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  1. Last one and then I swear I’ll stop: this is identified as a Kaichi by a well known Japanese scholar/dealer of netsuke:
  2. For those who remember the sprawling discussion a few months ago on the Japanese representations of the mythical beast 白澤 BaiZe/Hakutaku, I would like to share two more examples of the "flaming horned lion" version that I stumbled onto later. I tried to add them directly to my old summary (see this link) but I can no longer edit it. The first is again by Tachibana Morikuni, in an encyclopedia of Chinese things named "Morokoshi kinmo zui" (see this link): The second is a netsuke in the Go collection at Tokyo National Museum (see this link). This one attests that the shishi-like representation, alternative to the extra-eyed, cow/goat-like representation, is still recognized by Japanese curators as Baize/Hakutaku: Cheers, Pietro
  3. Just in case anyone didn't know: https://archive.org/details/japaneseswordmou00joly/mode/2up
  4. Another tsuba on eBay whose style looks familiar even if the signature 宜壽 Yoshitoshi is not in Markus Sesko's lineage for the Akao & Ito school:
  5. You could try to match them with these pictures from the museum's website: https://colbase.nich.go.jp/organizations/1/collection_items?locale=en&limit=100&organization_id=1&with_image_file=1&only_parent=0&free_word=katana https://colbase.nich.go.jp/organizations/1/collection_items?locale=en&limit=100&organization_id=1&with_image_file=1&only_parent=0&free_word=tachi https://colbase.nich.go.jp/organizations/1/collection_items?locale=en&limit=100&organization_id=1&with_image_file=1&only_parent=0&free_word=wakizashi
  6. I have this cross(?) shaped, unsigned tsuba, papered Shoami: It was discussed earlier in this thread.
  7. Like the weirdly asymmetric hitsu ana? [EDIT: no, that's like the original - sorry] [2nd EDIT: a Tadamasa reproduction was discussed long ago in the forum, but the picture alas has disappeared]
  8. Indeed, he is not in Markus Sesko's genealogy but the theme and the "toshi" suggest some relation.
  9. I'd guess stuff he found while poking around with a metal detector?
  10. Hi Thomas, all of these pictures are discussed at length in the last two pages of this other thread: https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/34920-a-series-of-fittings-or-how-not-to-build-a-collection/ see in particular this summary: https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/34920-a-series-of-fittings-or-how-not-to-build-a-collection/page/20/#comment-398868 The picture that you posted is not a Kirin, unless you use the term in the very wide sense of "mythical horned creature". In particular, Kirin are supposed to have hooves. Based on what transpired from the discussion in the other thread, it appears that yours is rather a 獬豸 (Xiezhi/ Kaichi).
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