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  1. The inlaid brass loops in John's tsuba look better to me (I mean, much more regular) than in the example above.
  2. [Comment removed to "cut some slack", will elaborate on request]
  3. I would cancel, and if you really like the item try to buy it for a lower price at the other auction. I have tried a few times to report obvious frauds to eBay and never received any feedback.
  4. You can post your figurine (maybe a netsuke?) in the section "Other Japanese Arts"
  5. Can I please see a close-up picture of the walnut?
  6. The plug visible in the walnut makes me wonder if it might not be antler instead of ivory. Anyway, you might want to post individual pictures to entice potential buyers.
  7. Buyee has a minimum fee of 500 JPY when you win an item. On top of that they grab a few percent more of the price by applying they own exchange rate. Add local shipping to their warehouse, international shipping (to France, in my case), VAT and custom fees and an item bought at the nominal price of 3400 JPY (i.e. about 26 EUR at mid-market rate) ended up costing 71 EUR.
  8. It is well known that you CAN bring your sword on the plane...
  9. Namitoshi on Facebook by a fellow NMB member:
  10. I can read it without problem on my desktop computer: "This due to the shogunate’s propensity to alter the content of precious metals in their coins. Interesting field of collection. You should hold on to your coins, Piers"
  11. That's a fair point, but ice goby don't seem to have split tail either:
  12. I had noticed the Umetada on eBay, kudos for offering it at a discount to NMB members!
  13. I checked some pictures of Shirouo, I would still vote for eels.
  14. They say 江府住 Kofu ju (also read Efu ju), i.e. "from Edo".
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