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  1. Hello, I’m interested in myochin tsuba. Preferably abalone design like the first image but happy with any plain myochin tsuba with hot stamped patterns like the second tsuba pictured. The larger the better! thanks!
  2. Hello, im looking for a plain iron mokko gata tsuba for a wakizashi. Preferably with raised rim. Shakudo plugs in the hitsu ana definitely a bonus. The below image is an example of what I’m aiming for.
  3. Hello all, I am looking for a wakizashi size tsuba to match these basket weave fittings. thanks, jason
  4. stunning set, i should have specified that i am looking for katana size otherwise id be all over it!
  5. Looking for a set of handachi fittings. Preferably plain iron but open to any complete sets. If it has semegane and the extensions of the kojiri in a more tachi style, even better.
  6. thats amazing! the higo style handachi mounts fit the history of our style. thats so cool it was in a museum. id be vary interested in finding an antique that is available.
  7. They have the same mon. I wonder if that’s indicative of anything.
  8. Bazza, thank you for that awesome example! I am a sword practioner and this style of tanto is actually used by us. I am curious of the history behind this as my sensei has said that he hasnt seen another style use this type of tanto. I am not claiming that our art is the only one. I just cant find any history on it. For the style of fittings on that tanto, it is also traditional for our swords to be in handachi mounts.
  9. Hello, I am looking for information on a style of tanto that has the tsuba attached to the saya. From a practioner's viewpoint, i understand it's use. Historically i cant find any information or many examples of this style. I have attached an image of an example i have come across. thanks, Jason
  10. yes, katana size - pretty much anything 37 mm or bigger for the internal size for the fuchi
  11. Hello, looking for a plain or simple iron fuchi kashira. If there is a design, looking for a grass or nature motif. Looking to spend between 120-150 thanks, jason
  12. Hello, Trying to put together A set with the theme around deer. Already have tsuba and menuki. The tsuba is iron sukashi and the menuki are silver. Let me see what you have! jason
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