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  1. Hello Group! My reading of the mei on this fuchi is 吉川 宗光 Yoshikawa Munemitsu. Is this correct? This goes along with my chicken menuki that I posted the origami for earlier this week. The kashira is the chicken's eggs. Thanks!
  2. Putting up for sale some nice and affordable items... these are actually not new to the board, previous post's been sabotaged, so I'm starting a new one) New stuff already went off FB. 1. Tigers in bamboo fuchi-kashira Craftsmanship in the essence. Look at the details, brilliant nanakoji, inlay work, carvings. Masterpiece grade item. Signed “Omori Teruhide Kao” Price: USD 750 2. Huang Shigong (Kosekiko) and Zhang Liang (Choryo) fuchi-kashira This is something really rare. Motif is quite popular but not so many items out there, especially f-k and this one is a true find. Fuchi is very nice, black shakudo dragon in golden waves, kashira is something special, miniature scene from the famous legend on finest nanakoji, you can see every detail, bridge surface is polished to mirror. A true masterpiece. Mumei Kyo-Kinko NTKK Kantei-sho (with English translation) Price: USD 400 3. Kirimon fuchi-kashira Very interesting f-k by the master of minute carvings Hosono Masamori. Signed “Hosono Sozaemon kore o horu, Hosono Masamori” Technique: suki-bori, kin-iroe Size: Fuchi: 3.7 x 1.9 x 0.8 cm Kashira: 3.3 x 1.7 x 0.6 cm Price: USD 250 4. Daruma and mokugyo/hossu (Zen Buddhism drum and brush) fuchi-kashira Famous design, nice work. Signed “Tou in-mei”, Tsuchiya Yasuchika Size: Fuchi: 34 x 17 mm Kashira: 31.6 x 12.5 mm Price: USD 250 Feel free to ask or buy) I paid more for all of these items so it's already a serious bargain. Don't miss your chance) Cheers!
  3. This delightful Fuchigashira set depicts the Chinese Legend of Choryo (Zhang Liang) and Koseki (Huang Shigong) or "Choryo returning Koseki's Shoe". Crafted in Brass with inlays of alloys of Gold, Silver and Copper, by Takefuji Masakatsu in the Late Edo period, Bunsei era c.1830. (See Wakayama pp 377). Signed Takefuji Masakatsu kō 武藤政克工 Dimensions: Fuchi: 37mm x 20mm x 8mm Weight: 17.9 grams Kashira: 34mm x 15mm x 6mm Weight: 8.6 grams £1500 Art Courier Delivery and Insurance included within UK. Their painstaking restoration was the subject of two films by Ford Hallam, and with Ford's permission, I include them in the following post:
  4. Large release from my collection – some fine fuchi-kashira 1. Tigers f-k Craftsmanship in the essence. Look at the details, brilliant nanakoji, inlay work, carvings. Masterpiece grade item. Signed: Omori Teruhide Kao Price: $1000 2. Shishi f-k Nice f-k. Good example of the Yokoya school. Fine motobori techniques realized. Signed: Soyo Kao Size:Fuchi: 37.5 x 21 x 12.6 mm Kashira: 33.6 x 16.2 mm Price: $300 3. Huang Shigong (Kosekiko) and Zhang Liang (Choryo) f-k This is something really rare. Motif is quite popular but not so many items out there, especially f-k and this one is a true find. Fuchi is very nice, black shakudo dragon in golden waves, kashira is something special, miniature scene from the famous legend on finest nanakoji, you can see every detail, bridge surface is polished to mirror. A true masterpiece. Mumei Kyo-Kinko NTK Kantei-sho Price: $600 4. Kirimon f-k Very interesting f-k by the master of minute carvings Hosono Masamori. Signed: Hosono Sozaemon kore o horu Sizes: Fuchi: 3.7 x 1.9 x 0.8 cm Kashira: 3.3 x 1.7 x 0.6 cm Price: $400 5. Daruma and mokugyo/hossu (Zen Buddhism drum and brush) f-k Famous design, nice work. Signed: Tou (in-mei) Sizes: Fuchi: 34 x 17 mm Kashira: 31.6 x 12.5 mm Price: $350
  5. Hey there, I've recently received a wakizashi from my grandfather, which was previously "restored" in to a terrible state of being. I'm looking to try and restore at least the tsuka and saya myself, but a bunch of parts are simply missing. The kashira is not present, but the fuchi is, now I'm not sure I'd even be able to find a kashira to match the fuchi, but even so, I'd like to know what kind of design this even is, because while I like how it looks, I just can't figure out what it's supposed to be. The fuchi is slightly bent on the inside on one side as well, dunno how safe it would be to attempt to bend it back. It was quite a hassle removing it from the sword, as the guy who "restored" it had superglued all of it together. A few bonus images while I'm at it, it's where I got so far taking all of it apart: And what the sword looked like after that guy restored it some 30 odd years ago.
  6. Hi Gents, Here are some more dragons from a fellow collector. 1. Daisho dragon f-k, Goto quality, perfect condition, $1200. 2. Scaleless dragon menuki, nice work, $300. I’ve seen the items live, those are totally fine. But he also has this daisho tsuba and accepting offers
  7. Hello: Could someone help me with the translation on this mei? Just purchased it, and will receive it shortly; if the seller's pictures are not clear enough, I will repost when I can photo it myself. Yours, John Twineham
  8. Hi All, Up for sale is this shinto period wakizashi by Gassan. It has really nice ayasugi hada which was very difficult to photograph. I think this is the Gassan that worked in about 1624 and was from Owari and also worked under name Nobutaka. It has a nice 2 kanji signature Gassan. The cutting edge of the blade is 21 inches long. It has a wonderful fuchi and one really nice menuki. This is exactly as I got it and just have too many projects in the pipeline so I am selling it so someone else can polish it. I can arrange a nice polish for about $800 for the new owner. I can also arrange for the restoration of the fittings. As I said the ayasugi hada was difficult to photograph but you can see it very clear in hand! $3700 plus shipping and paypal if aplicable. Thanks for looking and if you have any questions please dont hesitate to msg me though this site or email me at brannow_NO_SPAM@artswords.com Please remove the _NO_SPAM from the email address. Bill Rannow www.artswords.com
  9. Dear NMB Members: I would appreciate any help the members can give me in translating the maker's mei on this pair of daish fuchi, and any information you may have regarding this artist. The last two kanji appear to be Masayoshi, but I am not sure of the first two. The finish appears to be shakudo or shibuichi. I have the two tsuka that came with these fuchi, but the kashira is missing on both handles. II would be interested in knowing the likely school these came from. Regards, Bill E. Sheehan (Yoshimichi)
  10. Few bits out of collection on ebay. But I can talk direct https://ebay.com/usr/tosogu_antiques P.S. Maybe it should be moved to ebay section...
  11. Super rare Fuchi H38mm, W21.5mm Kashira H34, W17.9mm Nakago-ana H26.6mm, W8mm Sizes are outside Attributed to Masatsugu(father)/Okitsugu(son) but could be also Masaoki (student of Masatsugu) or Harumasa, no papers (shinsa will be possible only in October-November when NBTHK moves completely, price will be different) Price: $2000 Cheers,
  12. Good evening nmb, Here today, i bring a relatively big sale of tosogu, including 15 tsubas (quite a few ko kinko) and some spare parts. Warning, here comes a big chunk of text about my life that you can simply skip if you want ( i would ) My name is José Ubaldo López, here at the forum dominnimod, and here today, this sale puts an end to a stage of my life. I have been member of this forum since january 2016, even though i think i had been lurking for a year before joining. I think i might be on the group of the youngest members on this forum since im currently 18, and i have to say, this forum is priceless. The mix of infinite knoledge plus the huge quantity of members willing to share and help have make me feel like home here. I don't know what it is, but there's is something enigmatic and tragic about art and nihonto that instantly caught my attention 3 years ago and still does. Every piece of koshirae, every blade is unique , reflecting the skill of someone who lived, loved, thought and felt the same way we do around 1000 to 200 years ago. It kindda feels like the animals at the zoo or circus, like they don't belong here but haven't the ability to simply return to their masters and owners. During these past 3 years i have really enjoyed reading and studying pieces, however, i'm now obliged to reduce my collection to just a pair of tsubas. I have made some mistakes and now i have to pay for them. I choosed wrong my studies(public relations) at university, got very bored and a bit depressed and had to drop out. Now i'm going to try to study engineering which is what i really wanted to study but ran away fearing from failure, as it is said to be quite dificult. However i know understand that i rather suffer studying maths, at least i won't be bored Because of this, now i need some money and it's also better to travel lightweight without many attachments. So here i bring the collection i built in around 3 years, result of selling my old toys and hunting on the deeps of fleabay for good deals. Here is the pdf i made in some days, inspired by the ones of Grev https://es.scribd.com/document/367016046/Winter-2017-Sale Imporant things: -Almost half of the tsubas come with box. -If they don't have box, a small bag will be included to store it ( it's not exactly like the one on the photo but close enough) -Every purchase include a Free extra little thing. -Quality of the photos on the pdf is quite terrible, so if you need ones better, ask me for more. -I have to sell them so if you see something you like, don't hesitate to make an offer! And thats all, -Payment method: Paypal (Family and friends on Europe). And to friends on Overseas i will pay the taxes. -Shipping method: Correos(standard national spanish courier): Fast and cheap, around 20 for a tsuba, i should consult it. Could also use some other method. Have a nice day and happy christmas!
  13. Katana tsuka for sale Total length: 236mm Nakago-ana: 27 x 8.5 mm Fuchi-kashira: Kosekiko & Choryo, Soten school Menuki motif: Dragon Price: USD 250 + pp & shipping
  14. Fuchi: H35mm, 18mm, 13.1g Nakago-ana H27.4mm, W8mm Kashira: H31.9mm, W12.9mm, 8.1g Price: $200 + shipping In set with the Carp... tsuba for $400 + shipping Cheers,
  15. Hi Gents, Some entry level fittings are testing their luck to find a new owner. 1. Matching (almost ) Carp & Waterfall f/k Price: $100 2. Yasuchika mice f/k Price: $200 3. Soten kurikata Price: $300 I take PP fee, buyer takes shipping. If someone needs sizes just ask. Thanks,
  16. Hi peoples! I've a question. So, it's been rather humid recently so I'm taking extra care of the swords, but I also have a fuchi kashira made from shibuichi that I recently acquired. Do these need a small bit of oil too every now and then? I'm concerned the humidity will oxidise them and damage them. I'm aware that touching them bare handed can oxidise them. Bit of a noob regarding Tosogu! Thanks in advance.
  17. Dear All I bought a mounted wakizashi (O-tanto) at the Minneapolis sword show. The Shinogi-zukuri blade with high shinoji is 12 ¼ inch (31.1 cm) long with a gunomi midare in nio hamon. The fuchi is signed by Mito ju Sekijōken Motokazu (H05878.0). I think I have identified some of the kanji on the right hand side but I am unsure what they mean? Any thoughts? Also there are 5 kanji on the side of the fuchi and 8 kanji on the kashira. I am unsure what any of these kanji are. Thoughts? The fuchi has a red gourd with maple leaves and the kashira has a samurai with a naginata? Is there a story here? If more images are needed please let me know. Thanks for any help David jswords@mcn.net
  18. I inherited a sword brought back to the US by my father at the end of WW II. Forum members have helped place the blade in the 1600's. I am curious about the mounting. I assume the large sectioned stalks on the tsuba are bamboo. Not sure what the other plants are, the significance of the brass dots, or what is represented by the cutouts. Same goes for the kashira and fuchi. Any insights would be appreciated. Bruce E https://www.dropbox.com/s/1mnxqwgr748y1d5/tsuba%20front%20side.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/a79m79z68ywn8os/tsuba%20back%20side.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/b4t0oicmypk48dz/fuchi.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/dwnoy7yd02y1g6a/kashira.JPG?dl=0
  19. Hi talented and distinguished hoarders Looking for F/K from either Hidemoto or Ormori school for a Daisho. I have a set of both and hoping to match one of them. Thanks for playing!!!
  20. Hello, Please help me with the translation on the Fuchi of my Katana by Masanaga (see the other topic I opened in the Nihonto section)! Regards, Marius G
  21. Hi, I am looking for fuchi which would match this kashira. Planning to finish my project so it would need to be quite big 37mm at least. Anyone has some nice fuchi to offer? Thank you, Lukas
  22. Hi guys, I recently bought this fuchi and kashira but it turned out (my fault for no checking) that it's too small for the project I need but still nice peace added to my collection. Just asking you guys what do you think about the set? Is it legit? Edo period? if anyone could tell me anything more about it it would be great. Thanks in advance, Lukas
  23. Hi guys ! I've bought 6 months ago a wakizashi, with a very nice koshirae, though it is not "en suite". I've sent it to NBTHK shinsa but unfortunately the signature of the blade was judged as gimei (sigh) . Anyway, I stil want to submit the koshirae for shinsa, for I think it is genuine and good looking. While waiting for the judgment, I ask your help to translate the signature of the kozuka and the fuchi. The kozuka (and the tsuba) shows the chinese general Kuan Yu on his horse over a bridge. The fuchi (and kashira) shows insects among grass. Sylvain
  24. Hello, I know this is a long shot, and I realize that this will be a long-term search, but here goes I own a fully mounted Wakizashi in formal, duty mounts. The mounts are: Mountings (KOSHIRAE): Semi Formal / Formal Finely punched nanako ground, raised gold Mon Signed: OMORI EIGEN (Omori School) on Kozuka and Fuchi Circa: 1790 - City of Edo I am able to purchase a polished Katana by the same smith, but it is unmounted and would need saya, tsuka and all koshirae. The mounts I need DO NOT HAVE TO BE OMORI. Just a similar quality nanako without decoration. I would also be open to any plain, black undecorated mounts that my mon can be added to. I am trying to obtain Koshirae with a similar, finely punched nanako ground. The mon and Menuki can be duplicated by my jeweler, but I am hoping to find undecorated, Edo period koshirae items to apply the mon to. The tsuba is simple, undecorated Plain Formal Shakadu alloy. If possible, I would prefer a tsuba WITHOUT an opening for a kozuka. But it isn't a deal breaker. You can PM me for information and higher resolution photos. Thank You, Mark
  25. Hi, I have this Fuchi Kashira from today. It has been sold to me as a being signed by Kosai (Yoshinobu)? But I have some doubts. Can someone read the signature for me ? Thank you
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