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  1. Gunome

    Unusual tanto tsuba

    Indeed, should have a mimi and been like my Kyo Sukashi.
  2. Hello, Nice Kozuka. At this price, you make a great deal ! Congrats
  3. Hello, Maybe Nobumura 宣村 ?
  4. Hello First one must be Bushu. Second one is Hirado school (hizen kinko).
  5. Hello, For the second one, I think the translation that has been given to you 尾府住則亮 作 is correct. Ofu no Jû Norisuke The state is not good. You could post photos of the other tsuba. They could be interesting even if they aren't signed.
  6. Hello, I know that a blade could be papered and polished after make a hagire visible. However, I don't thinks it is the case here. Indeed, the hozon is under papering, so issued recently and we know that polisher has long delay. Moreover, I don't thinks the blade has been polished recently because there is some scratches and something that looks like oxydation/rust just above the ha machi. Quite strange the blade passed the Hozon, and quite strange that Aoiart doesn't spoke about these hagire in his descriptions.
  7. Hello, 20500-2.jpg (1800×7718) (aoijapan.com) Does I al the only the one to see 2 hagire on this blade, not indicated on the description and with a recent NBTHK Hozen (aoiart said the "paper will be issued later") ?!? A modern blade with a hagire and a recent NBKTH paper. Does I missed something ?
  8. I don't bought them. Ok thanks for the advise. So better avoid to buy a teppo with a shiny barrel. Good to know !
  9. Thanks for your reply. It is more or less what I guess, like a nakago or a tsuba: to don't touch the patina. So better if it is not cleaned. Anthony, don't worry, I won't remove any patina I just asked because I recently see 2 teppo with bright steel cleaning.
  10. Hello, I recently see 2 teppo with a very clean barrel without rust. My knowledge about teppo is very very limited. Sorry for the basic question, but how the barrel is supposed to be ? Does the rust should be present, as on the nakago of a sword, or does it should it be in a mint steel condition ? Thanks Sébastien
  11. Not for a bokken or naginata, otherwise the hole would have been centered in the "tsuba".
  12. Hello, Probably a (very late) tsuba transformed in a photo frame.
  13. Sorry, I don't have any other photos of the nakago, neither of the blade. As you said, I moved on on this sword. However, thanks for the interest on my post
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