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  1. look up takaramono, the straw cape is the invisibility cloak (kakure mino). https://www.printsofjapan.com/Index_Glossary_Kakuremino_thru_Kappazuri.htm
  2. I've just seen this on eBay, but it's probably more than you want to spend: https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Antique-Japanese-2-broken-blade-set-for-tanto-wakizashi-sword-katana-tsuba-armor/254756993955
  3. There seems to be an outbreak of valuable blades laid bare on a hard surface (see also this thread), and nobody says anything... P.S. my apologies, on a closer look I realize that the blade is held above the surface (I see the shadow now)
  4. They are just being diplomatic. As someone commented in a different forum, it probably sold for a “stiff” price...
  5. Also, don't touch the blade as your fingerprints will generate rust, keep it oiled (with the right amount of the right oil), clean it only with a microfiber cloth, and so on and so on. I don't own a sword, but I see these recommendations repeated again and again in this forum. I am sure that some of the helpful sword-lovers here can point you to an adequate source of information.
  6. I’m a bit surprised nobody pointed out yet that you are not supposed to lay a bare blade on a hard surface, as you risk scratching it. Maybe someone can point to a good link for sword care and maintenance? There is a document in “Nihonto info” -> “Research” -> “Japanese sword care and etiquette”, but I suppose that one can find something more detailed.
  7. If you open the profile and click on “display name history”, you’ll see that the original name of this member was “Choji”. I suspect it was not his choice to have the name changed into “Adam again” (just like “Hirohito” became “Fake Babu”).
  8. Is this another clone? https://www.ebay.fr/itm/203147050411
  9. indeed, a search in the forum for “emuseum.jp” gets 30 hits. I should have thought of it...
  10. Just found this site, with multiple high-definition pictures for each sword.
  11. FWIW, when I read your original post I took it for granted that the 1200 were not $
  12. FWIW, Facebook groups do have that function. If you block members, or are blocked by them, their entire activity (past & future) disappears for you, but not for the rest of the group. In case of a dispute, though, I think I would prefer to know what the other party is up to...
  13. PietroParis

    Tsuba motifs ?

    Back to the original image, nobody has addressed yet the elements at “noon” and “six ‘o clock”. Could they be iris heads?
  14. PietroParis

    Tsuba motifs ?

    Not to mention this representation, scarcely different from the geese in the previous page: BTW, I wonder if the motif of this tsuba of mine is plovers or geese:
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