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  1. Arrived today, my God, I feel like buying another sword just so I have a reason to purchase more... they are that good!! Agree with Greg, Tomoko deserves to do well from this. High quality, professional, maximum heart and soul.
  2. Thanks for the update on the new fabric Greg, just ordered a Shinai (wanted pockets) navy blue waves, can't wait!
  3. We are all newbies again! welcome everybody!!
  4. I personally would have the geese facing the Tsuka
  5. He will state if it is in his book in the product description, most are in a book, but there are a few that are not
  6. Generally I say everything is relative when it comes to money and the value of something. However, for us Aussies and Canadians, the US dollar value skews things. At a US dollar price, I'd say they are a bargain, at our dollar worth? Just reasonably priced. But to bring this thread back, I really like the different metals used in the inlays (I count three?), also the fact their position alternates between faces. I am generally a huge fan of inlay on the mimi. Wonderful guard, Congratulations on a great addition
  7. Very Nice Roger, I was saying to Dale (Spartancrest) the other day, that I am surprised Gary Murtha's guards which he has advertised are still available. They are good interesting examples, priced reasonably and are "published". That's a bit of a triple whammy. With some foresight, his guards could be well sort after in the not too distant future edit: and for the record, I have just secured one that I have been very interested in for a long time
  8. Got mine already too, Dale has done an excellent job with this. The added info is great and the little sketches here and there are relevant and a very nice touch also.
  9. https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/30028 Accession number 36.129.17. Also, Page 55 and 56 Dale's second book
  10. https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/25714 MET accession number 91.1.795. Pages 51 and 52 of Dale's first Domain book. I don't have the other examples number on hand, I will find it when possible. And here is one of my own examples, this is the one that is as close to your own.
  11. Li bai and Du Fu, similar to the Ukiyo-e painting (Tosogu is always looking the other way to the woodblock though from what i've seen). I can point you to other example if interested, but there is two examples in the MET collection, Dale Raisbeck's Public Domain books have both of these within.
  12. Steves87

    Up cycling

    I love it Grev, well done. I'm very passionate about up cycling, I have have literally hundreds of examples I've done, although I don't have pictures of many on hand (two pictured below though), I have done at least 5 other storage boxes for Tsuba sized collections. I don't want to deviate this thread from your excellent drawer, but one of the last up cycles I've done has been for my wife. I won a 1910 Australian Wertheim piano, but full restoration was prohibitively expensive, so instead of re-selling for parts or scrap, I decided to retro fit a new casio s150 digital Piano into it. Up cycling an old piano to a newer old piano??
  13. Steves87

    Up cycling

    excellent Grev, very good job! I am also another fan of up cycling. I did my own version with an old cutlery canteen I won at auction very very cheap. I removed all the old linings and re-installed some new velour replacements, created some timber partitions and then sewed up some little fabric baggies (light blue shown under the guards). the front was "decorated" with a few metal Tsuba looking things too. admittedly the Tsuba are on display most of the time, but it has been great for moving the collection or safe housing when needed. not as nice as your own, but it does the job cheers
  14. There is an excellent book coming out very soon on this collection, I suggest not frustrating yourself with the website and to purchase the book :-)
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