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  1. Bruno I do not want a fight , but , the polisher in question will not thank me for this who has been a very good friend of mine for over 30yrs . But when you have been told by NBTHK to sit in the front row of the annual polishing seminar, so you can be issued with a NBTHK certificate and told you are now ready to polish and submit your blades for judgement to the NBTHK in front all the polishers and senior judges who attended the seminar , that again is enough of an endorsement for me . as Colin said , no more debate about amateur polishing please.
  2. Bruno the Togoshi lives in Scotland , and before anyone starts ranting about who it is ! i do not want any conflict here , if the NBTHK says he is good enough to polish swords , that is ok by me .
  3. Hi Colin . I have just had a shira saya made for a Tachi blade of mine , handed back last weekend at the reginal Token event in Scotland , if you want a shira saya made contact Mike Hick-man Smith , he has access to some very nice Honoki wood from Japan, and it is now in a que for a polish .
  4. Volker my pleasure , just happened to have the very book in my office drawer , i hope it is what you were looking for .
  5. Hi Paz do yourself a big favour join the Token Society , they have reginal meetings through out the year all over the UK , even go to the Birmingham Arms fair and meet fellow collectors and see what's available , lots of UK based dealers as well.
  6. Hi Dave , you have supplied the date , which is dated Showa 1943 , the numbers are generally accepted as factory assembly numbers for matching up the sword fittings .
  7. very surprised, That the tsuba in question would be in any of there sales , especially when they a have a very experienced consultant ?
  8. Hi Inna The sword is signed Masanori and dated 1944 , most likely a showato blade . just my two pence worth ,
  9. Sorry Brian , no idea how it formatted that way ? just copied it over from an auction page .
  10. apologies , i am not sure why the photo has come out that way ? i looked at mura as the second kanji but was not 100% sure it was a good match. Nobu for the first kanji looks very close .
  11. Need help with this one . seems to be an easy mei , but struggling to find the kanji for this one ? 1100120498 (Small).jfif1100120498 (Small).jfif
  12. I thought it may be more interesting with the additional Kanji , but could not figure it all out , thanks again for the help . final sale room hammer price was £2200.00 , plus the 24% commission +17.5 % VAT not cheap for an average Shin-Shinto Smith .
  13. some better close up shots , looks like a decent smith ,
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