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  1. I don't have room to unroll the whole thing and keep it clean anymore. It's blank oshigata paper. 45$ shipped domestic
  2. https://www.japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.com/store/books/b701-kiya-oshigata-dr-homma It is very similar to the one Grey has photographed here, because it is likely the same exact book. 🙂
  3. Have a very nice copy of Kiya Oshigata without the slipcase for sale. Great condition. Solid and appreciable copy. Asking 450$ shipped domestic USA International shipping is extra Cheers!
  4. do you have a picture of the paper plz 



  5. I have two sheets of unmolested and clean oshigata paper from Namikawa Heibei Company measuring ~32" x ~44" available. 60$ total for both. PM me if you're keen. Thanks!
  6. There has been a lot of interest in this blade but no offers. I am flexible on price, and if people have an offer in mind please do not hesitate to make it to me or Andy. This beautiful blade needs a new home. 🙂 Cheers! John
  7. Have a pair of very impressive Honomi Koson scrolls available. Excellent condition. Unroll very well and display beautifully. Asking 700$ or best offer. Always open to offers. US shipping is free though international shipping will need to be extra. Cheers! John A. Shea, MD
  8. Thank you Omar! There is a lot of interest in this blade. A lot of emails coming at Andy apparently. 🙂
  9. Another one of my blades. Unpapered. Excellent polish. Great blade. A shoe in for passing shinsa. Open to offers regardless of the reduced price. $1200 http://www.nihonto.us/MUMEI MINO TANTO SHEAY.htm Cheers! John
  10. Thank you for that clarification Piers!
  11. I'm the owner of this blade and the new price (pending site update) will be 13,000$ http://www.nihonto.us/NOBUKUNI KATANA MORI.htm Note, the hozon paper was lost by the previous owner, but can be re-issued if sent back to Japan. Phenomenal blade... Juyo quality if only the rules were different for shinsa. Will consider trade up to 4000$ of the deal if a trade Cheers! John
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