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  1. And of course the homepage of the komiya family: http://www.siroukunimitu.com/?mode=pc
  2. Yes, knives and swords. https://youtu.be/xlK0rc-CkNs
  3. John, I saw your Kunimitsu in Kai Gunto Koshirae and added it to "my Oshigata database". You are right there are not many of his blades and sometimes I found unfortunately wrong information on the Internet about Kunimitsu. And google does not always translate the Japanese correctly. But it is fun to collect the information. :-)
  4. Hi John, thank you very much for your support, I appreciate it.
  5. I was able to get a few names with the help from R. Stein's site (http://www.japaneseswordindex.com/tosho.htm). I find such photos very interesting and always nice when you have a face to the blacksmith. I think others might also be interested in the translation.
  6. Please everything with the names. :-)))
  7. It would have to be at the Komiya family home. I recognize Muto Hidehiro.
  8. Hello, I am currently working on a summary about Komiya Shiro Kunimitsu. I hope someone can help me with the translation of the following two photos (Source: Kurihara Hikosaburo Akihide Zen Kiroku by Tsuchika Tameo). Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for the link, Ken. I have read that of course. I would have thought that there is a name when the Hamon before Yokote suddenly changes the line such as "Yakidashi" the start of the Hamon at Hamachi. But not everything always has to have a name. Yes, it is very sad about the Kissaki. This blade is a Gendaito of Hiromasa 1943.
  10. It is not easy to photograph. I have never seen this "sudden drop" of Hamon just before the Yokote.
  11. Hello, I would like to ask you if this course of the Hamon to the Boshi has a special name. Maybe someone of you can show me more examples.
  12. Hello Together, I would like to offer this Sakura Koshirae for sale for 450€. Tsunagi is not high quality, but holds everything together. Fuchi has a dent and the Ito is cracked (was glued). A donation goes to the NMB.
  13. Hello, because it just fits to this topic. A very rare tanto of Yoshichika in Shirasaya.
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