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  1. Nice gendaito by the Mino smith Kanekuni. In shirasaya with shin-gunto koshirae. This is a slender blade with a long nakago. Jihada is a very vivid itame-nagareru (running itame with a masame feel places). Hamon is gonome with kinsuji and inazuma all over. A very interesting sword with much activity to enjoy. $4,250 (plus shipping and PayPal) Mei: Kanekuni saku Nagasa: 62.2cm Moto-haba: 2.77cm Sori: 1.2cm Kasane: 0.7mm
  2. Offering a long gendai tanto by the smith Kuniharu measuring 30.2cm (.996 shaku, just under wakizashi length). It is extremely thick at 9mm kasane and has a 2.8cm moto-haba. The jihada is itame with some chikei. There is a long forging line, not a kitae-ware, but showing a join between two layers. There is however a smaller kitae-ware in the monouchi and several pinholes in the ji. The tanto is a special order piece and is dated Showa 49. Gold-foil habaki and high-quality shirasaya. Details from Sesko's entry on this smith attached. - $1,950 (plus shipping and PayPal). 為三谷勇代 陸奥津輕住國治作 昭和二二十九年吉月日 恋都國
  3. Not a problem. I think it likely to be one of the Sue-koto Terushige. Please see below. https://nihontoclub.com/view/smiths/meisearch?type=All&mei_op=allwords&mei=武州+照重
  4. Bushu ju Terushige. Shitahara smith. Shinto.
  5. Definitely Kanetsuna. See examples showing the TSUNA kanji below. https://www.aoijapan.net/tanto-kanetsuna-saku-seki/ https://www.aoijapan.net/tantou-kanetsuna/ https://www.aoijapan.net/katana-ikeda-kanetsuna-saku/ https://www.Japanese-sword-katana.jp/未分類/1610-4023.htm
  6. Nice offer. This should sell almost instantly. Likewise hope we can see it go to someone starting out, and get them inspired to study and continue collecting.
  7. Hi Michael, no argument at all that you can occasionally find older blades with pristine nakago. Have seen several shinshinto blades with nakago that could have passed for shinsakuto in terms of preservation. In this case though, patina remains visible in the crevasses of the yasurimei, while bare of patina on the surface of the nakago. The OP also said he observed the previous owner subjecting the nakago to a cleaning.
  8. Did you polish the blade and clean the nakago, in addition to your shirasaya and habaki work?
  9. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Best regards, Ray
  10. Thank you Dwain, and yes there is a fully present mei of Moriie tsukuru on the nakago. Best regards, Ray
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