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  1. looking to get a shinshinto or gendai blade in functional mounts, 2-5-5 length or more. Weight no more than 1200 grams with koshirae. Price up to $6000Aud Email is the best way to get a hold of me. jezah81@gmail.com Regards Jeremy
  2. stock cardboard like that of a notebook works just as well if not better than leather if you can't get a hold of metal seppa. Jeremy
  3. My tanto is shipping via seamail tomorrow from usagiya in Japan to me in Australia. It comes with a tracking number. Fingers crossed here
  4. For what its worth i received my tanto from Japan via sea mail and it took 2 months to reach me in Australia. I am waiting for another one from Usagiya which will be coming by sea mail. If all else fails maybe ask aoi to send by sea mail.
  5. Not sure if I can see any shintetsu to say its been over polished . But the nioiguchi doesn't seem bright, maybe that's just the pics, I can't say for sure . Its seen better days for sure.
  6. Great video John. I always assumed the ballistic gel was suited to bullets etc and projectile weapons. Guess my assumption may have been correct
  7. From what I've read adding a rather unusually heavy tsuba was added to swords to perform the cutting on dead bodies. If you add weight to the kashira, you'll find the blade will be easier to swing as its bringing the POB closer to the kashira, usually this is done to top heavy swords.
  8. Most bamboo species become harder during colder months. It feels a bit more like cutting through wood, so more chance to chip or bend a sword.
  9. Thanks for the kind words Greg . It was unusually quick from the UK to Australia! Freight for 100 tatami was about $500 Aussie, definitely not a cheap endeavour by any means! Safer than cutting bamboo especially here in the winter time though.
  10. Here in Australia in the summer humid wet months, the tsuka on all my user swords start having gata gata, rattling inside the core agaisnt the nakago where I need to use shims to tighten the fit. In the cold non humid months where its really dry , everything tightens up including the koiguchi around the habaki as well as the nakago inside the tsuka core. And I've noticed its been like this ever since I started getting into swords back in 2003
  11. These aren't tatami omote. As Ken had said, tatami is a type of rush or igusa grass. Bit harder to cut than straw . Not sure if that eBay straw is a good deal or not. Jeremy
  12. Hi Matt I think you'll find also Japanese iaido and particularly tameshigiri practitioners may have differing views on this subject . In Japan many of my teachers use cheap modern made shinsakuto for their cutting and iaido training . In rough dull cutting polish . In the West we are more spoilt for choice, in Japan only Japanese nihonto are allowed to be sold etc. If you want one of the closest things to a shinsakuto i would contact Rick Polland at swordstore.com and ask about his steel iaito. They cost about $1500usd. Cheaper than shinsakuto and just as good for cutting and iaido . Cheers Jeremy
  13. Hey Greg , check your PM. Jeremy
  14. Foam pool noodles are another sub standard substitute for mats and bamboo. Good for beginners too. N
  15. This is what comes up when it comes to the end part of trying to donate.
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