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  1. Andrey, Possibly your Paypal account doesn't allow for this kind of subscription payment. If you go into STORE --> DONATIONS and do a single payment of the $30 for 6 months or $60 for a year, I'll manually upgrade your membership. Or you can use the link in my signature and do the same. Applies to anyone too. Best to add a note that it is for Gold Membership if you can. Thanks very much!
  2. Just a friendly bump. The gold member thing is just about covering hosting. But we didn't cover the recent upgrade costs, and neither the other occasional costs like software license renewal, domains etc. So if you are so inclined, the store section above has a donation process that is easy, or the donate link under Nihonto Links has a credit card method. Or sign up as a gold member using subscriptions in the store. Lots of useful small benefits to that. No pressure, just a reminder if people are inclined. Huge thanks to those that do support us.
  3. You are not typing your posts directly. You are cutting and pasting from somewhere, right? And pasting as rich text, which keeps the font colour....black. On the dark theme, they can't read it. If you type directly, or paste as plain text (you'll see the option when you paste) then the forum software will automatically adjust font colour.
  4. Historically, many swords used as a symbol of rank or importance are not true working swords, but meant as indicators or symbols of power or importance. I can easily see something like this being a symbol of high class, and not something to be used. In that case, the decoration would be more important than the contents. There is no way this is junk or low class. It has to be something intended to convey a person of importance. As such, it has value far in excess of it's value as Nihonto.
  5. Should have led with those pics Wow.
  6. Jean, It is currently set at 12 hours for regular members, and Gold members get 2 days.
  7. Yeah, it's a known bug for some reason. As you move down to the links, they disappear and you have to do it a few times before they stay. Lots of discussion about it, but the developers are still working on a fix. I find if I hover until they drop down, and wait a few seconds, then it is stable. Maybe something is loading in the background. But it is know and is being worked on. Nothing I can do yet. Pity, because I prefer the links there, and they are updated.
  8. Exactly. Any other posts about the sword have ZERO to do with the lack of sales. I see it everywhere. can't even sell bargain knives anymore. ALL collectibles are way down. Give it time, it's a good deal.
  9. Brian

    Strange menuki theme.

    Note, for the record, I will NOT be refunding any members who choose to leave or are unhappy for any reason. I took a hit doing that for Rayhan, and will not be doing it again. Please take this as official policy. We do our best here, and usually any actions taken are not just my own choice, but are representative of majority choice. I'm not going to make a big deal of this. If anyone posts here, then anyone is entitled to respond. There is no such thing as banning someone from your threads. If someone is obviously biased, then I will take action and remove them from posting. That is not the case here. We have a wonderful "ignore" function here in your profiles. You can add someone and not see their posts. If you don't get on with someone, use that. Adam, your choice. You have some nice items to share, so would enjoy seeing them. But if people want to comment, that is the risk you take and is how we all learn. Sometimes we learn the most from arguments. Ball is in your court. I mentioned many times less is more and it is time to back off just a little.
  10. Articles are now in the far more improved DOWNLOADS section at the top. I am only through about 1/5 of them so far, still adding the old ones. Keep watching that section, there are some great new articles, as well as some free books coming.
  11. Matt, Prices are mandatory unless permission is given. Please post the price. I assume NMB members would get a better price than the eBay one.
  12. "Relies" I didn't say they aren't necessary. Just that you seem to be doing kantei by measurment alone. This topic is the proverbial dead horse. It has run it's course and you have been given ample advice. You seem to assume you are going to get a definitive answer here. The answer is submit it to shinsa.
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