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  1. Bruno, thank you for posting and asking the first question which I have wondered myself in the past. A very interesting looking piece. Kirill, would you have any examples of the potential Mino/Goto Soten pieces that I could see? perhaps through a link (to avoid high jacking a thread)
  2. I'm the culprit who sent in to Dale, I believe the original post on FB was by someone who Im sure is on the forum here, Artur D. Hopefully he finds the post and chimes in. But I also think that the photos are taken only minutes apart, post breakage. Not sure the reason for the change of background, but the lighting as Ford says, looks the same
  3. Hope you don't mind me sharing my example, here it is
  4. Loved it, you have a voice suited to do the job too, 'a voice for radio' some may say! Thank you Ford
  5. I bid on this one Sunday night just gone (Jauce) it went for about $85, what do you think? Look familiar? I lost the auction by about $5... Dale R (Spartancrest) alerted me to your example. Very surprised it had popped up just a day or so after! I love the theme, I have one example.
  6. Steves87

    Sendai Yasuri

    Thank you Mauro, a good range of different examples, from neat to not so neat! I am strangely drawn to the second papered example and I really love your own mokko example. I looked into where I had found the name "Sendai" it was actually from a list of Japanese terminology described in english (which was based on Tsuba terms by Jim Gilbert?). on further investigation of the name this morning, I could only find the names like you say, mostly 'Shigure' pop up and Sendai was not used anywhere else. So I apologise for adding extra confusion with a likely incorrect naming.
  7. Steves87

    Sendai Yasuri

    Thanks Les, quite beautiful. Dragonfly in the rain! no mistaking that the lines are done purposefully
  8. Steves87

    Sendai Yasuri

    I thought there was a rule, but I now cannot find it and possible it was the rule of another forum. I am aware of the other sub section for auctions, but as well as answering the query of the auction Tsuba above, I also was hoping to get a bit more info/examples of the vertical Yasuri theme. I was of the mind I may get a few more replies and examples in the Tosogu section. Geraint, I thought as much. What threw me off was a google images search with similar 'scratches' on Sendai Yasuri examples (google examples). That and both sides had a similar lines in same direction, which would indicate being slid over something, but usually, something being slid over will only have scratches one side. The third Tsuba as most, probably noticed, had been for sale for quite some time. Tempting and haunting me since I first saw it and then after almost two years, I was able to finally acquire it. People say "you don't choose Tsuba, they choose you"
  9. Steves87

    Sendai Yasuri

    Two I have or have had in my collection. Amida Yasuri though, I do not have any Sendai Yasuri examples
  10. Steves87

    Sendai Yasuri

    Hello all, There is a Tsuba for auction currently which has me questioning the surface texture. It seems both sides are similar and I was wondering if I could get confirmed that it is a purposeful form of Sendai Yasuri finish and not just 'scratches'? Amida Yasuri has a few forms and is quite common, but I rarely (if ever) see the vertical Yasuri. In keeping with the rules of ongoing auctions (I hope I'm within the rules) I have taken screen captures which I hope will be clear enough instead of linking to the auction. I'd love for others to post their Sendai Yasuri or Amida Yasuri Tsuba if they want to.
  11. I have only one Tsuba with the feature, I'd like to add the picture to contribute. Great thread by the way, I'm surprised it initially ran out of replies so long ago, glad it's back!
  12. I just received a Tsuba which was shipped by sea from Japan to Australia. it took a little over 2 months, which is a long time when you can generally get something within two weeks. For me personally, the wait IS excruciating, but if you really want the item, it is the sacrifice you have to pay.
  13. That looked like a bargain all round... wasnt me though
  14. no, but that is great news if it is getting back to 'normal'
  15. I'd like to add a cloud version too
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