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  1. Hello, Nobuie Tsuba by Kazuo IIda with full English translation for sale. Inside there are good quality black and white pictures of 47 tsuba ( If I counted correctly). It is not new but condition is very good. Price: 350$ with free shipping More photos: https://soryu.pl/collections/books/products/nobuie-tsuba-by-kazuo-iida-with-full-translation Regards, Krystian
  2. Hello, Here are photos of some items I placed on ebay auctions Today. All from 1USD and no reserve price. Hope there is something you like among them. https://www.ebay.com/sch/soryu_antiques/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&rt=nc&LH_Auction=1 Regards, Krystian
  3. Hello, Here is musashino sukashi tsuba in rather poor condition. There are traces of signature that look like "忠時" Tadotaki. However If you have other opinions I would be happy to hear them. Making an assumption that it is Tadatoki signature I started looking at signatures of different generations to find any similarities. Only distinctive part I was able to find is the stroke circled in red. It starts away from the center and does not make a closed square, like in most Tadatoki signatures. I was able to find signatures of Tadatoki 5th generation with the same way of carving this part of signature (tsuba no. 46 in Akasaka Tsuba by Sano Art Museum). Design of this tsuba is also similar to no. 46. It is signed on the back side, kozuka and kogai ana are similar and rim looks fin and delicate. I wonder what are your opinions. Or is it do damaged to say anything? Regards, Krystian
  4. Few more photos of no. 3
  5. Hello, Here are some tsuka for sale. Please ask If you need more photos or have some questions. All prices with free shipping. Regards, Krystian
  6. Thank you Artur for this great description.
  7. Hello, Wakizashi tsuka with plain iron fuchikashira and shakudo menuki decorated with autumn flowers for sale. Very interesting jabara maki made with three colors of ito: brown, green and yellow. They are paired: green-yellow, brown-green and brown-yellow. Size: Length: 15,5 cm Fuchi: 37 mm x 22 mm Fuchi hole: 26 mm x 6 mm Nakago hole: 10,5 cm From top of the fuchi to center of mekugi hole: 27 mm Price: 500$ More photos here: https://soryu.pl/collections/tsuka/products/wakizashi-tsuka-with-three-color-jabara-ito-and-iron-fuchikashira-15-5-cm Regards, Krystian
  8. Thank you Chris. I will try to follow that thread. I alredy found few examples of poems on kozuka but non with this one.
  9. Hello, Could you help me with translation of this poem? Thank you in advance. Krystian
  10. Hello, Here is a modern made wakizashi koshirae for sale. Tsuka with modern fuchikashira decorated with karakusa and kamon. Base material of fuchikashira is most probably sillver or shibuichi, kamon made with inlaid shakudo. Antique shakudo menuki with silver and gold inlay. Probably depicting Hotei. Good quality samegawa and tsukamaki. Antique iron tsuba decorated with silver karakusa inlay on the rim. Saya painted with red lacquer and decorated with silver shishi kojiri. Size: Length: 53 cm Saya: 38,5 cm Tsuka: 14 cm Tsunagi blade: 34 cm Tsunagi nakago: 9,5 cm (from habaki) Tsunagi habaki: 33 mm x 13 mm x 27 mm Tsunagi sori: 8 mm From top of the fuchi to center of mekugi hole: 18 mm Price: 720$ Moro photos here: https://soryu.pl/collections/koshirae/products/modern-made-Japanese-wakizashi-koshirae-with-antique-fittings Regards, Krystian
  11. Hello, Here is a katana tsuka decorated with after rain scenery for sale. Fuchikashira made of shibuichi with copper, shakudo and gold inlay. Please take a closer look at flower on fuchi. First leaf from the left is made of shakudo with a bit of copper, next one is shakudo with a bit of gold. Than there is stalk from the base material, after that gilded flower and final leaf from shakudo. And this is just a lower part of the flower. This is an amazing piece of metal work. You can make similar observation on each part of this set. I am not sure about the maker because similar sparrow designs where used by few Schools. I managed to find very similar Iwamoto School set, but it needs further research. Fuchikashira decorated with after rain scenery. Man is still wearing is bamboo hat and straw coat so the rain had to just stop. At the same time his mino (straw coat) and flower are sparkling in a sun and flowers have beautiful vivid colors. Menuki with flower motifs. They are black but they are not made of shakudo. So possibly made of silver with few gilded elements. Good quality tsukamaki but not very tight. Reasonable quality full wrap samegawa. Size: Length: 25 cm Fuchi: 39 mm x 23 mm Fuchi hole: 29 mm x 8 mm Nakago hole: 20,5 cm From top of the fuchi to center of mekugi hole: 47 mm Price: 600$ Moro photos here: https://soryu.pl/collections/tsuka/products/katana-tsuka-with-shibuichi-fuchikashira-amazing-inlay-25-cm Regards, Krystian
  12. Hello, Here is an Onigawara tsuba with inscription on the back side made with silver inlay. In my opinion first kanji is "天" (Heaven) and second "王" (King). I have no idea about the last one. I asked on facebook and got two possiblie options: 1. ten-jin-chi: heaven-man-earth 2. Tennoji: name of the temple in Tokyo or district in Osaka. Please let me know what are your thoughts. Regards, Krystian
  13. Hello, Here is jabara ito tsuka decorated with autumn flowers and bow with arrows. This tsuka has a good quality jabara ito maki. Unfortunately it is in rather poor condition. On tsuka there is fuchikashira made of shakudo. Kashira lost almost all of the gilding and now is in dark black shakudo color. Fuchi has some gilded and silver elements. Good quality shakudo menuki with bow, arrows and quiver. With gilded elements and silver. Good quality samegawa. Some is missing. Size: Length: 14,5 cm Fuchi: 39 mm x 23 mm Fuchi hole: 27 mm x 7-8 mm Nakago hole: 8,8 cm From top of the fuchi to center of mekugi hole: 19 mm Price: 280$ More photos here: https://soryu.pl/collections/tsuka/products/jabara-ito-tsuka-for-wakizashi-or-tanto-14-5-cm Regards, Krystian
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