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  1. Thank you for the information! Greatly appreciated. Jeremy
  2. Hey guys Does anyone know if token sugita Europe are still operating ? I sent an email inquiring about something I'd like to buy but no reply . Cheers Jeremy
  3. That was my impression too
  4. Just some additional information about this swordsmith, he placed high on the Nyusen award list for the NBTHK 2018 Shinsakuto competition, in case that helps people make a decision any easier
  5. What's the length of the blade from the habaki notch to the tip? Looks like shinshinto maybe bakumatsu to me.
  6. Yes sir. I believe this is correct. He makes blades for the toyama/Nakamura ryu guys there mainly for aoyama dojo in aichi.
  7. Shinsakuto by Okamoto Kazumune. 2006 forged if I remember correctly but can be verified once the mei on the nakago gets looked at again.
  8. That I will do, the tsuka is tightly stuck on, as I've shimmed it especially for iaido use. If a potential buyer is serious about buying I will definitely post pictures of the nakago. But I'd rather not disturb the tight fit right now until someone is interested.
  9. Hello people I've had this shinsakuto since 2010. It is made by Okamoto Kazumune in seki. I bought it directly off him when I was in Japan all those years ago. It comes with perfect leather wrap 11.5 inch tsuka and 31.5 inch Nagasa or 80cm from habaki notch to tip. Originally I had it made without bohi but decided to get a bohi installed as it was becoming way too heavy for me. Now it weighs 1213 grams with koshirae without saya. The sori changed a 1mm or so after installing the bohi. Saya has a same wrap at the first 6 inches or so. It is in iaido/tameshigiri polish and has been used in cutting tatami and beach mats, which is why there is a very slight tweak in the blade , hard to picture the tweak. A professional sword polisher or practitioner would be able to fix it easily . Still can be used as is. Because the bohi changed slightly after getting the bohi carved the blade at the last inch or so is very slightly tighter to go in the saya. Motobaha :34mm sakihaba 24mm Sori 17-19mm motokasane 8mm Sakikasane 5.1mm Asking price is pretty much what the bohi cost me. Included is 2 spare tsuba and brocade bag. $3000aud Any questions just ask or email me on jezah81@gmail.com
  10. Decent price . I think you done well.
  11. Looks like they didn't lie , they said sword registration certificate not an appraisal certificate. It may be confusing for someone who doesn't know which is which though. Does seem like a decent blade with a gold habaki even without a kanteisho. It really comes down to how much you paid for it
  12. Keep in mind modern steel blades are usually more forgiving than tamahagane blades , usually made of monosteel. I have a Japanese shinsakuto with bohi that will bend if you look at it the wrong way. Steel iaito from swordstore.com is a good choice. Talk to rick Polland about your needs . For under $2000usd you'll be able to get a really good sword with Japanese fittings but with a Chinese made monosteel blade .
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