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  1. I just wanted to add a comment here giving special emphasis to how excellent and healthy this particular example is. From the very thick kasane, to the healthy appearance of the jitetsu and hamon, you really feel the remarkably good state of preservation of this sword. Whoever purchases this sword will be overwhelmingly pleased. Best regards, Ray
  2. If I remember correctly, Yoshimitsu called this "hitatsura choji" and as said above it seen in his Yamadorige/Sanchomo utushimono.
  3. Compare with examples of Okisato (Kotetsu)
  4. Greg, someone just listed an Echizen wakizashi for sale on the group I manage on Facebook. See the link below and click on the DISCUSSION tab. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1310291582446519/buy_sell_discussion * Note that it is not my sale, just sharing the link because it seems to fit the profile you have asked for. Contact the owner directly: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1310291582446519/user/100000823413671/.
  5. This is a lovely mitokoromono depicting Hotei dreaming on his bag of treasures, attributed to Kaga Goto. The branch of the Goto family called Kaga Goto is primarily represented by those mainline headmasters who worked directly for the Maeda daimyo in Kaga: Tokujo(5), Kenjo (7) and Teijo (9). Kaga Goto works show exceptional quality and are certainly on par with works of the mainline family. The condition is excellent and viewed closely you can see the careful modeling of the texture of his face and bag. Beautiful work. This is a set to either appreciate on its own, or would be an excellent choice for use when assembling koshirae for a high class tanto. $2,250 (plus shipping and PayPal)
  6. Yes, that is correct. 7 sun 1 bu in length or 21.5cm. Best regards, Ray
  7. This is an ubu signed and dated Bizen Harumitsu tanto which is in truly the best possible condition. The kasane remains 9mm thick and the jitetsu is completely healthy throughout. The hamon is a lovely and bright suguha with small gonome and ashi. In shirasaya with exceptional gold foil rising sun habaki, there is also an aikuchi koshirae with a matched mitokoromono (the kozuka having a questionable Yoshioka mei). The blade has a date of February, 1572. With NBTHK Hozon kanteisho. $4,500 (plus shipping and PayPal)
  8. No, this mei is Hoki (no) kuni Ohara Sanemori saku. Appears to be referring to the famous Ko-Hoki smith.
  9. Additional and final reduction to $4,950 (plus shipping and PayPal). Best regards, Ray
  10. The owner of the Omi Daijo Tadahiro has offered a large discount on this sword to $5,500 (plus shipping & PayPal). Please reach out to raymondsinger@gmail.com with any questions. Best regards, Ray
  11. Both the sayagaki and mei appears to read: 薩陽士元平 - Satsuyō-shi Motohira This is the mei of two generations of swordsmiths working in Satsuma in the late Edo period.
  12. I do not think this is Sukemune. I am seeing 助家 (Sukeie).
  13. 波平 - Naminohira___ (perhaps Naminohira Yasuyuki?) 信國 - Nobukuni
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