itself, I highly suspect gimei. But still very nice.
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