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  1. This is the link.: https://www.ebay.com/itm/143800752367 The seller only wants to ship within the U.S. Maybe a member from the U.S. can buy it for me
  2. Hey Brandon, no, unfortunately I could not buy it, because the seller does not offer international shipping. He has promised to inform about a shipping to germany, but he has not contacted me anymore. What a pity. You can still find it on ebay.
  3. Hi Mal, I have also downloaded the file and think it is great. I like it very much. Thanks for your time and effort.
  4. I found the sword here: https://www.egun.de/market/item.php?id=12744766 But I think it is a bit too expensive.
  5. Hello, I wanted to ask you for help with this Gunto Mei. Thank you.
  6. Hello, i found a sword in type 98 Koshirae at an auction. Unfortunately the translation of the Mei is missing. Can someone help me please. Thanks.
  7. Hello together, I would be happy if someone of you can help me with this mei. Thank you very much. X Mitsu ?
  8. Thanks a lot, Matt. I was insecure, because the condition of the tassel is much too good :-)
  9. Hello, I'd also like to hear your opinion on this tassel. I cut a small piece of the thread and set it on fire to check if it is silk. It is, but that doesn't mean anything. A good reproduction can also be made of silk. Thank you.
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