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  1. Rather late to this thread but thought out of interest to post this. This sword is by the 2nd Generation Oshu Sendai Kunimitsu who made this sword in January 1937 who in addition had thankfulky recorded his age of 63. The sword is done in a Yamato Hosho Den as befits his teacher’s teacher Mito Yoshimitsu who was taught by Mito Norikatsu hence the Hosho influence. Most interesting of all is what is written on the Shirasaya: Sho: Dai Ninju San Shidan cho Ogisu Chujo Prize or Award 13th Divisional Commander Lieutenant General Ogisu Sendai shi Kawahara cho, Okubo Kenjuro Kizo Donated by Okubo Kenjuro of Kawahara cho, Sendai City Showa 13 Nen Ku Gatsu 21 Nichi 21st September 1937 This sword was gifted to Lieutenant General Ogisu Ryuhei who was appointed to the tri prefectural 13th Division. This General became famous (or infamous) in 1939 when he launched his divisions against the Russians at Nomanhan without authorization from Imperial General Headquaters and after the sound beating the Russians inflicted on the Japanese was forced to retire (short of being chashiered the service) dying in 1949. Okubo Kenjuro was apparently an admirer of the then divisional commander in 1937 and the 13th Division being a local Division for Miyagi, Fukushima and Niigata was thought appropriate to present a Sendai To to the Divisional commander. Dr. Bleed mentions the death of the 2nd Kunimitsu but this surely mistaken as the age and date of this sword proves otherwise. Enjoy Mr. SwordGuyJoe
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