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  1. The top right button looking decoration/button thing, is based on a silver coin from the Tokugawa era. The mamegaita gin coins. The image is Daikoku, god of wealth.
  2. Thank you all so much for your thoughtful and educated replies! I greatly appreciate the time you took to do so. I’m very happy to learn from you all and hope to have more questions for you in the near future. Thanks again!
  3. Ok thanks, when you say tourist market, what do you mean?
  4. My friend is selling these netsuke and needs to know what you all think. Is it possible to tell from pics if they’re ivory? And if possible approximate value. I’m not looking for exact figures but close assumptions. They were purchased in NY about 30 years ago and not cheaply he said. Guesses are welcome! Any info greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  5. Nice c*ck, well it is still the year of the rooster so good timing Love tiny bronzes as they are affordable for me Would love to see pics of the cannon And Tanto54-san, imagine the casting of that piece?! Very nice.
  6. Nice pieces gents, Love bronze also, have some tiny pieces. Possibly Kamakura jidai kakebutsu in rough shape but love it Edo bunchin paperweight Have a few more will post later, thanks for looking
  7. Thank you so much gents!! Greatly appreciated!
  8. Is this an oil lamp? It's copper,. Makers mark is yoshi. I think wick goes in center and side hole is air intake.? Any comments welcome, thanks again.
  9. It says there was trade with China and many merchant and foundries making metal and various objects as well as artists, but I don't gather where it says this is a Chinese ladle, correct me if I'm wrong. Sure it's possible , but if it was here in the middle ages, that's close enough for me.
  10. <img src='https://i.imgur.com/1wq0USp.jpg'/> https://i.imgur.com/1wq0USp.jpg
  11. http://museum.city.fukuoka.jp/archives/leaflet/233/index.html Mine is like this but in good cond, with a shorter handle stem, I'm trying to upload, sorry
  12. Having trouble uploading my pics, what hosting site do you recommend?
  13. Awesome replies, thank you gents! What I got ain't what u got I see that now. I found one example on the net in horrible condition, just says medieval miniature bronze ladle. I'm thinking mine must be for medicine or something else now , after seeing your pics.
  14. Does anyone have any pics or links of PERIOD lead pouring ladles? I think I've come across one in bronze, but can't find any period Japanese examples. Thanks much, Yamabiru
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