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  1. Hey everyone, I am selling this nice set of Edo period momonari kabuto and hanpo. It only leaves me because the lady does not like it... Kabuto hachi bowl is lightweight leather - but looks like real 4 plate iron (mabisashi visor, koshimaki brim and shikoro neck guard are iron). Menpo face is similarly light leather, tare neck guard is iron. Maedate is newer. Very low price for fast sale: 850 Euro! Great decoration piece for every room (if your wife is ok with it haha) Ask me for details. Marco
  2. Awesome pieces! Is it possible to get a closeup of the fugu?
  3. Hi Marco, I tried to send you a message concerning the Sukekane, but the system keeps telling me "mareo1912 cannot receive messages"

    Best regards

    Andreas B.

  4. Hey everyone, currently searching for a not to expensive kabuto stand and with space to hang a menpo as well. Should be located in EU. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi Curran, something fresh on the market, a very nice package. However, it comes with the corresponding price... https://iidakoendo.com/8858/
  6. Bump Detailed craftmanship from a not so often seen school. Great for mounting a quality blade or bare appreciation. Feel free to pm me for any questions
  7. Bump, price down to 850 for 3 days, withdrawn afterwards.
  8. Hi Florian, the set I sent seems to be matched up and originate from different craftsman, I'd prefer an matching set. See attached Kogai of the set.
  9. Hello everyone, I am searching for a futokoromono or mitokoronomo for a tanto koshirae. I have no concrete theme in my head, but the work itself should not be too shiny, e.g. not much gold, silver etc. I prefer pieces like Mino, Ko Goto, etc. something around late muromachi /momoyama/early edo Example attached. Price up to 2k dollars, if trades are considered also higher. Thank you, Marco
  10. Open to offers, donation to NMB will be made if sold here!
  11. Hello guys, reviving my own topic it seems... However, I would love to get some additional informations on the metallurgical structures visible in the attached detail shot. While I have some decent chemistry background, I am not sure if this is about different crystal structures of the alloy or also some patina? Especially the "golden" spots would interest me, for the red ones I think of copper clusters in special structure? Of course it would be best if Ford could jump in on these questions! See whole detailed picture here (be patient, it is 80 MP in size) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mkLi055M-0xSTtMHBoDNekyeC56NyM6j?usp=sharing Best, Marco
  12. Finally had some time to prepare new pictures, here in high resolution: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nWIKTC5sq8g-smd3h9OY0e4aslH3mSvV?usp=sharing Additionaly, as these pieces are really great in hand, I grant two day inspection period within Germany and to people I know well from wherever in the world.
  13. Hello everyone, another piece from my tosogu closet for sale. A very good pair of golden dragon Fuchikashira, accompanied by NTHK Papers. The dragons are finely worked out and bear excellent detail, even better in hands. Please keep in mind that one scale is <1mm in size to imagine how detailed the piece is. They come with a box, the kanteisho and a translation of the papers. Feel free to PM me for any question. Price: 950 Euro Higher resolution pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nWIKTC5sq8g-smd3h9OY0e4aslH3mSvV?usp=sharing Best, Marco
  14. I found this little guy laying around while cleaning, if somebody needs him, send me a PM
  15. Hello guys, I recently worked on my Tosogu photography and want to share pictures of some pieces in my collection and several I was asked to photograph (and thankfully allowed to partially share here). Please see this link for many more higher resolution images (though not max. resolution due to limited space in Google Drive): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1K0EGb5EDLKof2FLVGmTNOzS7zbWWDkfM?usp=sharing Glad about any feedback to improve the pictures and I hope you like the pieces! Best, Marco
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