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  1. A little bit distressing, they were some very nice examples. Where did he get them from? The lower left looks to be Soten/Hikone.
  2. Thanks John, good to know someone got a win!
  3. Went for the reserve price, 1000aud. How was that for price?
  4. Quite interesting. I personally think the "more decorated" side would still have been mounted facing out while worn, in this case. From a functional point of view, I also cannot see a good reason to suggest otherwise, especially if the prongs serve as catchers. It does vary, but a general rule of thumb is that the Tsuba sits approximately one fist from the body when sheathed. Taking sword angle into account, the prongs shouldn't interfere with the body. From a drawing sword point of view, there may be some hindering for the hand reaching the koiguchi. Less so though, than compared to having the prongs as hand guards
  5. Thanks John, I'm not up with it on this side of things and was wondering how accurate it might be. I'll be interested in see how much it goes for
  6. my local auction house is having another militaria auction soon, I thought some of the lots may be of interest, especially lot 50 Interbid Bidding Window if the previous direct link doesn't work, maybe try this Welcome - Todd's Auctions (toddsauctions.com.au) and choose the Bayonets, Knives and Sword Auction from the 4 listed auctions
  7. I used to sell items on ebay. On my last sale they incorrectly charged me fees (x10) and I stopped all sales immediately. They did re-fund all fees about 2-3 months later, but the damage was done. Now if I see an item on ebay which is from a seller who I can also find an outside site or store to, I contact them directly about that item and they are usually happy to split the difference with me on the fees which would have come from ebay (not necessarily Nihonto related). As a buyer, ebay used to give me 10 to 20% discounts on a regular basis which did influence a purchase, haven't had any for quite a while now though.
  8. A great first bunch of Tsuba. The Jakushi dragon is quite a good example to what I have seen out there before. That particular design is common enough you will see a few a year, most with slight differences and most will be "Katana sized". If you come across a smaller waki or tanto size, get it, they are a lot more rare and I can only recall seeing two (my own being one of them). As I mentioned to Dale, I resigned from my work in December and I had a bunch of Utsushi photos on my work computer. In lazy fashion (or not enough time fashion) I never properly catalogued them and it seems I missed transfering a folder on my work computer (which I definitely will not be going back to)
  9. I always thought mine was a scroll, but a rolled mat makes so much more sense. I hope someone can chime in with a good meaning to the theme
  10. Good point! I wonder then if this is the birth of a Nagamaki?
  11. Very interesting subject. I hope you do not mind my personal observations: When beginning out at a mixed style Kenjutsu school, our first jump into full contact sparring was Kote cuts. Katana vs Katana (obviously not steel construction I should add). What I found as we progressed to higher forms of sparring is that, as a beginner, the quickest way to win a fight against a slightly more experienced swordsperson was to cut the wrists in one quick mini strike. Often a small movement makes your opponent react and people generally assume a full cut will be the first strike. The strike had to be accurately positioned and angled as the Tsuba did occasionally get in the way and block the strike. The plastic rubber Tsuba do not last long with these hits, especially from a top down strike. And as for Naginata? Did the poles ever snap or get cut through from a block? is there any records of this? A cut poled Naginata makes a good sword in my opinion and if it already has a Tsuba? Great!
  12. I believe this may be covered in one of Gary Murtha's books. I have not read through his books in years, but it may be something relating to marriage or bloodlines between families? I quite like the guard in anycase and the multiple Mon make for a somewhat rare piece too
  13. Yes, The Beatles merch is still for sale, although I don't know if it is a lesser quantity than before. Is Mr Murtha a member here? I have only conversed with him via ebay messenger, but he seems like a good guy. Good job on finding the book Dale!
  14. For a bit of an update, it seems like the "published" GDME Gary Murtha Tsuba have either sold out or have been taken off the market? edit: as with the majority of his books
  15. The Tsuba has a Soten/Hikone style to it, from what I can see
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