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  1. This look like blades usually sold by showa something on ebay no?
  2. Even to my novice eyes the mon looks off
  3. Sold! Thanks fornthe interests fellas
  4. Never seen this type of narrowing usually you see narrowing you describe on onokubi zukuri type construction or on sinoji zukuri blades when they want the kissaki to be reinforced. On your blade it doesn't look to be the case but ita hard to tell for sure from the pics you've provided thw taper does look to be on both sides maybe a result of polishing?
  5. Price drop 1300 usd shipped (with cont.u.s)
  6. Price reduction 1400 usd shipped
  7. Hello everyone posting for sale a beefy wakizashi no papers but a few people have said shinto or shin- shinto echizen school? Not sure but it's a stout heavy blade with very active hada and hamon more pics on request for serious buyers. Priced to sell fast. Dimensions: Nagasa-45cm Motohaba-3.0cm Sakihaba-2.5cm Sori-1.8 Kasane-7mm to 5mm Blade weight only-450grams Nice quality redcopper habaki Purple sword bag Price (1550 usd free shipping within cont.U.S
  8. Thanks for the help guys I've decided to keep looking.
  9. http://www.sanmei.com/contents/media/G74153_S2649_PUP_E.html
  10. Hello I'm very interested in this sword and would I Like to here what everyone thinks of it as far as quality of the forging and so on.
  11. JD808

    My first nihonto

    Yes it is the same I returned it shortly after i got it in hand
  12. Wow thank all three are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.
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