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  1. Listing a very special deal for the first sword I have consigned from a new collection. This is a Nanbokucho daito attributed by the NBTHK to the Yamato smith Tegai Kanetoshi. He was a student of Kaneyuki and is associated with Eiroku period, circa 1381. I would strongly recommend looking at the photos for reference of textbook Yamato Tegai work. Uchinoke, nijuba, koichigaiba, masame mixed with itame-hada, etc. The sword is flawless, in a beautiful polish, with solid silver 2-piece habaki, mukansa grade shirasaya with hatomei and current NBTHK kanteisho. $5,750 (plus shipping and PayPal)
  2. Opening this thread for updates related to upcoming sales. I went to central Florida today to pick up an new collection for consignment. Pieces included Hizen Tadayoshi (rokudai), Yamato Tegai (Nanbokucho), Sagami (no) kami Masatsune, Magoroku Kanemoto, shodai Kawachi (no) kami Kunisuke, Ujifusa, and others. Please check back for new items to be posted for sale here soon. Best regards, Ray
  3. Nice Higo koshirae with shakudo dragon menuki, shibuichi kojiri with kamon and large signed tsuba (Toshikazu). Some lacquer losses as shown. With professional tsunagi for a 67cm blade. 875 (plus shipping and PayPal) Best regards, Ray
  4. Listing this additional piece on behalf of a local friend. Funds will go directly to him and I will help with shipping for anyone who purchases this piece (I will personally pack and ship for him). Osuriage mumei koto blade. Jihada is itame mixed with areas of masame. There is utsuri on both sides. Hamon is a ko-gonome with ashi. Boshi is ko-maru. The blade has bo-hi and is in shirasaya with wood habaki. It is in fairly good older polish, certainly clear enough to see everything. If I were to guess at an attribution, I would say something related to Yamato or a majiwarimono piece like Uda (Muromachi period, either way). The owner is asking $795 (plus shipping PayPal). Any questions, please email me at raymondsinger@gmail.com or message me here. Best regards, Ray
  5. Adding new photography of a Shikkake Norinaga.
  6. Hi Ryan, Good to see you here and welcome to the group. As we discussed on FB, the mei is Inaba (no) kami Hiroshige (rather than Ino Inaba...). See the attached write-up from Sesko's reference. Separately, the shape is typical of Kanbun shinto swords (from the time period below). Best regards, Ray
  7. This is a powerful and robust koto katana papered by the NBTHK to the Bungo Takada smith Sadamori, who worked in the mid/later Muromachi period. The sword is extraordinarily healthy, with no hint of tiredness anywhere. It has a broad mihaba from hamachi to yokote, a very deep sori, and thick kasane. It is the type of blade that many would assume is Shinshinto or later given the condition. The jihada is a tight ko-itame. The hamon, which looks more like suguha in my photos, is a complex ko-choji. The sword has a full length utsuri on both sides of the blade. The blade has a very fine niju kinkise habaki, shirasaya with horn hato-mei and the NBTHK Hozon kanteisho is newly issued. The koshirae is a formal type, with black lacquer saya, horn kashira, shakudo fuchi and dragon menuki. A beautiful package for someone looking for a koto blade in exemplary condition with quality koshirae. $6,950 (plus shipping and PayPal)
  8. The nidai Yasutsugu is still available. Any inquiries, please email raymondsinger@gmail.com. Best regards, Ray
  9. This looks like the typical ‘Mei’ seen on Chinese fakes.
  10. I'll add with emphasis that this is a gorgeous sword. You can see how nice the jigane is from the photos above. Beautiful work, and was a very enjoyable sword to have handled.
  11. Early Kamakura Bitchu Ko-Aoe tachi.
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