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  1. Noshu___. That is another way of writing SHU.
  2. Generally around 1782-1876 (different references specify Shinshinto as having a different range). Later part of the Edo period. There were several Bizen Kanemitsu, but the inscription should be researched. It may be questionable.
  3. Yes, autocorrect to blame. Thanks Mark.
  4. The kanteisho is Tokubetsu Hozon. Your paper does not specify the generation but this is the nidai. https://nihontoclub.com/smiths/KAN163
  5. Nanbu Fujiwara Kanenori tsukuru EDIT: Autocorrect error above. Should have read Kanemori.
  6. Signed Bizen Osafune Kanemitsu. Appears to be a Shinshinto tanto, late Edo.
  7. Bunmei 4 would be 1472. The blade is katakiriba? I will look for an oshigata from that same time period, but it would be surprised if this mei is not authentic for one of the Bizen Norimitsu. I believe that is the later part of "Kansho" Norimitsu's working time period
  8. Thanks so much Morita-san, I didn't see moto at all. Kind regards, Ray
  9. Perhaps Noshu Mino [_?_] Zenjo Fujiwara Kanechika
  10. Hi Bruno, this looks like Mino Zenjo Kanechika. If not Kanechika then Kanenobu, but it looks much more like Kanechika: 兼近.
  11. Sharing a post below from Facebook. I know many of us here knew Larry from the community and the US sword shows over the years. My condolences to all here who knew him. It is with a heavy heart that I bring sad news of the passing of a long time collector and friend, Larry Klahn, of La Crosse, WI. I met Larry some 40 years ago. He ran a martial arts school in La Crosse and was with the sheriff's department where he was a SWAT trainer and a member of the tactical team for many years. Larry was familiar to most who attended the regional military and sword shows. He was a passionate collector with many friends in many different spheres. About 15 years ago Larry's health went south and after a long period, he was diagnosed with Lyme's disease. Left untreated for so long, it did a great deal of damage. He recently had a hip replaced after a long wait but came down with covid a week or so ago. Due to his underlying health issues, he lost his last fight. Larry and I had many good times together- we promoted a few sword shows together, we spent time enjoying swords, shooting, trout fishing, eating pizza and as Larry called it, "talking big". As many will attest, Larry was always ready to help and always someone fun to be around. He will be missed greatly by many. As if this isn't sad enough, I have to add one more bit of bad news. ...While Larry was in the hospital, his school/apartment was broken into and he was robbed. The police have caught the person responsible but are trying to reclaim the swords and firearms that the individual stole and sold all over the SW part of the Wisconsin, Iowa and MInnesota. If anyone hears of any recent swords purchases made from a guy with tattoos and a red van, please let me know so I can forward the info to the La Crosse police department. - Chris Bowen
  12. Unfortunately this does not appear to be a Japanese sword.
  13. I am sure I'll be wrong, but looks like: 明神九六所宮月 (Myōjin kyuroku-tokoro Miyatsuki)
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