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  1. Here's another Kuniyoshi print, from my collection (sorry for the reflection on the photo). Triptych : Wada kassen : Yoshihide Sōmon wo oshi-yaburu: Asahina Saburō Yoshihide breaking down the great gate during the revolt of the Wada against the Hōjō. Publisher : Yamaguchi-ya Tōbei. Censor: Kinugasa-Murata Date: Rat 6, July-August 1852 Ref. : Robinson T. 281 I like very much this triptych in its composition. We can feel the movement and power of Yoshihide...
  2. Hi Ciro. Sorry, but it's already gone. I'm sure you will find fellows on this board who can find something in your range price. Good luck ! Sly
  3. Hi all. For those interested in sudare-ba hamon of the yoshimichi school, there is currently a nice example available on the tokka biz website : https://tokka.biz/sword/yoshimichi12.html Pretty nice polish which emphasis it !
  4. I've forgotten to mention how it works : you have to send the blade to him. He will registered the blade to the customs, then will submit the blade for a shinsa to any organization of your choice (NBTHK, NTHK). He will charge you a (very fair) commission for this and then send you back the blade with the papers. In addition, if you want to have extra services (ie. having a new habaki or a shirasaya, or polishing, etc.), he could ask to some traditionnal craft workers he knows.
  5. Hi Rob. There are several westerners (english speaking) settled in Japan who can do it for you. On my side, I've always passed through Paul Martin, who lives in Tokyo. You can contact him from his website : http://www.thejapanesesword.com/ Or directly at thejapanesesword@gmail.com A lot of members of this board know him and I assume would recommand him. Best,
  6. Give it to Ford Hallam...
  7. Thanks for posting Uwe. Interesting for some of us, like me, who have never been there. It helps to figure how it works. Do you have close up pictures of some blades ?
  8. I would pass my turn on a such tired blade Christian. Moreover, nothing interesting regarding the fittings. Hopping that a polish could rehab the blade is risky. Yes, the price is low. But it's just what it's worth. Not an hidden treasure for sure.
  9. Hello all. I'm looking for the christies auction catalogue of 7 june 2000, arts of the samurai. https://www.christies.com/SaleLanding/index.aspx?intsaleid=10319&lid=1&saletitle=&pg=all&action=paging&sid=2349363b-f42b-4ae5-803e-fce5716be5b9 Please PM me in case you have it and want to sell it !
  10. Sly

    Inlays on tsuba.

    For a first tsuba, this one is quite nice. If you like inlays, just go for heianjo tsuba !
  11. Simon, would you post an overview picture of the kabuto itself ? It might be interesting !
  12. Hi. I offered to sale a menpo of mid to late edo period. It is lacquered brown with some worns due to age (see pics). The lacing of the yodare kake has been restored. It comes with a wooden/iron stand. Price : 750 € + shipping PM me if interested.
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