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  1. Hi Steve Attached a pic of the Mon however I have decided to hold onto the Koshirae for the time being. Too hard to replace these days............ Kind Regards Doug
  2. Blue/Brown Company Grade Shingunto Tassel. Good Condition. Price $250 AUD (Australian Dollars) plus fees
  3. Offered for sale is a Mint Condition early quality Red/Brown Field Grade Officers Tassel with Bordered Edge for the rank of Major to Colonel. This type of field grade tassel would be as hard to come by as an original generals tassel.Price $950AUD (Australian Dollars) plus fees Kind Regards Doug
  4. Sorry John A typo, I meant 105 cm Kind Regards Doug
  5. This early type 98 Shingunto Koshiare is in as mint condition as one could ever hope to get after some 80 years. Only the tsuba shows some age wear to the edges otherwise the fittings retain all their original finish. There is a silver family Mon attached to the fuchi and the tsuba is a pierced type. The koshirae also comes with its original Red/Brown Field Grade Tassel which has probably never been taken off since it was originally attached. The overall length is 105cm and the wood tsunagi measures 68 cm from point to notch. Price $2700AUD (Australian Dollars) plus shipping..........Payment by Bank Transfer Only. Some will say it is expensive for a koshirae but please remember what someone told me many years ago: "Rubbish today will still be rubbish tomorrow However quality today will increase in value tomorrow. Please email if you require additional pics.
  6. I have had a change of heart and have decided to withdraw the Okimasa at this time and sell some other items instead. Kind Regards Doug
  7. For a quick sale in this current depressed market ,I would be willing to let the Tsukamoto Okimasa go for $9000AUD (Australian Dollars) which is currently about $6900US. This price is less than a reasonable Yasukunito and $3,000AUD less than my original asking price, which was what I paid for it. The blade is in great condition as is the shingunto koshirae, which comes with a blue/brown company grade tassel. I will get some pics up as soon as I can, however you will find some by searching the NMB. Kind Regards Doug
  8. Yes i will be selling more. The next to be listed will be The Tsukamoto Okimasa in Shingunto Koshirae. It will be going back up for sale at a reduced price from what it was advertised for some 12 months or more ago. Doug
  9. SOLD............. Thank you to the buyer and to all those who who shown interest. Kind regards Doug
  10. For Sale Again...........Unfortunately buyer could not come up with the funds
  11. Shingunto Mei - Kikumon Shinano no Kami Fujiwara Nobuyoshi (1st generation) Kanbun period 1661 Nagasa - 67.2 cm Sori - 1.3 cm Mekugi - 2 Width Hamachi - 2.83 cm Widith Kissaki 1.93 cm Kasane 0.68 cm The blade is suriage however flawless with well grained Koitame Hada and Gunome Midare Hamon with Tobiyaki. The shingunto koshirae is in excellent to near mint condition with a Company Grade Tassel. The sword was originally purchased from Aoi Art some years ago and they gave a 100% Guarantee at the time that it would pass NBTHK Hozon. Price $5,750 AUD (Australian Dollars) which is about $4,400US...........Payment by Bank Transfer Only Additional photo can be found here: http://www.guntoartswords.com/nobuyoshi.html It is time to sell some nice pieces Kind Regards Doug
  12. Shingunto Type 94 2nd Removeable Ashi/Haikan in good condition Price $250 US plus shipping & Fees
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