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  1. Kyle, Is the Higo Thunder tsuba still available? Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
  2. Chris W, Let’s just end the discussion please. You’ve all made your point over and over again ad naseum. I don’t have a misplaced sense of ego nor am I unable to understand the juvenile analogies. It’s moronic. Consignors everywhere need not be warned about me. I will heed the forums advice to appease their hearts. That is the one concession I shall make. You also have been replied to in private email. I bear no ill will towards anyone and I am thankful for the critique. Peace be unto you all. Moderators lock, delete thread. My honour and reputation remains intact. Deeds not words. Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
  3. Pietro Paris and JH Lee and all others, It’s been incessantly over said innumerable times. I am not wasting my time anymore having it as a point of contention. I have said my peace and I tire of this discourse. Frankly, I don’t have to heed any advice by anyone here to the letter. They are guidelines not hard and fast sacrosanct rules. Anyways, it was an excellent exercise none the less in discourse. Please, moderators delete this thread. I bear no ill will towards anyone and have done my best to remain as amicable as able. Thank you all for your input. As always I take it into consideration though I am under no obligation to follow per say to the letter. I am my own man, gentleman and can make my own decisions. I wish you all well. Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
  4. B. Hennick, I was unaware of that nuance. Thank you for the clarification. I just feel as the criticism, most lately from Brian specifically, to which he emphasized now having being blunt, which I undoubtedly did read earlier in the thread, had been condescendingly imparted. I have done my best to reign in my temper. It has always been challenging as I am a man of passion. Really the mix up is irrelevant and miniscule in the enormity of life. I am treating all people who have partaken in this thread with respect. I expect the same from everyone, in return. Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
  5. Pietro Paris, I had remembered it differently being I am in a CAD currency so I wasn't familiar with the US equivalency of the top of my head. A purely human mix up. Plus I'm on nights and have been up 18 hours. It is a simple misunderstanding exacerbated by my lack of sleep. Oh so sorry.
  6. Brian, First get the details right. The price is 2,600,000 Yen and please do not presume to lecture me. I am not being facetious. I am now being blunt. Barrett
  7. Pietro Paris, That is fine. See my private message. And to note I was not dissuaded by the consignor as to my intentions. I do chuckle inwardly that a sword that was meant for battle is not even allowed to be used in even the slightest capacity according to its design. Samurai of the day wouldn't hesitate to do katas with such a blade. That is truely keeping context coinciding with its intended purpose from a modern warriors perspective and always an academic second. Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
  8. Pietro Paris, I can't spar because I took 19 stitches to the face from improvised weapons, while in service. Not because I am incapable of handling any weapon, modern or of antiquity of any culture. I mean no disrespect. I asked for your opinions. Your perceptions, expectations are just that, your opinions. If I can handle a sharp modern European sword I can handle a sharp nihonto safely, and I will be even more exponentially safe because of its provenance and status as an art weapon. Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
  9. Pietro Paris, See private message. Further too, that was 7 years ago. I have post concussion syndrome from service. I can't spar. I can still take hits in service but not for such recreational activities. Plus all the people at the only local HEMA school are hobbyists, academics not warriors. They are interpreting HEMA from treatises. While I do have Noble House Kenjutsu where I live I already know of their fraudulent history, and while they were all very nice and inviting, sensei included, it's not my cup of tea. Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
  10. Mywei and Rokujuro. Sent you both the same message to remain civil. Brian, again I’m just asking to understand the nuances between hamon types and definitive factors that make a blade Juyo. I am aware of the qualifications for such and the implications, at least generally. These such swords as you state were re-polished much due to being heavily used. I’m just trying to understand better. Hence why I’m asking questions of such an inquisitive nature. Best regards to all, Barrett Hiebert
  11. Mywei, If I’m going to buy something I have to be assured of its practical abilities, for kata purposes. This was previously a tachi though has been shortened down, correct? So I’d be able to use it on foot as I’ll never get a horse. Shugyosha, Understood. Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
  12. Furthermore forumites, Also, this sword would eventually be used on foot if fallen off the horse or on foot to cut the horse seated samurai? Barrett
  13. Geraint, No, you didn’t miss anything. I do have a video from the consignor. I am waiting on more detailed pictures. I just wanted to double check. I thought that one of the pre-determining factor for Juyo relevant to this sword was to have a healthy amount of space between the hamon edge and cutting edge. Just seen different blades with more space between the two, so I am trying to understand the nuances. Thanks for answering my question. Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
  14. Good day, Does this sword have a healthy cutting edge between the hamon? https://japanesesword-shoubudou.com/products/detail.php?product_id=157 Also, this sword would eventually be used on foot if fallen off the horse or on foot to cut the horsed samurai? PS. Thanks Chris W for the reminder. Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
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