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  1. Hi Inna The sword is signed Masanori and dated 1944 , most likely a showato blade . just my two pence worth ,
  2. Sorry Brian , no idea how it formatted that way ? just copied it over from an auction page .
  3. apologies , i am not sure why the photo has come out that way ? i looked at mura as the second kanji but was not 100% sure it was a good match. Nobu for the first kanji looks very close .
  4. Need help with this one . seems to be an easy mei , but struggling to find the kanji for this one ? 1100120498 (Small).jfif1100120498 (Small).jfif
  5. I thought it may be more interesting with the additional Kanji , but could not figure it all out , thanks again for the help . final sale room hammer price was £2200.00 , plus the 24% commission +17.5 % VAT not cheap for an average Shin-Shinto Smith .
  6. some better close up shots , looks like a decent smith ,
  7. Kyle / Steve , many thanks , photos are not great , really appreciate you help .
  8. A friend just pointed this sword out to me at an auction tomorrow , shin-shinto by the look of the date , any idea what the rest of the inscription is ? poor pictures and the blade has few issues ,chips etc. best i have at the moment.
  9. At first glance , it IS NAGAMITSU . we need more photos to try and put a date on it !
  10. I also had an identical Shin-Gunto mounted sword like this , sold the sword , got it back 10yrs later , but with a normal Gunto Tsuba , still chasing the last owner who says he has the original tsuba somewhere ? I am still hoping to get it back .
  11. Sam , I hate say it again this week , but another Chinese copy , IMHO , save your money for a real one .
  12. hate to say it , but it looks like another fake sword , need more photo's to be 100% Mei looks like it has been done with engraving tool ??
  13. Hi Dan , sorry too disagree , but it looks like a drilled hole to me , you can even see the burr marks , IMHO i would say it is a Showa sword , we need more photos to be a 100%
  14. sorry , another Chinese fake , trying to be a Japanese sword IMHO
  15. hi Jon I would recommend you contact , Mike Hick-Man Smith, he makes very good shira-saya, i would think he could help you out , or contact him through the Token Society .
  16. hi Brian does the board still work / operate with internet explorer , it is working but almost unrecognisable as to what was a few days ago . I can go through Google chrome OK , but just asking the question if Internet explorer is now not supported anymore ?
  17. Hi Hugh that's unfortunate , but there will be more get-togethers , now that things seem to be getting back to some sort of normality ? check your messages , I will leave my contact number if you want to chat .
  18. hi Hugh check your messages, left you a message , if you have not already got the times and venue , message me for them please..
  19. hi Robert, see you there, answered your reply on FB , spoke to Les yesterday , he will be there as well with Ryan , lets hope there is a good turn out .
  20. Hi Hugh once i have the details about the meeting , i will let you know ASAP.
  21. hi Hugh where in Ayrshire , i know a few collector's and Token members in Scotland , there is maybe a meeting at the end of this Month in Glasgow , still to be confirmed ,
  22. The Kashira , reminds me a bit of some Ko - Mino style works ??
  23. Need better photos , to be a 100% sure .
  24. Andre , not vague reply from Dwayne , it is basically a fake / copy of Japanese shin-Gunto sword , made to deceive ,and made in China . just google fake Chinese Shin-Gunto swords , you will soon see there are lots, hope you did not pay a lot of money for this one , and it is not very old sorry ,
  25. hi Gary Sorry , as you suspected ? and as others have said , a very poor Imation of a Japanese sword , it Is a wall hanger at best , with very little ££ value .
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