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  1. Yes. A statue. A will try to check with DT
  2. Hi all i would love to get an older Fudo Myō. Please let me know if you hear of anything
  3. A friends film won best documentary “My documentary 'The Art of Imono' gets nominated for 3 top categories at the Shorties Film Festival: Update: Won Best Documentary! You can watch it here: http://vimeo.com/edwinlee/imono
  4. Spoke to Hans recently and appears that most all books that he has are sent, he is waiting on another print run to fulfill the rest. Any received them yet? I can imagine with the challenges in shipping these days because of the virus that there are even more hiccups.
  5. See if this mei matches yours. I think it is the same swordsmith.
  6. If you check out https://hanziyuan.net/ It has the etymology for most all Chinese characters, from Oracle Bones on up. Possible source if needed. And the guy that does it Richard Sears is a pretty good guy to. You could probably send him an email if needed.
  7. Do you think these were real saya or were samples that the sayashi had to show his clients? sort of like "paint samples"
  8. Found in FB https://www.facebook.com/100000866651145/posts/1708837335821805/
  9. there is another in this series too. Well done Andrew!
  10. Hi guys, It would be great if i could get translation assistance of the phrase on the left side of the mirror. Thanks very much!!!
  11. Hi George// thanks for PM and referring to this thread. i found my matched set and will show soon. i will also be on the lookout for a match for you! Amazing Menuki you have there
  12. I use the App --- Aftership. also i can recommend putting same tracking number in for both the senders delivery system and the local receivers delivery system. If i receive something from Japan Post, and then local Hong Kong Post but same tracking number. The JP will update after HK Post once it lands in HK, Customs, distribution, and delivery
  13. As always he has a unique voice on the subject
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