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  1. rodrig4


    Hello. the nakago is signed bishu osafune but it is sawn and the rest is not engraved. when the certificate, could you tell me if it is a fake? cordially. Gerard R.
  2. Hello. Could someone explain to me the difference between a real NBTHK Hozon Token Paper and a fake. because I am interested in a katana whose nbthk papers are pale yellow in color. thank you in advance
  3. rodrig4


    Hello. I can't find any trace of this blacksmith called YOSHIFUSA 義 房 which could be dated to the Koto period. but above all could you confirm this signature as being that of YOSHIFUSA. cordially. R Gérard.
  4. Good evening. here is a description of the blade that I presented this afternoon; Wakizashi blade and habaki. Unsigned. Out of polish, sold as is. Nagasa: 38.7 cm. Sori: 0.6 cm. Moto-haba: 2.8 cm. Saki-haba: 2.2 cm. Moto-gasane: 0.5 cm. Saki-gasane: 0.4 cm. Boshi is different, its temper is unknown to me. The mune oscillates between kaku-mune and maru-mune. The shinogi is closer to the mune like the yamashiro school. The nakago looks like funa-gata.
  5. .Bonjour. pourriez-vous m'aider à traduire ces kanji s'ils représentent quand même une signature. Je vous remercie. RG.
  6. Hello. I can't translate these kanji. A little help would be welcome. Cordially. Gerard.
  7. rodrig4


    Hello. I cannot translate this signature. I think the second kanji means MASA, there is also saku kore, but for the rest ... a little help would be welcome. have a good day. R gérard.
  8. Hello.
    thank you for this valuable information.

    gerard R.

  9. Hello.
    thank you for this valuable information.

    gerard R.

  10. Hello. these kanji are painted on the back of this water pipe. could I know the meaning? thank you in advance . cordially. Rodriguez.
  11. Wakizashi in shirasaya. Signed: "Kanemoto". delivered with its shirasaya and tsunagi. In old polish, kitae kizu, three chips on the ha. sold as is. Nagasa: 44.1 cm. Sori: 0.8 cm. Moto-haba: 2.6 cm. Saki-haba: 1.9 cm. Moto-gazane: 0.5 cm. Saki-gazane: 0.4 cm. Bare blade weight: 354 gr. Nakago: 12.5 cm. Dressed blade weight: 760 gr. Total log: 67 cm. Tsuba signed KANEIE, YAMASHIRO (NO) KUNI FUSHIMI (NO) JU. LG; 72 mm. Lg; 66 mm. Th. ; 5mm. Weight: 116 grs. Forged tsuba. Probable dated EDO period of the blade. for sale 700 euros. Wakizashi in shirasaya.docx 4.html
  12. Good evening.
    thank you for this prompt response.
    good night.


  13. Hello. Could you tell me if this is the signature of KANEMOTO. I recognize the first kanji of KANE but not the second. cordially. Rodriguez.
  14. Wakizashi blade. Signed: "Kaga no Kami Kiyoshige." Surface scratches and oxidation. Guaranteed against hagire. Nagasa: 41.9 cm. Sori: 0.9 cm. Moto-haba: 2.9 cm. Saki-haba: 2.2 cm. Moto-gasane: 0.6 cm. Saki-gasane: 0.5 cm. Hada: mokume. Hamon: mixed gunome. mune : iori mune. kitae kizu. Bare blade weight: 430 gr. Dressed blade weight: 828 gr. Copper tsuba dressed in round Kebori ear patterns. Weight: 130 grs. price : 830 $.
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