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  1. Well, he want's $5K USD for the sword, so that's a bit above my price range, currently. I may help him sell it. Or, if it goes unsold long enough, and he's willing to come down on price, then I may have a shot at it. The one draw back for me, other than price, is that the blade has some serious nicks to the cutting edge and the full extent of those were not revealed in the photos I posted. Anyway, we'll see what happens.
  2. I'm in negotiations now. I don't believe the seller is aware of the sword's value - he just believes it's one of his grandfather's old war souvenirs. But I'm not out to take advantage of anyone and I let him know that it is indeed, an older blade, and from the highly reputed Bizen school. I want him to get a fair price and, of course, I want a good deal. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks for the help!
  3. So, the sword is of the Osafune Bizen school style and the swordsmith name is most likely Sukesada?
  4. Thanks guys! So, Osafune, of the Bizen school, would be the smith and August 1526 is the date? Or is Sukesada most likely the name of the smith? Here are more photos:
  5. Hi guys, Not sure if I should post this here, or in the Translation section. Since I'm exclusively (for now anyway) a Gunto nerd, I almost always post in this section and I'll start here. So, I recently purchased a Type 97 from this guy and I really like my new Kai Gunto - more will be revealed about that in a future post. However, I just learned that he has another of his grandfather's swords that he is willing to part with and this time it's a Type 98. The mounts are nice, but the blade is a little beat up with some very noticeable nicks on the cutting edge. It could have a traditionally-made blade and I'll explore that later. Right now, I just want the kanji on the nakago translated. Perhaps this is the work of a Seki smith? An RJT smith? A smith from an older era? And, the date may be chiseled on the other side of the nakago - there is kanji on both sides as we typically see with gunto. Attached are some photos of the nakago.
  6. And we saw a Zoheito blade, albeit in nice Type 98 mounts, sell for around $2000.00 on an auction side recently. It was discussed on a thread on this board about a month ago, if my memory is correct. Apparently, some find value in these examples.
  7. There are some interesting and mysterious examples out there, as the one being presented here suggests. The search for the Truth continues...
  8. I think many of us believe likewise Bruce. Lol
  9. Bruce, being a newbie myself (started collecting Gunto earlier this year), you guys taught me to take notice of Damascus steel as one of the more obvious signs of fakery. In fact, that was the first thing I noticed about the sword in question. Thanks again - I'm learning more all the time! And, posts like Robert's reinforce our understanding of fake versus real, and the information shared can help newbies avoid making costly mistakes. Remember, no sword is worthless, it can always serve as a bad example.
  10. John, I posted the photos in the thread you mentioned. Happy collecting! Geoff
  11. Kolekt-To

    The Sanemori

    I usually post in the Military Swords of Japan section on this board since I'm a Gunto nerd. However, the exceptional sword I saw and handled during a recent visit with my local mentor may be worthy of posting here since it, is in fact, Nihonto. This sword had been in Japan for months waiting to be papered. My mentor received it back last week. It was a most enjoyable experience holding this sword and viewing it up close, especially for a newbie hobbyist like myself. Behold the Sanemori!
  12. Per request, I will post photos of the Sanemori sword here - originally posted earlier today under the "Show us your high-class Gunto" thread in Military Swords of Japan category on this board. I had the pleasure of visiting with my local mentor again recently and this is one of the swords he showed me. This sword had been in Japan for months waiting to be papered. My mentor received it back last week. A fine Gunto indeed!
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