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  1. Horseback riding would make a great addition to our curriculum !!
  2. Thanks for posting this. As a toyama ryu practitioner, I found this article very interesting and a fun read
  3. Thanks for your reply. It does answer my question actually. By shinae, I'm assuming you meant shiai/ duel type matches ?
  4. Im trying to figure out how popular 1cm or less sori swords were back in the day by the bushi? Were they more symbolic like the fukkoto type swords or did some bushi actually prefer using swords with shallow sori? Tried googling this with not much information found . Thanks! Jeremy
  5. Thats good to hear. Makes it easier to make transactions
  6. Hi Dave From memory they don't use PayPal which is something to think about. Unless they have changed that. But I used my credit card to purchase from them
  7. I second namikawa Heibei. Bought a few things from them in the past, and they're very responsive and great to deal with.
  8. Thanks for all that information. I hope its smooth sailing for me when it comes time to ship.
  9. Thats good to know. Where were they shipped from and what description did they have on the customs sheet?
  10. Last I heard they don't accept swords. Unless there is a way around it? Have you shipped a sword with dhl?
  11. Hi guys I have finally found someone who will send my blade to Japan to get a bohi carved. What I wanted to know is what is the best way to send a sword to the usa from Australia? I've read many carriers don't accept swords, and the package may be too long to be sent through Australia post. ( over 105cm) Anyone with experience sending swords from Australia please let me know your experience Jeremy
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