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  1. Hello, Kogai with NBTHk Hozon Tosogu for sale. Made of suaka and polished. Decorated with gilded elements and inlaid metal. I am sorry but I am not sure what metal was inlaid. The colour is right between shakudo, shibuichi and might even be yamagane. On kogai Gama Sennin with his three leg toad under a pine tree. Length: 21,5 cm Price: 540$ Moro photos here: https://soryu.pl/collections/kozuka-and-kogatana/products/kyo-kanagushi-kogai-decorated-with-gama-sennin-nbthk-hozon-tosogu
  2. Hello, Here is a result of a New Year closet cleaning. Around 30 items goes to ebay auction from 1 USD. Hope you will be able to find something nice there. https://www.ebay.com/sch/soryu_antiques/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&rt=nc&LH_Auction=1 Regards, Krystian
  3. Hello, Good quality saya for katana with antique kurikata. This saya is modern made, I do not think it is older than 50 years. Very beautiful black lacquer work, there are however some scratches and other signs of wear. Edo period shakudo nanako kurikata decorated with autumn flowers. On kurikata a three piece gilded shitodome. Saya comes with wooden tsunagi but it was not made for it. Therefore it is not a perfect fit. Please take it under consideration when looking at dimensions. Sori of tsunagi is different than internal sori of saya. Habaki was adjusted so it fits perfectly. Saya size: Length: 73 cm Koiguchi: 40 mm x 22 mm Sori: 22 mm Tsunagi: Nagasa: 65 cm Habaki: 31 mm x 12 mm x 21 mm Sori: 22 mm Price: 320$ Moro photos here: https://soryu.pl/collections/saya/products/high-quality-saya-for-katana-with-antique-kurikata Regards, Krystian
  4. No. 5 is reserved. Number one is discounted to 130$
  5. Hello, For sale tsuka decorated with tiger under bamboo and crab on leafs. Fuchikashira is signed "Masayuki". It is made of shakudo or shibuichi. I am sorry but I am not sure which one. Depending on the light It has a slight green colour that would point to shibuichi or a bit of chocolate brown that we would see on shakudo. Either way it is decorated with gold iroe and solid gold and silver inlay. Menuki made of shakudo with gold iroe. Tsukamaki is a bit loose. A lot of samegawa is missing. Size: Length: 16 cn Fuchi: 38 mm x 22 mm Fuchi hole: 26 mm x 7 mm Nakago hole: 8,6 cm From top of the fuchi to center of mekugi hole: 19 mm Price: 400$ Moro photos here: https://soryu.pl/collections/tsuka/products/tsuka-with-tiger-and-bamboo-fuchikashira-signed-masayuki Regards, Krystian
  6. Hello, Here are few tsuba for sale. Please let me know If you would like some additional photos or information. Prices and dimensions on the first photo. Regards, Krystian
  7. Can you share some additional close up photos of the shishi? It could be helpful for attribution.
  8. Here are few photos of tsuka I just got with the wolf and moon fittings.
  9. Hello, Shakudo fuchikashira decorated with gilded crane, rock and flowing stream. I know of two examples of very similar fuchikashira, both signed "Otsuryuken Kaneyuki". There are some photos of those in a ling at the botom of this page. This one is unsigned however based on similarities It is safe to say that it was also made by Hamano School. There is some inlay and patina missing. Size: Fuchi: 38 mm x 21 mm x 10 mm Kashira: 34 mm x 18 mm x 9 mm Price: 550$ More photos here: https://soryu.pl/collections/fuchigashira/products/shakudo-hamano-school-crane-fuchikashira Regards, Krystian
  10. Hello, Katana tsuka with wild geese shakudo fuchikashira for sale. This tsuka has high quality tsukamaki made of 4mm blue ito. Due to the age ito is almost black now, however it still has a gentle beautiful blue colour. Fuchikashira made of shakudo and decorated with wild geese and a moon. This shakudo has a slightly blue colour so it is a perfect match for the ito. Wild geese are well visible however moon is just a polished circle on the ishime ground. Therefore we know it is there but we can't actually see it. Surrounding it are gilded clouds. There is somewhat similar fuchikashira in Mitsumura Collection under catalogue number 747-80690. Made by Hamano Shozui and motif is described as "Quiet Life Design". Both menuki made of shakudo with gilded elements. On the front side there are two magpies, one carrying a branch. On the reverse side there is a weaving tool. This are both connected to story of Orihime and Hikoboshi, therefore to Tanabata festival. "Orihime, doughter Tentei(Sky King), wove beautiful clothes by the bank of the Amanogawa (Milky Way, literally "heavenly river"). Her father loved the cloth that she wove and so she worked very hard every day to weave it. However, Orihime was sad that because of her hard work she could never meet and fall in love with anyone. Concerned about his daughter, Tentei arranged for her to meet Hikoboshi who lived and worked on the other side of the Amanogawa. When the two met, they fell instantly in love with each other and married shortly thereafter. However, once married, Orihime would no longer weave cloth for Tentei and Hikoboshi allowed his cows to stray all over Heaven. In anger, Tentei separated the two lovers across the Amanogawa and forbade them to meet. Orihime became despondent at the loss of her husband and asked her father to let them meet again. Tentei was moved by his daughter's tears and allowed the two to meet on the 7th day of the 7th month if she worked hard and finished her weaving. The first time they tried to meet, however, they found that they could not cross the river because there was no bridge. Orihime cried so much that a flock of magpies came and promised to make a bridge with their wings so that she could cross the river. It is said that if it rains on Tanabata, the magpies cannot come because of the rise of the river and the two lovers must wait until another year to meet. The rain of this day is called "The tears of Orihime and Hikoboshi"- source: Wikipedia. Size: Length: 22 cm Fuchi: 38 mm x 20 mm Fuchi hole: 26 mm x 7 mm Nakago hole: 14 cm From top of the fuchi to center of mekugi hole: 20 mm Price: 850$ More photos here: https://soryu.pl/collections/tsuka/products/katana-tsuka-with-wild-geese-shakudo-fuchikashira Regards, Krystian
  11. Hello, Tsuka with iron Higo School fuchikashira. On front side of fuchi beautiful and abstract dragon made with gold nunome zogan inlay, on back side of tsuka single cloud made with the same technique. It is a shame that dragon on kashira is severely damaged. Shakudo menuki decorated with Daikokuten, one of the goods of good luck. We can clearly see all his attributes: mallet, bag of gold and ball of rice. Low quality samegawa with no oyatsubu. Good quality and tight tsukamaki. Size: Length: 15,5 cm Fuchi: 38 mm x 24 mm Fuchi hole: 26 mm x 9 mm Nakago hole: 10 cm From top of the fuchi to center of mekugi hole: 21 mm I am sorry for just two pictures in the post but my photos are more than 1,5 MB so I can add just two:( Price: 340$ More photos here: https://soryu.pl/collections/tsuka/products/tsuka-with-iron-higo-school-fuchikashira-decorated-with-a-dragon-15-5-cm Regards, Krystian
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