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  1. Mantetsu - obviously many years ago an antique dealer tried to sell me a Mantetsu blade , the dealers translation was it said , leaping tiger in the spring time
  2. sorry to disagree but, IMHO 100% fake you can see the burr marks on the Ana tang hole are still fresh looking , plus the Fuchi is signed upside down, the tsuka ito wrap all going in the same direction , the Habaki looks very suspect too ,, looks like a Chinese fake to me . just my two pennies worth
  3. please sign your posts it the forum rules, The mounts are of the theme - Shoki the demon killer , Shoki is the one on the Tsuba .
  4. i am just wondering looking at the second photo what all the little indentations are just above the Ana on the left hand side , a stamp removed ? ?
  5. kanbun , if correct ? kaneshige ?
  6. Hi Bruce that would be good to post elsewhere for an other opinion , sorry i meant to like your post pressed unlike by mistake ,Oop's
  7. Hi Dean in the nicest way , please clean all the finger prints of the blade ASAP , they will become a permanent mark if not wiped off ,
  8. Hi John 30 plus years ago, was it really worth faking basic officer tassels , i am not sure why they would bother back then , just my two pennies worth The tassels i have never came through any dealer or auction sales , they were acquired through private sales , so i had know reason to doubt they were not original to the swords , i just thought they were some sort unrecorded tassel ? but it will be interesting to find out .
  9. just adding a couple of pics of these unusual tassel colors as previously mentioned , which have been mounted and show some signs of ware and tear , Admin , please move to another topic if not suitable in this post .
  10. I have an almost identical tassel as above with a maroon outer and red inner coloring and another with maroon outer and blue on the inside of the tassel . I have had these two tassels for well over 30yrs plus , were they faking tassels back then ? i always thought they maybe some sort of civilian issued tassel / rank ?
  11. Hi Mark i am not sure if Roy Lindus still has his old web site running ? but he had a lot of swords with all sorts of documentation he got from the previous owners .
  12. Paul i suspected that would be pretty much the answer .
  13. ? Would this happen if a sword was re-tempered ?
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