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  1. Dear All Looking for a good quality tsuba with boar motif. in the range of $300 to $1000 or higher for quality. you can email me at jswords@mcn.net thanks david
  2. Dear All Reading about the Yasukuni-to I find that Onkashi-to blades were made. These were blades made as gifts (presentations) from the emperor and given to the top graduates of the Army and Navy Military academies. Normal Yasukuni shrine blade were signed with two charactors above the mekugi-ana the Onkashi-to blades were signed below the mekugi-ana and with two extra charactors - kin saku – added. These blades were tested and passed with high marks. Would this blade given as a presentation blade be of this quality? Thanks for your thoughts later david
  3. Dear Steve Thanks for the information. david
  4. Dear All I am working at translating on the shirasaya of a blade signed Yasunori 靖憲 and the blade is dated Showa ju ni nen san gatsu kichi hi 昭和十二年三月吉日 On the shirasaya there is 贈呈 Zōtei (presentation) And then 帝國在郷軍入会久留米市聯合分会 Teikoku zaikyō gun nyūkai kurume shi rengō bunkai Maybe??? The sword was presented by the imperial republic forces admission to Kurume (久留米) city union chapter. Any thoughts, comments or corrections. Later david
  5. Dear All Still not sure what this says and I hope someone can add to what has been said. The sword will be auction and can be found at https://jacksonsauction.com/catalogs/2019/MAR/detail/default.aspx?ID=456 later david
  6. Dear All It is an interesting mei. Could it be that Yoshimasa made the sword in the style of Kanenobu? later david
  7. Dear Tom I think this smiths name is read Norimitsu (same kanji different reading) His real name is Yasumoto Tokusada and worked as a rikugun-jumei-tosho later david
  8. Dear All I am working on a translation on A wakizashi with a sanbonsuji hamon. I think 信国義昌楊 Nobukuni Yoshimasa Yō 兼信銘有之 Kanenobu Mei Yū kore Looks to be a signature from the shinshinto smith Chikushu Minamoto Nobukuni tsukuru but not sure Of all of the kanji and no idea of the translation Any thoughts? later david
  9. Dear Dale Hope this helps later david 三笠砲鋼Mikasa Hō hagane (Mikasa cannon steel) 秀明 Hideaki 軍艦三笠砲鋼 Gunkan Mikasa Hō hagane (Battleship Mikasa cannon steel) 皇国興?在此一戦 (Kōkoku Kohai ari kono Issen The fate of the Empire depends on this battle. Part of Togo’s famous “Z” signal
  10. Dear Ron Try Tachibana 立花 . Tachi sounds better that tatsu. Just a thought later david
  11. Dear Tom In case you need the kanji. 昭和十九年一月日 later david
  12. Dear All Thanks for the help and thank you Morita San. Haynes book lists 4 smiths that match. Now I can see what is in my books. later david
  13. Dear John In Haynes H10824.0 Tsunemasa. The listing notes JS t423 which is just joly's book and the listing is for the Hitachi province Tsunemasa. So Joly's list this as two different smiths. So back to looking. later david
  14. Dear John Thanks I could not find the listing????? I would be nice if the family name Hirata 平田 matched the first two kanji. Now we need an example in some book to confirm. Thanks for your thoughts. back to the books. later david
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