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  1. SAS

    opinion on tanto

    Hi Chris, how is life under the long white cloud? As i am far away from all of my references, all i can say is merely an uninformed opinion that the mei is not executed with confidence , without having compared it to known authentic examples. Wish i could be more help.......
  2. As to the hamon running into the nakago; the appearance seems to show that the blade is machi okuri, based on the location of the nakagoana , and the coloration of the top of the nakago. This would account for the hamon running into the nakago. Appears to be late koto or early shinto, can't say much more due to condition.
  3. Your projected cost of $800 for polishing your sword is about 1/3 the cost that a competent polisher would charge; therefore i am thinking that you should skip the cheapo polish and sell the sword for your cost, and move on. Otherwise, the chance of your sword being ruined by an unqualified polisher is too high, as you generally will get what you pay for, and it is easy to ruin a sword if one does not know any better.
  4. No, only what other minerals are present.
  5. I do not recall the specifics, but gold was said to have been incorporated in the forging of some special blades.
  6. Hey, he's Japanese, what could go wrong? (sarcasm on) I agree, better to let him rot in obscurity
  7. SAS

    Any guesses?

    Nice koshirae and decent blade, shinshinto feel, the hamon reminds me of someone, but my books are far away. i would go for the trade.
  8. If the blade was in a certain condition when it was given to a craftsman, it should be returned in the same condition, unless it was submitted for polish, in which case it should be in better condition afterwards. Personally, i would absorb the cost of repairs if this had happened in my shop; I would see it as the right thing to do.
  9. If the saya maker damaged the blade in the process of making the saya, it is unlikely that the saya is of good quality. I would not polish the blade at this point. Who are we discussing?
  10. 1660 to 1680s.
  11. SAS

    An Old Ken

    Looks awesome, like a relic from (Kofun?) one of the old burial tumulus of old Japan.
  12. Throw away opinion....suriage Muromachi sword, Mino, chipped ha unlikely to be economically removed.
  13. Namikawa Heibei has been very responsive when i ordered supplies, never had an issue.
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