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  1. Paul I will buy this sword if anything goes wrong, help the Brits, we can't get any swords without trouble. Ian Bellis
  2. Looking for nice navy sword in rayskin tsuka,preferably a handmade tamahagane piece in good condition. Hope you can help. Regards Ian
  3. Excellent resource Chris,it's a lot of info on swords,sayas etc. Thanks for the link. Hope you're well. Regards Ian Bellis
  4. Would this be carried by a pilot? Or airstaff ground personal,I haven't seen many air related swords, apart from suicide daggers. Who would wear it. Thanks Thomas. Ian Bellis
  5. Never seen it,but glad you posted it,a lovely dirk,thanks for sharing. Regards Ian Bellis
  6. Must have posted wrong, The top sword is by kuniie, it has a leather sword cover,but type 98 saya in grass green,can't upload bigger picture, sorry Thomas,and Kevin for poor photo, It is a leather saya though, then 2 type 98 sayas. It was only to give an idea.
  7. Sorry for poor picture,but leather covered sword. Regards Ian Bellis
  8. Hi Glad you got your sword,a good start. The paint on the nakago,is probably assembly marks,encountered in blue,yellow,red, it helped parts assembly of tsuba, and tsuka,handle etc,at the selected outfitters. I believe this is their purpose. As for parts you could have a leather saya made,it's cheaper and will look good if made well. Leather sayas turn up,but really it's a hit and miss,finding one that fits. I personally think leather sayas are excellent and yours definitely had one, the saya is textbook for leather covering. The habaki looks an older type,than many ww2 swords I have seen,but I don't know, as the smith is unfamiliar. The label you refer to is a sword part shop,they appear on painted sayas sometimes. I hope you get the saya covered, and the sword looks decent. Good luck and best regards. Ian Bellis
  9. I'm having trouble bidding on ebay, I need a good trustworthy nmb member who will buy a sword for me, and ship it here without any trouble, ie with relevant numbers for customs. Please help. Ian Bellis
  10. Excellent work,love the mystery surrounding Muramasa,and the fear ensued in tokugawa ieaysu being cut by a yari..and so on. His swords are beautiful like masamunes purity,muramasas mystical evil gives magic to something already magical,the Japanese sword. Thanks , I enjoyed reading and seeing swords I never hoped to see. Best regards Ian Bellis
  11. Beautiful sword Travis I wish my budget was near this,a lovely shape, and nice write up, Owazamono and high rating,who could ask for more Good luck, sorry I can't afford it. Regards Ian
  12. Thanks, I'll give it a miss at 7600 gbp Regards Ian Bellis
  13. Been offered this kanenaga, nbthk. I'm learning, is this the real deal, and are these papers still valid. I like the sword but welcome your money saving input. Thanks to all who look,and for all help given. Regards Ian Nagasa 70.5, 1.3Myen
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