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  1. Somehow the picture didn't attach sorry the book is called Swords of Japan a beginners illustrated handbook
  2. Hi everyone I would like to share my review on the latest Japanese sword book from Yusuko Kubo translated by Paul Martin of the the Japanese sword it may be a beginners guide but as a novice collector this small handy sized book is a great asset to a Japanese sword enthusiast of any level it covers everything from Japanese sword history right through to how the forging process is done it has loads of detailed colour pictures and drawings and Japanese sword vocabulary it even goes as far as giving sword related phrases that are used still today and there meanings in the modern world! All in all it is a great book to take with you when viewing swords and when wanting to study on the road if travelling abroad etc its compact size means you can at least have something to refer too if not at home with your more detailed books or for the complete beginner a good first book for reference to begin your study of Japanese swords it's also a great price too for your copy contact Paul Martin at the Japanese sword Facebook page or website www.thejapanesesword.com By Robert Boyd
  3. Here's some better pics hopefully
  4. I'll take some on later today just got a decent camera alone of to get better shots
  5. Hi Andreas sorry for the poor pictures working with just a camera phone at the moment I have the measurement here I should have posted them before I was thinking maybe nambouchko because of the size of the blade and my second guess was mouramachi or maybe senjuin school ? Nagasa: 27 1/2 inches Sori: 1 inch Munemachi: 0.5cm Sakisane: 0.4cm Kissaki size: 3cm Nakago lenght: 8 inches
  6. Hi guys id like some opinions on this sword if possible I believe I have narrowed it down to naoe shizu school in the nambouchko period but being still new to this I would like some other opinions Thanks for your help Robert Boyd
  7. Can't find any matching and agreed is crudely carved thinking it's gimei more now
  8. Some opinions please on this mei gimei I believe
  9. That nakago is badly pitted in places the mune is flat also seems to have been forged that way rather than polished down through the years there are some scooped cuts in the back edge so most likely seen action of some sort the tsuka was really badly damaged and had no it the samegawa was badly damaged also maybe that's hasn't helped the nakago damage
  10. Here's some I snapped I'll need to master the flash and lighting settings on the camera hopefully some of the details are visible in these ones till I get clear shots thanks again for the help
  11. Thanks guy I have got a loan of a decent camera I'll take some shots and get them up thanks for the info so far
  12. Thanks chris Iam finding it hard to pin down a period was thinking maybe Edo period rather than the later ones from Late kamakura period the books I have are only giving rough details on this style
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