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  1. Throw away opinion....suriage Muromachi sword, Mino, chipped ha unlikely to be economically removed.
  2. Namikawa Heibei has been very responsive when i ordered supplies, never had an issue.
  3. Mine is supposed to auto renew also, will keep a lookout for it as I just got the notification.
  4. Being able to perform the work correctly is a substantial hurdle; the other is access to good stones. My belief is that the best stones never leave Japan except in limited quantities. This limits the results using traditional methods outside of Japan.
  5. SAS

    Sword ID help

    A good polisher can repatinate the nakago if needed.
  6. Peter sees not only into the future, but the past as well
  7. Mei removed perhaps...I like the blade though. Later Koto perhaps, tsuba is questionable, but not my area.
  8. SAS

    Help Needed With Sword

    Hurts my eyes, glad you asked first.
  9. My guess is real and shinshinto, looks decent depending on price.
  10. Withdrawn until further notice, thanks. GTH (Gone to Hawaii)
  11. SAS

    Sword identification

    I would think Kanbun Shinto later 1600s, that hamon is rocking. A good polish would really make it zing.
  12. How about an Aizu Kunisada wakizashi in shirasaya, signed and dated circa 1688, in reasonable polish, notare/ midare hamon in nioi, for about $1500 USD? PM me if interested......
  13. Those marks appear to be too deep to be shinae; they look like kirikomi to me, but how they got there nobody will be able to say.
  14. The sword hints at having some interesting activities, but the last "polish" seems to have blurred the geometry somewhat, and the finish is not clear enough to reveal its full possibilities. In proper polish, I suspect it will be an interesting sword, though whether that is economically feasible depends on one's own definition.
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