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  1. Hello, You are right, last bunch of oshigata is only Kyo. Based on the index, there is : - "Kyo tamba kami" shodai, nidai, yondai and godai - "Enryoshi, Kyo tamba kami" shichidai - "Osaka tamba kami" shodai, nidai, sandai I Don't add the Yamato ones as Piers' sword is signed Tamba no Kami. Here are better pics of Osaka ones:
  2. Hello, I tried to redo photos. I hope it is better now
  3. Hello Piers, On my phone I can click on the picture and then enlarge it. Indeed, some pics are blurred, but some seems readible. However, I will try to redo it better
  4. Hello, Here is what there is in Nihonto Zuikan for Tamba no kami Yoshimichi Sorry for poor quality of the picture
  5. Hello Morita san, Many thanks for the translation
  6. Hello, Can someone help me to decipher the 3rd kanji of this mei ? it is Goto XX jo + Kao Sorry for bad quality of photo, I just have this one and it is fuzzy. Many thanks Sébastien
  7. A gentle member notice me I replied on a wrong topic. So I repost these tsuba in the good topic
  8. Gunome

    theme of tsuba help

    Hello, Nice tsuba and nice pics ! Not sure it is Jakushi due to the shape of your tsuba and the shape of the hitsu ana. Usually Jakushi are maru or nagamaru gata. Moreover the quality seems better that usual Jakushi. However, I have no clue of what it could be. Maybe Shoami ? And of course I could be wrong Regards
  9. Regarding the lot 74, there not only Natsuo. Look at the one on the left, it is signed Goto Ichijo. I don't know if mei is good, but it don't seems odd to me and I know ichijo did some kozuka with this kind of patern.
  10. Hello, N°4 : Choshu tomohisa
  11. Thanks for the update. The new look is very nice ! Well done !
  12. Gunome

    Tsuba sukashi dragon

    Hello Bruno. Indeed same splitted bamboo and dragon pattern. This Choshu tsuba is far better than mine ! Thanks, I will look on choshu then.
  13. Hello, Nice tsuba. In my opinion, based on the patern and workmaship, it is an Akasaka. Not sure it is worth to send to shinsa to still have an Akasaka attribution, and just change the color of the paper. For kantei points: the round mimi, the shape of the seppa dai and the sukashi technic. And problably other kantei points that more knowledgable will complete
  14. Here is mine, on a Bizen shinto wakizashi
  15. Gunome

    Tsuba sukashi dragon

    Only one reply. Well, seems I am not alone to be puzzled by an attribution to this one
  16. Very nice tsuba. I would go on Goto school for this one
  17. Gunome

    Tsuba sukashi dragon

    Hello Ken, Thanks for your reply. I don't think it could be Akasaka as the dragon are carved in 3D. For Owari I don't know, I will look into this direction. thanks
  18. Hello, I would like to know your opinion about of this tsuba and a possible school. By default I would said Shoami, but I am not totally satisfy with this attribution. Tsuba is quite thick and mimi is rounded. Iron is not very dense. The disign is 2 dragons Thanks
  19. Gunome

    Tsuba gimei

    Happy Birthday
  20. Congrat for your very nice tsuba collection ! A lot of them are very desirable
  21. Gunome

    Kantei fun

    Could it be a Hayashi 3rd generation ?
  22. Gunome

    Kantei fun

    #2 is Higo. isn't it ?
  23. Gunome

    Kantei fun

    Hello, Maybe Kinai, but it would be an atypical work ?!
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