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  1. Thanks for the help guys I've decided to keep looking.
  2. http://www.sanmei.com/contents/media/G74153_S2649_PUP_E.html
  3. Hello I'm very interested in this sword and would I Like to here what everyone thinks of it as far as quality of the forging and so on.
  4. JD808

    My first nihonto

    Yes it is the same I returned it shortly after i got it in hand
  5. Wow thank all three are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.
  6. JD808

    Boys swords

    I'm not sure if its still there bit there was a wakizashi on aoi that was described as a child's sword in shirasaya and came with a walking cane mount as well
  7. JD808

    My first nihonto

    I couldn't have put it into q Words any better. Thank you all! For taking the time to help me out. I'm goin to put all this advice to good use
  8. JD808

    My first nihonto

    Hey thats the conclusion I came to last night and I get it no hard feelings on my part anywhere. Because to be honest one should study and learn enough to avoid situations like this. But I'm grateful for the whole experience because I'm learning ever step of the way.so that question has been thoroughly answered for me. Thanks guys
  9. JD808

    My first nihonto

    Yes I agree and I plan on sending it for shinsa after enough study. Just wanted to atleast know i didn't over pay. As for better deals to be had i agree I've seen really screaming deals pop up on here but let's me realistic newbies like me don't have a chance of getting them I monitor this forum daily and the "good deals" are snatched up before I have a chance to blink. So 2grand seems not bad to me for the blade.plus my first nihonto itch is scratched! It gives me time to study appreciate and save more for the really good stuff! Thanks guys for all the help
  10. JD808

    My first nihonto

    I'm totally thankful for everyone's insight and advice and will try my best to follow the proper coarse. But no Ones seems to have any advice on one of my more important questions(at least to me). So ill ask again.can I get some honest opinion as whether I paid toomuch for it? 2225$ (usd) as I don't plan on selling it anytime soon but it would be nice to know I've made a good investment. I have 12 days to make my mind up. I know they ways say what matters most is if you like it. For me its true to a degree I'd still prefer to have good resale value when the times comes. Better yet id like yo know what a sword like this is worth? Thanks guys for helping a green horn!
  11. JD808

    My first nihonto

    Thats what I've read in a few posts. I've never used the powder yet on the sword as I just got it and have not re oiled ot yet as well. I plan on using coffee filters to wipe off old oil and and a micro fiber cloth to apply it? Last thing I want to do is dull the polish. From the advice I've been getting is as long as I take good care of it won't need a polish for a long time and proper care should keep the wares from getting anyworse
  12. JD808

    My first nihonto

    Would love to see yasurime and coloration of the nakago in detail, because nakago shape is something along the lines of what became more popular from 1665-1700 onwards - long, with pronounced taper. ( here's some pics of the nakago the best I can do with my phone hope ot helps)
  13. JD808

    My first nihonto

    Hey thanks for the help and I do have that one on the way any other titles?
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