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  1. The turtle is a minogame. Represents longevity and wisdom. That is his tail.
  2. Brian

    Early Akasaka?

    Fred is one of the go-to guys on Akasaka, so if he comments, the points are well worth committing to memory. Thanks Fred.
  3. Do your search as you usually would...searching topics for 2005. Then once you have the results, click "more search options" on the top right. Then near the top left, you see a + with search by author. Put his name there, and you will search his posts for that word. In this case, you'll only be lucky if he mentioned the serial in his post of course, not just the pic.
  4. Simon, I think that is overly harsh. I for one welcome the new organization. I won't let the "antics" of one member cloud my judgement. Let's give them a chance, it's all about education.
  5. Fixed the link...same pics as the other Netsuke sales thread? Don't think there were any other pics.
  6. Looking for an original conical style ishizuki for a yari. Opening should be 27mm or slightly larger (1.06" approx) Similar to the ones in the pic below. Ideally from the USA as I'm consolidating a small parcel from there, but will consider from anywhere. Aware of the eBay ones and they will be a last resort. Thanks!
  7. Would love to hear from @Andrew Ickeringill if he's not too busy. But I expect it would be exactly as we would imagine. With a series of small, shaped stones and a huge amount of time. The top is polished down to make it level with the surface being polished. But inside the carved areas probably burnishing rods, thin round stones etc etc. Also love to hear from anyone who knows.
  8. Just a few more pics. I think I'm at a point where it will now have to wait for a professional oneday. But it's all stable. I think these pics came out ok to show how nicely the maker used the horimono to represent the bo hi and soe hi.
  9. Thank you Thomas. This "scumbag" welcomes you to make use of the forum to promote the society and feel free to post announcements and events as you need. Anything to promote the study of Japanese Arms is well worth supporting. Best of luck with your endeavors
  10. Well, considering that the "liaison manager" called this a "forum owned by a scumbag" I don't see any real reason to grant them much leniency. Hopefully they are of better moral fiber than some of their representatives. Things follow you around the net, it bears remembering.
  11. Johan, Afraid you hit the nail on the head. It is unremarkable. Generic in that it has no hamon to be seen, no hada to be seen and the shape is altered from over polishing. So genuine, but nothing to be said more than it is a tanto. As for age, the standard catch-all is late Edo. Can't really date it from what is seen. Safe bet to say 1700's/1800's at a wild guess. As for the fittings....never assume they are original. They were made to be changed. Unless there is some or other provenance to them, I always assume they are later. Your fittings are decent and original, that's about all that can be said. Tsuba is a common theme, I've seen them before.
  12. The oiling stabilizes the rust and prevents further damage. Then I clean with Isopropyl Alcohol, followed by a careful application of some evaporust. Soft brushing removes all the surface rust, leaving dark stains/micro pitting that is smooth. And then regular uchiko, which makes the tissue turn black from the rust. That's as abrasive as I'll allow, and only on fully out of polish swords like this. This isn't a tutorial. And is only used on rusted blades. Uchiko on polished swords can be disastrous. Evaporust is harmless, but will remove patina on nakago, so HAS to be kept away from there. And if left on unwatched, will cause new rust. The result is a smooth surface that is still dark stained, but the hamon is sometimes visible in clear places. The sword/naginata still needs a professional polish, there is no way around that. And if the surface is not smooth and the pitting is worse, the above will make it look terrible.
  13. RIP Larry. Another big loss to the community and to the forum.
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