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  1. Whoever did the sanding to remove rust has already damaged the geometry; that should not be done. Please post entire nakago (bare blade handle area) both sides.
  2. Shinto probably.... would look nice polished, but the polisher would have to correct some geometry issues from an amateur's fiddling.
  3. One thing that can be said about polishing by an experienced polisher is that the sword will always end up looking better, even if it is not possible to be perfect due to structural flaws. The Japanese saying was something to the effect of....better to wear away than rust away.
  4. In my opinion there is no way to make that determination^^^^ without the sword in hand and with experience in polishing rusty damaged swords.
  5. Condition is poor but there may be a lot of potential there.....the habaki is quite fancy, which usually indicates a good sword. More knowledgeable people will comment soon, I am sure.
  6. SAS

    Mumei Wakizashi

    Early Shinto based on shape and hamon, too bad about the nakago, have to see it in hand to see if it can be rescued.
  7. There are some hike, but i actually think the activities are easy to see....I would call the polish a bit stark but not poor. Lots to look at! Worth shinsa imo.
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