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  1. Chris, look's like and excellent conservation job.....very professional ! Cheers, -S-
  2. Great stand, Chris, and a very fine helmet. Can't wait to see what the new year brings, bet the finished product will fulfill your Christmas dreams. Cheers, -S-
  3. Jeremiah, I think it's an excellent example, from the bashing at the mouth of the kozuka it appears to be possibly soldered though, if it were stuck it would have likely come free. As for the dual motif, I think it makes the piece more interesting. -S-
  4. I find your reaction curious Jay, isn't the point of your listing discussion? Discussing is what you received! -S-
  5. It's not unusual for coinage from those courting favor, to come from any widely accepted source. Whether a gift from a country, another royal, or a trader(East India Co.,etc.) gold coins of antiquity would not be surprising. Gold is gold. -S-
  6. Very distressing news, hope he is feeling better soon. The harassment mentioned on facebook is shocking, shame on those involved.
  7. Very instructive, Peter, I enjoyed it, sure many will. Thanks, -S-
  8. Personally, I believe everyone should decide what is of interest to them, what some find interesting others do not....it's not my place to instruct people on what they, should, or should not collect. -S-
  9. Here is another piece that begs the services of an Archeologist in this area of study...otherwise we're all just guessing. -S-
  10. Pietro, Bottom line....this tsuba proves that the dead can live on. -S-
  11. Looks like EVERYTHING has happened to this poor tsuba. -S- p.s.- Geraint, my favorite Python sketch........'Dead?'....."It's resting.....Probably pining for the fjords."
  12. Pietro, Looks like something unearthed during an archaeological dig, If I were you I'd grab it....could be worth a small fortune! -S-
  13. What a beautiful offering Ray, any chance for photos of the tsuba and saya? -S-
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