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  1. Hello First one must be Bushu. Second one is Hirado school (hizen kinko).
  2. Hello, For the second one, I think the translation that has been given to you 尾府住則亮 作 is correct. Ofu no Jû Norisuke The state is not good. You could post photos of the other tsuba. They could be interesting even if they aren't signed.
  3. Hello, I know that a blade could be papered and polished after make a hagire visible. However, I don't thinks it is the case here. Indeed, the hozon is under papering, so issued recently and we know that polisher has long delay. Moreover, I don't thinks the blade has been polished recently because there is some scratches and something that looks like oxydation/rust just above the ha machi. Quite strange the blade passed the Hozon, and quite strange that Aoiart doesn't spoke about these hagire in his descriptions.
  4. Hello, 20500-2.jpg (1800×7718) (aoijapan.com) Does I al the only the one to see 2 hagire on this blade, not indicated on the description and with a recent NBTHK Hozen (aoiart said the "paper will be issued later") ?!? A modern blade with a hagire and a recent NBKTH paper. Does I missed something ?
  5. I don't bought them. Ok thanks for the advise. So better avoid to buy a teppo with a shiny barrel. Good to know !
  6. Thanks for your reply. It is more or less what I guess, like a nakago or a tsuba: to don't touch the patina. So better if it is not cleaned. Anthony, don't worry, I won't remove any patina I just asked because I recently see 2 teppo with bright steel cleaning.
  7. Hello, I recently see 2 teppo with a very clean barrel without rust. My knowledge about teppo is very very limited. Sorry for the basic question, but how the barrel is supposed to be ? Does the rust should be present, as on the nakago of a sword, or does it should it be in a mint steel condition ? Thanks Sébastien
  8. Not for a bokken or naginata, otherwise the hole would have been centered in the "tsuba".
  9. Hello, Probably a (very late) tsuba transformed in a photo frame.
  10. Sorry, I don't have any other photos of the nakago, neither of the blade. As you said, I moved on on this sword. However, thanks for the interest on my post
  11. Sorry for late. Here 2 oshigata of Bitchu Yoshitsugu from Nihonto Zuikan Koto volum.
  12. Jussi, I thinks you speak about item 34 not 24. However, here is an oshigata of this Kunishige. Mei looks good for me.
  13. Thank you both for your comments. I know it is hard based only on photo. I can add that kasane is arount 6 mm at mune machi. I would expect a little more for a shinto blade and that's also why I have doubt on which period. Yes, Chris, the hamon as a lot of small activities and bigger ones near the ha machi. hada is more tricky to see and more and more difficulte to catch with the camera ! I bought it only 5 days ago. I do not have long time to study it deeper. Here is the saya with the accumulated dust. Previous owner hang the sword on the wall for 70 years ! It was almost black. Once cleaned, saya show a nice green lacquer with mother-of-pearl spangles.
  14. Hello John, Unfortunately the blade has too much scratches to be able to sort out good pics. For the hada, it looks like nagare and hamon seems to be in ko nie deki. My gut feeling goes to Shinto Seki or Owari, but I requested opinion based on photo to don"t influence someone in a school or another. Anyway, thanks for the interest
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