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  1. http://www.nihonto.us/MUMEI MINO TANTO SHEAY.htm Hello fellow collectors, Just wanted to draw attention to a very nice unpapered and mumei Mino (presumed Mino) tanto I have listed with Andy Quirt at the link above. It's a great quality blade that should have zero problems earning a paper if you should pursue shinsa later. It is priced well, but even at that I am still somewhat flexible. Cheers! John
  2. Inbox seems to be working now. LOL Apologies...
  3. Even though I cleared out my entire inbox, it keeps telling me it is full. Please email me if you have interest. Sorry for this dilemma. bigjohnshea@yahoo.com
  4. Apparently my inbox was full. Didn't even know that could happen. LOL Deleted some messages. Feel free to email me at bigjohnshea@yahoo.com if you like. Cheers!
  5. This is an exquisite mumei tanto by the Shin Shinto smith Shinkei Tanemitsu. This is an exceptionally beautiful tanto by a student of Taikei Naotane, with equally beautiful mountings made in the late Edo period. Comes with two papers, NTHK-NPO papers giving it to Tanemitsu, as well as dreaded green papers attributing it to the same. Chances are they are both perfectly valid attributions, but you decide... The koshirae has no signatures though is pristine and very possibly the original mounts for this blade, which was also made in the late Edo period. Tanemitsu is also documented as one of the retained smiths for the Tsuchiura clan, though there is no known link necessarily between this blade and the Tsuchiura clan. Just an interesting fact. Midare Gunome with Muneyaki and Tobiyaki Hira-zukuri Nagasa 9.75" SOLD Open to offers. Photos by the merchant I acquired it from. Used with their permission.
  6. If nothing else I'm glad that this thread brought that to Rich's attention. Personally though, disavowed or not, if the green papers from decades ago agree with a good modern shinsa today (not sure it HAS to be NBTHK) then the blade HAS almost certainly got to have the kantei points needed to meet the attribution of the green papers. That's my opinion though. If others disagree, I'd love to know why. Peace!
  7. Okay. Thanks for that, Val. I find it interesting that the paper would still be considered meaningless if another independent shinsa provided the same result. Cheers!
  8. So another paper agreeing, from another shinsa group, doesn't cut it for ya?
  9. When are Tokubetsu Kicho papers considered validated by another shinsa? You'd think if nearly any other shinsa (NBTHK, NTHK, NTHK-NPO) agrees with them independently, then that would be validation enough? Yes? No? Maybe so?
  10. Thank you for that clarification, and a nice oshigata to admire.
  11. Can't speak highly enough about Paul Martin. He's an incredible asset to us collectors.
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