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Found 6 results

  1. A very uncommonly encountered Daisho set of Nanban tsuba in very good condition. Matched pair in design with deep sculpting and under-cutting. Extensive gold nunome on both and some silver nunome on the seppadai of the dai tsuba. Additionally, both have matching shakudo frames in the kogai and kozuka hitsuana. The set is unpapered, but worthy of submission to shinsa as a daisho set. Measurements are: Dai 8.05 cm x 7.4 cm x .6 cm Sho 7.55 cm x 6.95 cm x .6 cm Offered here on NMB at a special price of $750.00 USD plus shipping A quite reasonable price and a donation will be made to NMB upon sale. The pair will remain offered here until June 19th, afterwhich, if unsold they will be listed on my website. International buyers; please be aware of your taxes, duties, and fees. The items will be documented to customs with full, accurate, and appropriate declaration, so please know this in advance and resist the urge to request otherwise. **Admins** Please rotate each of the images 90 clockwise. I can almost hear necks cracking the world around. :-)
  2. Echizen kinai diasho tsuba with box. Both signed £450 plus PayPal and postal fees
  3. Dear NMB Members: I would appreciate any help the members can give me in translating the maker's mei on this pair of daish fuchi, and any information you may have regarding this artist. The last two kanji appear to be Masayoshi, but I am not sure of the first two. The finish appears to be shakudo or shibuichi. I have the two tsuka that came with these fuchi, but the kashira is missing on both handles. II would be interested in knowing the likely school these came from. Regards, Bill E. Sheehan (Yoshimichi)
  4. The price has recently been reduced on a pair of swords I have for sale. Also, the two swords are now available separately. All the details are here: http://yakiba.com/Daisho_Tango_no_Kami_Kanemichi.htm Note: Ed Marshall does a great job of photographing blades. It is perhaps "too good", because his images show EVERY TINY DEFECT. His pictures show little scratches that I didn't even know about. These two blades are both TANGO no KAMI KANEMICHI, mid 17th century. For the katana, I am sure that it is a Shodai (1st generation), but the NBTHK papers don't specify (this is typical). The wakizashi is 2nd generation, and this is confirmed by the NTHK papers (it also has NBTHK papers). So, this is a nice DAISHO pair by the 1st and 2nd generation of Tango Kanemichi, and they are nice examples of Mishina school blades. These two smiths are KAN1403 and KAN1404 in Hawley's numbering. I have owned these blades for about 25 years. Included with each of the swords is the receipt for sending it to Japan for polish and papers, done by the previous owner about 30 years ago. The broker was John Yumoto, who was a very famous Japanese-American collector, and author of the first standard introductory book on Nihonto (for English-speaking readers). Thanks for looking! Daisho is $8500 + S/H, Katana is $5700 + S/H, Wakizashi is $2800 + S/H. I will answer questions, other than pricing/shipping, which must be discussed with Ed. Pete
  5. Hello. I acquired last month a daisho koshirae, which I got in an estate auction in Paris. I don't know what to think about the quality of all the fittings. IMHO, the pair of tsubas with tokugawa aoi mon look good quality, but the fuchi kashira (mei "mune nao" I think) seem to be in copper instead of shakudo. I'm not very good in fittings, so any thoughts about this is welcome. Sylvain
  6. Hello Gents, I'm offering my Jumyo Daisho for sale. Jumyo comes from a long line of sword smiths based in Mino province working in the Mino Tradition. 1st Generation Jumyo is said to originate from Yamato province, dating back to Einin (1293-1299). Swords from this smith are said to bring good luck and were commonly used as gifts. The workmanship in this daisho looks to be Sue-Koto or early Shinto period work. Irregular Midare, bold Mokume hada in areas. The Boshi is the real stand out. Both swords are ubu and signed "Jumyo". Nagasa: Daito 59.2cm Shoto 42.8cm Both of these swords are of wakizashi length. The daito being just 0.8 cm under katana length. This is a true daisho, not a mixed matched pair of swords. The workmanship and signatures on each sword are the same. They are both stored in high quality shira-saya with horn koiguchi and solid silver two piece habaki. Both swords are in an older state of polish and the shoto has some old oil stains. The daito has also had a small repair on the mune at some point. These swords would benefit greatly from a professional Japanese polish (sashi-komi would be best), new koshirae and papers if one so desired. That was my plan anyway, and still may be. I'm only posting this for sale ad for a few days due to some recent financial strain. If they don't sell in a few days I'm going to take this ad down and gladly keep them. I'm based in Canada. Depending on your location, I can work with the buyer a bit in regards to the shipping cost. A great opportunity to own a true daisho for a fair price. $3,500 USD. Best way to reach me is by email. Thank you. Travisclarke@telus.net
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