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  1. Celt72, If I learnt how to properly hold a bokken my first kenjutsu class I most certainly can hold a sharp katana. Cultural differences within your training methodologies is really what it comes down to, and the expectations thereof for progression. I know you are concerned about my safety, though come on, being told incessantly, oh you need to have all these points down and so long of a training time. It's just redundant. Please. Bio-mechanics don't change between weaponry. It's just in the Kenjutsu schools they have a certain program, way of doing things which is sacrosanct. And you know they sure as heck love to push those points and harp on it on to anyone who interjects. And of course they think you are incapable if you don't follow their methodology verbatim. I went to the only available kenjutsu class before joining the reserves at 17, to which I was expedited to reserve officer when I transferred to the regular force at 19. You guys aren't speaking to the 17 year old who joined. I'm 32. I can hold a katana properly. I was shown already. Regardless I know you are just trying to be helpful. So thanks. Barrett
  2. Paz Let me clarify because obviously you misunderstood. This thread went tangential with childish replies is what I was meaning. I do plan on getting the upgraded armour for training. I already could get the Iyo Kozane armour though if the funds become available sure I'll get the Gyozin Kozane armour. You can think whatever you want. Frankly I don't give a dang though don't misconstrue what I say. If I had the available JSA amenities to go to of course I'd go. Though real life and work took precedence. Been at the European School since I was 18, before I went to war, where at 19 I was interdicting suicide motorcyclists. First of my company. I most certainly, if able to do that then, at such a young ripe age can practice safely with a Heisei katana, no different than a sharp European war sword. Of which I already have done safely. Still fully intact. No one else has been hurt. Nor myself. Now, generally you people need to give your heads a reality check. Playing Samurai, hah, I was a modern one at 19. Metaphorically of course. If I can handle my weapon safely at that age and put down a Taliban Suicide motorcyclist at danger close, I can certainly have enough respect for any bladed weapon. It's called common sense. But then I forget, oh yeah, a bunch of tight wads reside here who need to be given perspective. Grow up. I am not some childish boy who just woke up today. My innocence was lost when the window exploded from the suicide car bomber to the right side of my face. Especially even more so when after being patched up at the medics the Correctional Services Officer I was doing Close Protection for told me that they thought I had died, after doing immediate pulse checks and were registering nothing. So please take a step back and check yourself. I don't mean any offense. But really you guys absolutely flabbergast me. Fudgicles. If I can carry a 140 pd weight vest for training, train safely with my own gym at home without injury, I most certainly can cut with any blade safely whether it be European or Japanese. Barrett
  3. Fuuten, Heisei blades are okay to cut with. That previous katana sold so I’m offering up my Juyo Token for this blade if I can get appropriately fairly compensated monetarily. The consignor there is getting a better blade by far so I think it shall go favourably. http://world.seiyudo.com/product/ka-080121/ People can say what they will. I am relinquishing my Juyo if able to those who will appreciate it as it is meant to. I have my needs met with this blade. I am listening to the forum. My actions negate the insinuation and childish antics shown by those in this thread. And what people think about me, well not my concern. I have acted honourably. Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
  4. Forumites, I have not yet bought the Sasayama Tokuoki Fuchugashira though I was allowed to put a deposit on it and do layaway. I just wanted it because it is better than this one I originally bought, although I like it too. Due to having Atsuo Imazu get back to me about still wanting to trade my Juyo Token Mumei Nakajimarai Rai katana for his Heisei Sword with 950,000 yen and a custom koshirae being built, I couldn’t pass it up. The sword is Heisei and would be okay for cutting. He is going to meet Ohira-San tomorrow at auction to discuss. Of course I would like to make a little more and have the rest of the armour payment covered as I have already put 6 grand Canadian down on the Gyorin Kozane armor. Considering I paid 2.6 M yen for after consignor cut it is 2.3 m yen I don’t think asking for what I want covered is too much of a stretch. Atsuo Imazu-San was at least willing to go look at it while Tsuruta-San was not. So I am happy. If a fair bargain can’t be struck I’ll just keep the sword and have the koshirae finished being built and have it at home. As for the fuchigashira I have bought this one…and wanted plain fittings to put on the sword as would of been typical for actual swords used in war. Though the exponentially more expensive one matches the tsuba better. Just wanting a dragon theme. So again I am waiting to see what bargain can be struck. Both fuchigashira are cool to me within their price range. This is the link for the dragon tsuba… https://nihontofrance.com/tosogu-2/tsuba-dragon-unryu-shakudo-2/?lang=en The hira-zukuri blade compliments the dragon theme too. Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
  5. Forumites, Let’s get back on track. I did close down my sale for the Juyo Token Mumei Nakajimarai Rai katana since I was just going to cut with my European swords and was going to keep this sword for appreciation only. Sure I’d give it a swing to sate that urge though no more than that. Luckily Atsuo Imazu-San interjected serendipitously, who from Giheiya Japanese Swords, is meeting Masahiro Ohira-San from Shoubudou Ltd. where the sword is held to hold a meeting to discuss my proposal at auction tomorrow. I am hoping to get this sword in place of the Juyo with a custom koshirae built and monetary compensation to cover the remaining cost of the armor and this fuchigashiri for the Hesei blade. https://yuhindo.com/sasayama-tokuoki-fuchigashira/ I’d cover all my bases! And the Juyo sword would most likely go to someone who would appreciate it as it is meant to be appreciated. Plus that fuchigashira would match this tsuba I found and fit in perfectly with the Gyorin Kozane (Fish scale, Dragon theme). https://nihontofrance.com/tosogu-2/tsuba-dragon-unryu-shakudo-2/?lang=en Wish me luck! Hopefully it all comes together! Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
  6. Study to me is cutting, practicing kata, familiarizing myself with a blade. I was merely suggesting cutting fruit as a soft medium to not ruin the blade, test out its handling characteristics. I didn’t think that such would be disrespectful to a blade. I would be meticulous with maintenance afterwards. Of course eventually I would get a tameshigiri cutting stand for optimized traditional cutting. If I had a legitimate Ryu available I’d be there. If I could go to Iaido I’d be there. Sadly these things aren’t available. Think what you want. That’s your right. All things wax and wane.
  7. Darkcon, Well said. You’ve been personally messaged. Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
  8. Forumites, I’m not even going to bother anymore wasting my time trying to explain myself to anyone here. You all have your perceptions and biases, thinking yourselves superior, stemming from your seniority within your JSA background. That is fine. You can feel that way all day. You are offended by what I have to say. That onus is on you. Not me. It has no bearing on what I will do. I am not beholden to your perceptions, expectations. It doesn’t define, limit or control me. Though I do take offence, especially when someone like Jimmy insinuates I’m narcissistic and deliberately take pleasure in contention, provocation of this community. Now that’s drawing a line. None of you know the caliber of my character. You make your opinion based on your minuscule window of inference from what I have chosen to divulge to you. Again that is your perception and expectation which stems from exclusivity within your JSA realm. I’ve learnt my lessons here and I’m very thankful for the illumination that you’ve all provided me. I wish you all well. This is the best I can do right now. Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
  9. Forumites, This sword was going up for sale so I had to jump on it. Even though I love the look of the Gassan Sadakazu saber, I was merely going to get a copy made of this sword for cutting as to appease and respect the community. https://www.aoijapan.com/katana-osaka-gassan-sadakazu-seitan/ Confirmed a trade with Atsuo Imazu of Giheiya Japanese Swords for my Juyo Nakajimarai Rai katana with a custom koshirae being built and 950,000 yen. Had to compromise, I know he’s making some profit, though I’ll be happy. I always have loved the Nanbokucho period and they did have larger swords then for ground combat. I don’t think that this sword will be too much of a stretch. The extra money will allow me to purchase a custom armour…for historical reenactment and training. https://samuraistore.com/collections/life-size-armor/products/uroko-yoroi And I understand your guys concerns about safety, appropriate blade length to body height, arm length, style (Ryu) practiced, etc. though I can already cut safely with European swords longer than this. Plus I have a longer right arm due to a previous injury so it wouldn’t really matter. I have to make changes how I wield any sword. I just was wanting the Gassan saber because it was light enough to be wielded in one hand as well as two, though I can most surely handle this Miike Ju Kunitada katana. I’m not a beginner guys when it comes to martial arts. My geographical orientation disallowed me from engaging in a traditional JSA Ryu. There is Noble House Kenjutsu though they have been proven to be illegitimate since they can not prove their lineage. There is Iaido though I’m unable to attend due to not getting any vaccines. (Not even going to get into that topic, this isn’t the place.) Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
  10. Michael, Why do you say that? Just trying to understand. Thanks. Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
  11. Forumites, https://giheiya.com/wp/product/02-1437/ This Heisei is okay to cut with? Just double checking. Best regards, Barrett Hiebert
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