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  1. The mei is "Shoami" for the tsuba 3
  2. With the kanji : 正之
  3. Hello, Last kanji is Yuki, so Masayuki Looks good to me (not cast)
  4. Hello, As it is Umetada school, could it be Ume flower shape & design ?!
  5. No problem for the off topic Thanks for last sharing. Nice kozuka, far better than my tsuba !
  6. I own 2 nice aizu shoami tsuba but for this one I didn't recognize the aizu shoami style, that's why I requested opinion. I notice the one you share has same "grid" design. So could be a possibility, but always hard to compare kinko with iron. Anyway thanks again for your input. I appreciate
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't thought to Aizu Shoami school because the workmanship is not so close of they usual works, but why not ?! Shoami styles are so large ! I will try to see if I found something similar or close in that school. Thanks again
  8. Many thanks Mauro, these informations are very interesting ! I wasn't aware of this ceremony. I wondered why there is a fish head, but make sense now with your explanation ! Regarding the school, what about Mito ?! Thanks
  9. Hello, I have no idea what school this tsuba could be. The patern show an Oni and holly leaves. Do you know if it is related to legend or a particular theme ? If you have an opinion, I would love to hear it
  10. Thanks for the information !
  11. Hello John, Thanks for sharing these observations and for this article I would like to share severals assumptions with you: - I think these tsuba are latter production (bakumatsu) and not so older (17/18th Century) as you suggest. - The quality is very different from ones to another. I may suggest there was several workshops, all in the same area, all reproducing the same model, but not with the same talent/quality. - I don't know if Japanese use the mercury gold technic. Gold gilding could be gold lacquer ? - regarding the punch mark on the nakago ana, I am not convinced by the quality control mark assumption. I think these punch marks could support the tourist theory, and were done to make tsuba more real and older, as if it had been mounted on a sword. However it is quite common to see these tsuba mounted on some koshirae. So could be also to fit to a blade in remote cases. Regards
  12. Gunome

    Mon stamped saya

    Hello, I have a saya with snow flakes stamped. Yours is with kiri. Maybe a mon, maybe just decorative purpose
  13. My first thought was Goto. Seems the mimi is in gold nanako, isn't it ?
  14. Hello, It is a sansaku yari. Probably late Edo. The mei is "Mito Ju Nori" something. Maybe Noriyuki ?!
  15. Gunome


    Hello, It is signed Nobuyoshi 信吉
  16. Hello, I think too. It looks like a cast tsuba. I also see the cast line on the mimi
  17. Gunome

    New addition

    Very nice Chris !
  18. Hello In my opinion it is not the initial hitsu ana shape. It must have been enlarged later probably to fit a koshirae. Kyle, yours also show stamps cuts at hitsu ana. So maybe a later addition?! If you check carefully the stamps, some are similar designs but show differences in the details. Hence IMHO not the same stamp tool use on ichijo's tsuba and yours. If you have doubts/convictions, you can still send it to a shinsa to see if panels considers it as ichijo, den or another call.
  19. Many thanks for your comments and clarification on suaka/aka-gane/copper wording I Don't think too it is ichijo. I look at several Ichijo tsuba with this kind of stamps, and hitsu ana are longer, the tsuka shape and the ishime are a little different.
  20. Thanks Ford for this very instructive explanation. I have such tsuba I considered as an "Ichijo school" and made with suaka & sentoku. So based on your reply, I must review my opinion as a tsuba from "Ichijo follower" tsubako instead of "school" and made with brass and not sentoku. However, for the other face, is it copper or suaka ? May I ask you what's your opinion on my tsuba ?
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