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  1. Stephen, I've heard that the value of Baseball cards has skyrocketed since last year, and that they've increased in value more than any other category of collectible.
  2. Hey guys, FYI, I didn't buy this particular sword from Marco - I bought a different sword from him. So, this "Yoshifusa" Rinji Seishiki should still be available. It was a pleasure doing business with Marco!
  3. I'm new to collecting. Began collecting WW2-era vintage pistols last year, and began Gunto collecting this year. I still add to my pistol collection, but the Gunto collecting has consumed me this year. Parts of my collections are pictured in the photos below. Always had an interest in WW2 since I was a kid (Grandpa served in the war - U.S. Army, ETO), but, as stated, just recently got into collecting. I'm learning these are expensive hobbies. Lol
  4. Will do that Bruce. This will be my first restoration project and I'm leaving it to the experts. From what board members have stated, David McDonald has an excellent reputation in Tsuka restoration, so I'm confident he'll do a great job. He wants me to send it to him after the SF Token Kai (unfortunately, I am not able to attend or I would deliver it in person) - David will have a table at the event. He informed me that it could be a month or two before I get it back, but it's worth the wait. Attached is a photo of the sword's tsuka in it's current, unwrapped state - note the missing menuki. Fortunately, the tsuka (the magnolia wood) is solid, as is the same (one small cut to the same in middle of tsuka, but will be covered by ito), so the repair will cost less than it would if I needed a new tsuka fitted. This should be a straight-forward wrap job with menuki added.
  5. Well, it does come with a tassel. Lol
  6. Thanks Dan! I'm calling David McDonald (the Tsuka restoration guy) to consult with him, as well. I'll have him give the menuki the shine treatment, most likely using the method you described. It will look best when the menuki patina matches that of the existing fittings on the restored gunto. I'm excited about the project!
  7. I recently acquired this Type 97 Kai Gunto tsuka (the Tsuka only) and my intention is to send it to David McDonald (Tsuka restoration guy in Montana) to have him cannibalize it for parts - specifically to extract the menuki. The menuki will be needed for a tsuka re-wrap/repair for a Kai Gunto that I recently acquired (has damaged Ito and lacks menuki). David will receive my new sword and this tsuka that will be needed for the restoration project. Perhaps I should consult David first, but these menuki seemed a bit aged and I thought that perhaps it came from sword with blackened fittings, however I'm doubting that. Is there a way to clean or polish aged menuki to restore them to a brighter luster - maybe not a brand new look, but at least a little brighter than what you see here? I believe these menuki are made of brass. I appreciate thoughts about this. What would you do? What is recommended or not recommended in this situation? The sword on which they will be used is in good condition other than the tsuka, and the fittings are brighter than the menuki pictured here. Thanks, Geoff
  8. Dave, I am astonished by the price points of so many of the Type 95's these days! Seems like they are appreciating at a faster rate than any other Gunto models. A few weeks ago there was competitive bidding on eBay for a first version Type 95 (good condition) and it sold for $1590.00 USD. I'm still under the belief that, unless it's exceptional (or rare, like the side-latch version), they should sell for $900.00 - $1200.00 range. Perhaps I need to update my belief system.
  9. Great pics guys! Show me your High Class sarutes. Lol P.S. Nice tassels pictured, as well.
  10. Thanks Thomas! That makes sense. So, they're referring to the Sarute? Maybe other board members can weigh in on this, as well.
  11. On the Ohmura site, in the Type 97 Kai Gunto section, when using the Japanese-to-English translation option, there is a reference to the "Ape Hand Deformity Bracket" for what appears to be the Kabuto-gane. What is the proper English translation of Ape Hand Deformity Bracket - it sounds ridiculous and I can't understand the meaning. Here's the link: http://ohmura-study.net/107.html Thanks, Geoff
  12. Keep them coming Michael! You'll get plenty of prospective buyers here, I'm sure. Plus, the people here are genuinely interested in these swords, will appreciate them, and the swords will be well maintained.
  13. That's a nice Kai Gunto! It shouldn't take long to sell.
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